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10 Best Engagement & Bridal Rings To Buy online in 2021

10 Best Bridal Rings to Buy Online in 2021

All across, single ladies have come of age fantasizing of the day when someone would like them enough to put a ring on them. But have you ever questioned how the process of giving a diamond engagement ring began and why? When you hear the mysterious reality about your engagement ring, you may be shocked.

You probably think of diamond engagement rings as eternal but, although diamonds have existed for centuries in jewelry, the diamond ring custom is brand new. Diamonds were intended for aristocracy until the 19th century and were just exposed at night. Wearing a diamond during the day was deemed indecent. The idea of a diamond engagement ring became common only in the 1920s and 30s.

So how and why did diamond engagement rings become a thing? Well, the answer to that is marketing. In the 1940s, Philadelphia ad agency N.W. Ayer was tasked by the De Beers diamond company with boosting diamond sales, which had been on the decline during the Great Depression. The challenge fell largely on Frances Gerety, the only female copywriter at the firm, who was ordered to create a situation where almost every person pledging marriage feels compelled to acquire a diamond engagement ring. Her solution became the famous tagline, “A diamond is forever,” which became so famous that you may have not realized that it was an advertising slogan.

Creating a psychological need for diamonds was just one part of a much bigger marketing strategy that made De Beers so successful. The diamond conglomerate got into consumers’ heads with the idea that diamonds were a rare and precious stone, which is not entirely true. Diamonds may be the most unbreakable material found on Earth, but they are certainly not rare. In fact, of all gemstones, diamonds are actually the most common, according to the International Gems Society. However, they seem rare because De Beers created an artificially low supply by monopolizing the diamond mining industry. This allowed them to regulate diamond prices and play up diamonds as a supposed rarity.

Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring 

If you’re reading this article, then congratulations! Because you’re at the most significant moment in your life that you will remember forever. So, since you’re better half will spend their entire life with the ring you give, here are a few things that you must know before you purchase the one that grabs your eye.

Now, the most vital consideration when choosing an engagement ring is how it suits your to-be fiancés finger. By this, we imply that the distance that they have between their knuckles and the webbing of their hand. So if they have a longer finger, what would suit them would be a long stone like an emerald cut or a marquise-shaped stone, for example, or even a halo style too. Equally, if they have a shorter finger, then you’ll be considering buying a round princess cut solitaire, or a trilogy ring that would go across the finger. 

The second most important consideration you’re going to make is the gemstone that goes in your engagement ring. It is stressed that hardness is the most essential factor to consider. That is why a diamond is commonly chosen because of its hardness. Equally, a sapphire or a ruby are tough stones as well and could be worn every day. But that is not to say that another gem staying could be chosen. For example, an emerald is brittle, and a soft stone will need protection. So, the setting will play a part in making sure that it can be worn every day.

The next consideration you’re going to be making is the cut and shape of the stone. Shapes commonly sold are round cuts, princess cuts (square stone), and an emerald-cut (rectangular stone). However, other shapes are also commonly bought as there are a lot of unusual shapes of diamonds that can catch your eye.

Moving forward to the metal, you would like your engagement ring to be in is another vital consideration. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are some of the common choices. However, platinum is often chosen the most because it is hard, and it will give you that longevity, and it will secure the white color.  

10 Most Beautiful Engagement & Bridal Rings Online

As the pandemic is still not over, and you may not want to go out for the purchase, online shopping does come in handy here. However, shopping for something as expensive as a diamond can be a tricky business. So we’re here to present you with the top 10 diamond engagement and bridal rings available on Amazon that you can get your hands on to pop your big question!

#1| Diamond Halo Bridal Set Engagement Ring in 10k Rose Gold 1.00CTW [US$1199]

This beautiful Halo Bridal Set is crafted from 10k solid gold with L-M color and I2-I3 standard handpicked and paired diamonds. This impressive set comprises a massive 0.60 carat main stone along with 59 matching diamonds to construct a bridal setting of 1.00-carat total weight. These conflict-free diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee and complimentary packaging.

