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15 Best Sunglasses for Women in 2021

Looking for the perfect sunglasses that look stylish and protect you from the harmful rays of the sun? It is indeed a difficult choice that requires lots of research. You have to go through several websites and browse through several stores to get a pair that looks good on you as well as fits in your budget. However, as with other accessories, sunglasses trends also change with time.

So for one year, you will see over-sized frames in fashion while during the next year, you will see the trend replaced by smaller frames. That’s why shopping for sunglasses can be hard. So, to help you find out where to start the search, we have compiled a list of the best sunglasses brands for women. They provide high-quality, comfortable, and fashion-forward sunglasses for the perfect look.

List of Best Sunglasses for Woman

These brands have such a huge variety of sunglasses, that you are bound to get the perfect pair. In this list, we have included designer luxury sunglasses brands, affordable sunglasses brands as well as active eyewear brands to help you choose the one that meets your needs. Have a look.

#1: Ray-Ban

With Ray-Ban you simply cannot go wrong. This brand is quite famous for its sunglasses all over the world. Celebrities, fashion gurus, and the general public just love the sunglasses of this brand. Whether it is classic styles like the Aviator or modern designs, the brand has it all. It has launched many iconic sunglasses styles that shaped eyewear trends over the years. It also has sunglasses in various sizes and with different lenses. Moreover, its sunglasses are very durable and never seem to go out of fashion. That’s why they are worth the money spent on them.

#2: Persol

The name Person translates to “for the sun” in Italian. Persol is perhaps the only sunglasses brand, whose popularity rivals that of Ray-Ban. It has created some of the best designs in the world but started out to meet the eyewear needs of sports drivers and pilots. It has carried forward this legacy and produces the finest sunglasses for an active lifestyle. 

#3: Oakley

It is another brand famous for sports eyewear. It keeps on coming up with innovative lens technologies to push the boundaries and holds more than 800 patents. While being functional and high-quality, its sunglasses are also sleek and stylish. It is particularly famous for its Silver, Flak, Holbrook, and Turbine styles.

#4: Maui Jim

This is an American brand based in Hawaii. Starting out with sunglasses for water sports, it has now started to provide sunglasses for different lifestyles. Its sunglasses are known for their unique lens technology to allow you to see colors and your surroundings more clearly. The Island aesthetics in the sunglasses also make them unique. Due to its lens technology and unique designs, it is no wonder that this brand is so popular for sunglasses.

#5: Police

Police is a cult favorite for sunglasses. It has become famous due to its stylish sunglasses that are geared towards young people. The brand has been endorsed by famous celebrities such as George Clooney and David Beckham. Association with these celebrities has further allowed the brand to become the choice of many for sunglasses.

#6: Prada

This is a luxury designer brand providing sunglasses for a sophisticated style. It is a trendsetting brand providing coveted designs and frames. Its designs feature irregular shapes and distinct brow-bars. The brand provides a modern twist to classic designs. Thus, the sunglasses have a classic charm yet are modern due to which they are highly sought after.

#7: Fendi

Known for their grace and style, the sunglasses of this Italian brand are the choice of many women. These sunglasses have an elegant style and give a luxurious feeling. It is also popular due to the high quality of its eyewear.

#9: Gucci

Gucci is among the best designer sunglasses brands for women. It provides fashion-forward designs most of which feature oversized frames and bold shapes. It continues to provide highly sought-after designs year after year. So, if you are looking for bold, head-turning designs in sunglasses, go for Gucci.

#10: Christian Dior

This is another luxury brand providing high-end accessories including sunglasses. This brand has pushed boundaries for decades. The sunglasses are of high quality and guarantee the protection of your eyes. So, if you are looking for high-end eyewear, go for the sunglasses by this French brand.

#11: Versace

This designer brand is quite famous for its clothes and accessories that feature bold prints and flashy colors. The brand also provides innovative and bold sunglasses. These trendsetting designs are sure to turn heads. The medusa style by Versace is very popular among fashion-forward people.

#12: Olive Peoples

It is an American brand that offers Hollywood-style sunglasses. The statement pieces and innovative designs have made this brand famous for sunglasses. Mostly, the designs have a touch of LA glam. The sunglasses are handcrafted and made with very good quality material.

#13: Carrera

This Austrian brand provides fashionable sunglasses for sporty and active people. It is known for its unique designs such as its oversized aviators. In addition to its classic styles, Carrera has sunglasses that are scratch-resistant and made out of lightweight material. These sunglasses are suitable for an active lifestyle.

#14: Under Armor

If you want to protect your eyes while having fun outdoors, sunglasses by Under Armor are best for you. It is among the best sunglasses brands that are meant for people with an active lifestyle. Its sunglasses have multiplication coatings on their lenses which guard them against scratches in case of fall. They also protect against sunlight. These sunglasses definitely perform well in different settings.

#15: Le Specs

This is an affordable sunglasses brand. This Australian brand provides statement pieces and designer sunglasses at affordable prices. Its highly popular style “the Last Lolita” was worn by different models including Gigi Hadid. So, if you want stylish sunglasses on a budget, go for this brand.

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