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10 Smart Wedding Night Gift Ideas for Grooms

Your wedding has taken months of planning. The day has been memorable and now you look forward to your lives together as a married couple. Whilst a wedding is often focused on the bride, a thoughtful wedding night gift for the groom will show your appreciation that he is in your life and has helped create the wedding day that you wanted.

Here are 10 wedding night gift ideas for grooms that he is sure to love.

Let’s Dig into the 10 Amazing Wedding Night Gift Ideas for Grooms

#1 Season tickets

As you start your married life, show your husband that you will continue to support his hobbies and interests. Whilst you are now a couple, your lives only overlap in part so it is important to choose gifts throughout your marriage like those here. A season ticket for his favorite sports team, an annual subscription to an arts venue, or to a specialist magazine that taps into topics that fascinate him will connect the day of your wedding to events over the next year.

#2 Subscription Gifts

Other subscription gifts deliver coffee, crafts beers, clothes, amazon wardrobe, Audible membership, Netflix, amazon prime, kindle memberships,  and many other items to your door for him to enjoy.  With clothes, he can keep what suits him and return the rest so that over time he will have a fantastic wardrobe of clothes that suit him best.

#3 Handwritten letter

With all gifts, including a handwritten letter letting him know how much you love him, how grateful you are to have him in your life, the things about him that you appreciate, and how much you are looking forward to your first year together.

#4 Upgrade gifts

Paying for a wedding can get expensive and compromises are needed when it comes to spending. Gift your groom a gift that he has not justified buying for himself.  This could be a new gym bag, an Apple watches, or surprise him with a gift that you know he wants even though he has not directly asked for it.  This could be something you have overheard him talk about with others, something you have seen him look at online, or that you have noticed caught his eye when he passed a store.

#5 Personalised hip flask

A traditional wedding day gift is a personalized hip flask. These are often gifted to the ushers, but an engraved flask for the groom means that the group is linked again. Personalize with his name inscribed on the front with a bow tie or other motif that symbolizes your wedding day. These flasks should be presented in a gift box with an easy filling funnel.

#6 Luxury leather goods

Good quality leather ages well, just as you wish your relationship will over time. This could be a leather wallet or a quality belt with a buckle design that fits his personality or interests. Another gift option would be a leather weekender holdall for those city breaks you want to take in the future.

#7 Customised poker set

Let him know that whilst he is now a married man, he can still have the guys’ night playing poker. The gift of a customized poker set shows that you appreciate how important it is for him to maintain these friendships and that you are happy for him to have nights with the guys that are independent of you.

#8 Memory or shadow box

Create a memory box or a shadow box for the ticket stubs from the important games or concerts he has attended in your marriage. Not just the first ticket as a married man, but also the first ticket bought attending an event with your first child. This will become a receptacle of stories of your lives together that your children will love to hear.

#9 Cashmere hoodie

Your groom will have been well dressed for your wedding and the wedding night is the time to relax.  The gift of a cashmere hoodie will allow him to relax in comfort and be something he can wear out for a night on the town whilst also being a reminder of your wedding day.

#10 Whiskey glass box set

Gift a whiskey glass box set so you can toast your future on your wedding night. A luxurious whiskey glass box set allows you to customize the glasses with the initiative to add a perfect personal touch. Add a bottle of his favorite tipple to complete the set.

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