10 Best TikTok Leggings To Make Your Butt Look Hot!

Squats are hard. Working for a perfect booty is even harder.

Maybe you’ve already seen this article on yoga pants with pockets and you still couldn’t decide. Maybe you just want to make your butt look good.

Enter the viral TikTok leggings.

What is it? Leggings that are designed to compress and lift your cheeks. Great for workouts, and also just for showing off the goods. Check out these 10 pairs we highly recommend.

List of the Best TikTok Leggings to Make Your Butt Look Amazing

With it becoming a viral hit, lots of knock-offs abound. We carefully curated the best ones so you don’t have to figure out which leggings are the best. They all come in different styles, colors (tie-dye, anyone?), and sizes so feel free to take your pick.

#1 SEASUM Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants [US$30]

These fit just right so order them in your actual size. High-waisted so they also compress your stomach and make it look flatter. It doesn’t give you a muffin top, which is always a plus when it comes to so-called high waist pants. The honeycomb texture also gives it a unique look, and it gives that desired scrunch butt effect perfectly.

#2 EHH Women High Waisted Ruched Butt Lifting Leggings [US$25]

These leggings are made of polyester and spandex that hides unwanted flabs and lifts your butt, making it look extremely flattering. These pants also come in tie-dye colors.

#3 YEOREO Women’s Butt Lifting High Waist Adjustable Yoga Shorts [US$17]

When leggings just aren’t your thing, these yoga shorts give you the same butt-lifting action. Comfortable, high-waist, and have leg openings that don’t dig into her legs. What more can you ask for?! Aside from exercise, these go great as loungewear or sleepwear.

#4 KINGJOZE High Waisted Yoga Pants for Women Stretchy Tummy Control Butt Lifting Booty Textured Leggings Running Workout Tights [US$19]

These leggings are super thick, warm, and comfortable. The thickness of these pants is not see-through, so you don’t need to worry about your underwear peeking through. It’s also very soft, and pregnant women approved!

#5 Memoryee Women’s Honeycomb Leggings Running Butt Lift High Waist Yoga Pants [US$25]

If you’ve seen a pair of TikTok leggings, you might be tempted to think that you’ve seen them all. But these pants aren’t only butt-lifting — you can move around comfortably in them and wick away all the sweat you get from working out (or doing TikTok dances. Go ahead, we won’t judge.)

#6 YAMOM High Waist Butt Lifting Anti Cellulite Workout Leggings for Women Yoga Pants Tummy Control Leggings Tight [US$31]

When you have over 5600 reviews on Amazon, you know you’re doing something right. The honeycomb pattern in these leggings is crimped on the fabric, but it doesn’t make the leggings itchy. It’s comfortable to sleep in, and the best part is that it lifts your butt and tucks your tummy at the same time. Your lower body never looked this good.

#7 GILLYA Booty Yoga Pants Women High Waisted Ruched Butt Lift Textured Scrunch Leggings Booty Tights [US$31]

These high-waisted leggings tuck your tummy in and lift your booty up, not the other way around. What’s great about this pair aside from the wide range of available styles (capris, anyone?) but the strength and elasticity of the fabric. No need to worry about accidents here!

#8 GILLYA High Waist Gym Seamless Leggings Workout Tights for Women Butt Lift Tummy Control Leggings Seamless Yoga Pants [US$16-$21]

This one comes in a different style, but with the same butt-lifting property you’re looking for. The sporty design makes it look trendy, and with yoga pants these seamless, you can be sure you’ll get accentuated in all the right places.

#9 YEOREO Women High Waisted Seamless Leggings Workout Butt Lift Tummy Control Stretch Yoga Pants Fitness Gym Tights [US$21]

The hollow cutouts in these leggings not only make for really cute gym wear, but it makes it more breathable too. Run, stretch, kick, and jog all you want — you’re not going to jiggle anywhere you don’t want to. Made of a Polyester-Nylon-Spandex blend, you can be sure it’s squat-proof and breathable.

#10 MANIFIQUE Women’s Seamless Leggings High Waisted Workout Tight Leggings Gym Yoga Pants Tummy Control Sports Compression [US$26]

This high-waist pair is the best when it comes to tummy tucking and waist tightening without leaving you gasping for air. The material is also thick and squat-proof, with really strong compression. While not as butt-lifting as the others, it’s really good for holding things in. The design is also sporty and more unique than the others, which helps you stand out in the gym.

So those are just 10 of the fabulous pairs of TikTok leggings guaranteed to make your butt look uh-mazing. Now time to scroll through Total Shape while you catch your partner in a TikTok reaction video.

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