10 Tips to Judge Someone: Making Accurate Judgments About Someone

Have you been to a place where all your instincts told you not to trust that person, and still you did? Did your friends ever tell you not to put your faith in someone, and you did – but they proved you wrong?

Let’s be honest. We all have been there. We all have dealt with betrayals. And that’s just due to the lack of judgment skills we have. The real character always pops up when you have been with them for quite some time, and you have seen some unfavorable situations together.

However, in some cases, you might not have that kind of time at hand. Hence, you need some indicators to have an idea of what kind of person they are.

How to Judge Someone Accurately?

Today, we will discuss that! Here, we have brought forth ten tips to judge someone for a reliable outcome. Want to know what they are? Here, have a look:

#1 Appearances are not reliable: 

A truly terrible yet meaningful model was conveyed in the book written by O’Toole and Bowman. In the book “How gut instincts betray us,” a story of a notable person is narrated. The man looks decent, well-put, and reliable – unless he was found to have a compartment in his garage where he would torture the women he abducted.

It shows a perfect example of deceived appearances. Never solely rely on how a person looks. You haven’t seen it’s inside them. Remember that surface appearance, physical behavior, and moral behavior are different things. 

So what can do in this case? Try to find some specific qualities and behavior patterns in them, and judge them through them.

#2 Be a reasonable observer:

The only key to go through is to be patient and keep observing. Mainly examine them in emergencies. Find out how well they respond to them. Observe them while they are talking to other people while they are explaining something to someone. Notice their way of honoring others.

Strictly notice how they behave during conflicts because it shows a lot about them. You will be able to judge them a lot through these little bit observations. 

#3 Note the rage frequency:

Being angry is quite reasonable, and it’s human nature. However, it can be quite alarming if it crosses a specific limit. Try to notice how they choose to vent their aggression. It is a clear indicator of where the person stands when it comes to temper management.

No matter how bad the situation gets, it’s not encouraged to mistreat people due to personal problems. They are not responsible for them. But if you find someone doing it a lot and then normalizing it, it is a massive red flag.

#4 Use their mails/texts as an indicator: 

Don’t ignore the person’s digital behavior. It counts a lot how a person behaves through analogs. To put it in simpler words, emails and texts say a lot about it. The expression and structure say a lot. For example, a lot of alphabetical errors indicate that person is uninterested or indifferent. The usage of emoticons shows that the person is happy and is a pleasant soul. Too many question signs show that the person is in aggression and is least interested in talking. These are some simple pointers. You can read more about it.

#5 Notice the opinion:

Observe how they talk to other people and also consider the tone. How often they mention their good things such as high achievements, good luck, and rewards? It may be a silent sign but tells much about one’s personality.

If they do this showing off a lot, it clearly shows that one has over-enthusiasm for themselves – which is not a good thing usually. Instead of appreciating others, boasting about yourself is a clear sign of arrogance and over-confidence.

#6 Take there affection score in the count:

Observe how they talk to mates who are less in status, be it social or financial. Among everything, we believe that this indicator will genuinely help you to reveal your integrity. People with less affection will prefer to talk about the disadvantages. They will ignore the positive aspects of something. They will never enquire about your stringent timings and bad relations.

Hence, if someone is treating their lower staff well, it shows their high moral character. You most certainly should trust them and appreciate them for their genuine gestures. It will not only make them feel acknowledged but will also set your priorities straight about what exactly do you look for in people.

#7 Discover how to be socially interactive:

If a person seems like someone who prefers isolation and is an introvert, do not exclude them or judge them too fast. It is not always necessarily a negative characteristic. It is more like an identity.

Mostly, we believe that the only way to discover goodness, honesty, and loyalty is to interact socially. But, sometimes you have to put in a little effort and help the next person open up. Do not hesitate to take the first step. It might mark the beginning of an extraordinary relationship or bond.

#8 Say goodbye to toxicants:

That is not possible to have not toxic people around you. But you must know how to reduce their influence.  Toxic people often try to dominate others and make them feel invisible. They are the ones who primarily fail to accept their mistakes and failures. Their traits include jealousy. They can never be happy because they can’t see you succeed.

Instead of showing gratitude and appreciation, they always lambaste. Recognize these traits. If you keep them in your life, they will most certainly drain you. Cut them off! Their behavior speaks for them. They do not deserve a place in your life!

#9 Response to censure:

Sometimes we know that someone is responsible for any doing, but we avoid confronting them to avoid an argument. However, a person who values their relationship with you will always accept their mistake and apologize.

If they show those guts, hold them, and value them. They are precious, and they value your presence.

#10 Don’t trust social media:

Never rely on how a person looks on Facebook. As bitter as it sounds, stalking can never be a person’s character’s litmus tester. They can be different in their daily life. Seeming perfect on social platforms and meeting a person in real life can be poles apart.

On social media, you get to control what other people see. You can only know someone if they are raw and original with you. Hence, no matter how it sounds, real human interaction cannot be replaced.

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