#2| Kobelli Cushion-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring 1 1/3 CTW 14k White Gold [US$832]

A 6mm cushion-cut moissanite gemstone centerpiece highlights this client-favorite ring, which is a well-liked center stone pick for its elegance and resilience that matches that of diamonds. The moissanite, as a focal piece, catches the absolute classic twinkle underneath the sunshine through strong prism surfaces. This trendy engagement ring is accentuated by 50 pure naturally occurring diamonds. This band, crafted of 14-carat gold and coated with a fine varnish, beams, and sparkles as you move your hand. The moissanite is close to the typical natural diamond in H-I color quality, and the earth-mined diamonds are G-H in color quality.

#3| Halo Round Cut Classic Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring 0.5 Ct. [US$399]

This 1/2 carat halo round engagement ring is designed in 14k rose gold that represents relationship unity with the exquisite diamond style. A wide centered cut round white diamond flanked by two smaller diamond stones forms the setting. This ring is made of 100 % pure, untouched conflict-free diamonds and comes in two metal forms. The focal white diamond weighs 0.25 carat, and the two sides of the diamond weigh 0.25 carat in total. Moreover, the white diamond is I-J-K in color quality, and the clarity is I2-I3.

#4| AGS Certified 1 Carat TW Diamond Three Stone Ring in 10k White Gold [US$689]

This stunning three-stone diamond ring encapsulates your past, present, and future with a traditional three-stone ring incorporating channel side diamonds set in 10k white gold. The quality of the ring is guaranteed by an independently accredited American Gem Society laboratory assessment report. This round white diamond form comes in K-L color and I2-I3 transparency.

#5| White Gold Beautiful Classic Cushion Halo Style Diamond Engagement Ring [US$2930]

If your girl ever hinted at loving big rings, then this eye-catching cushion halo diamond with a blended wedding band will be a perfect choice. A 1/5 carat round diamond middle stone and emphasizing diamonds are included in this 10k white gold engagement ring. The glamorous halo diamond ring is flawlessly enhanced by the white gold wedding band featuring the identical diamond emphasis design. Insured shipping, a luxury jewelry case, and 100% conflict-free diamonds are part of this handcrafted ring package.

#6| Diamondere Natural and Certified Diamond and Gemstone Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold [US$2098]

Crafted with 15 gemstones in a prong design, this ring combines diamonds and gemstones that are 100 percent conflict-free. This engagement ring is suitable for everyday wear and can be personalized according to your desired modifications. The Art Deco ring includes a round cut natural gemstone set in 14 K white gold with diamond inserts. Intricate filigree work that accentuates the traditional design of this ring is included in the band. This engagement ring, wrapped in a signature red box, comes with a certificate guaranteeing the reliability of the diamonds used.

#7| 5/8 Carat Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set White Gold [US$550]

Your fiancé will be over the moon with your decision, with this stunning cushion cut diamond ring with halo. A sparkling 1/3ct core diamond, enclosed by accent diamonds on a 10k white gold band, is the focus of the cushion-cut halo diamond ring. The matching wedding band contains emphasis diamonds positioned uniformly.

#8| Friendly Diamonds Lab Grown IGI Certified 1 ½ Carat Diamond Ring [US$520]

With diamonds chosen in the lab, this exquisite cluster halo diamond ring is for the confident. The effect of this compact framework is the continuous twinkle, keeping the tiny diamonds in position with limited reflectivity. In a 7-stone cluster, the halo is set, reflecting eternal love. The intricate complexity of the ring stylizes depth and magnificence. The quality of this certified diamond ring is 1.45 to 1.57 CT and is SI1-SI2-G-H-I. 

#9| 14K Gold Diamond Ring in Ocean Wave Style [US$2100]

The beauty and elegance of the ocean are represented by this engagement ring. It implies the moments you’ve spent together in your life. Choosing this ring would call for a proposal near the sea that will also have the ideal atmosphere. The shank in the ocean wave style comprises 1.25 CTW of graciously circling 0.73-carat core of glimmering diamonds, which is a round cut diamond.

#10| IGI Certified 14k Gold 2ct TDW Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring [US$1310]

This shimmering luxury ring, sparkling with diamonds, is just the right choice for your special one. This ring, thoughtfully rendered in elegant white gold, includes a conglomeration of round diamonds framed by a smaller diamond accent frame. The color and transparency of these 100% natural diamonds are I-J, I2.

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