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A hickey is formed when a person sucks or bites on another person’s skin for a few long seconds. The sucking and biting cause the tiny blood vessels right below the skin surface to burst. Although they are harmless, they do boost intimacy levels and are a form of physical affection.

Hickeys are also known as love bites can be given anywhere on the body but they are commonly associated with the neck which makes them easily noticeable. They look like bruises and appear as patches of pink, purple, blue, and red. The skin gets tender and might hurt a little.

Receiving and giving hickeys at that moment is very pleasurable but you might regret it the following day. If you have been naughty and live with your parents, you might find the need to hide them or reduce their appearance. Not only this but if you had a wild night and the next morning you need to work then it is best you hide love bites from your coworkers.

As enjoyable as getting a hickey is, it is a pain to get rid of. The worst part is hickeys can take anywhere from 4 days to two weeks to heal fully, without treatments. Moreover, the size of hickeys and the intensity of the love-bite was given can surely delay the healing process.

It is not possible to get rid of a hickey within seconds or minutes. The skin itself needs some time to clear up. However, if you desperately need them gone then you will have to seek some homemade remedies to speed up the healing process of hickeys and make their appearance less prominent.

17 Methods to Remove Hickeys from Skin

Below are twenty remedies that will help you clear your hickeys faster and save you some embarrassment!

#1 Hickey Removal by using Ice cubes

Applying ice over the bruised skin will help you reduce its appearance. The ice will constrict the busted vessels below the skin which will control the bleeding and reduce inflammation. The cold will cool down any sensitivity as well.

You may use a cold spoon kept in the refrigerator for a few hours, cold packs, or even cold compressors as alternatives. You get the best results if you use this method within 12 hours of receiving the hickey.

#2 Hickey Removal by using Hot Packs.

If you failed to apply ice within the first twelve hours, then apply a hot pack onto your love bite. Gently massage the area with the pack. Massage from the center of the bruise to the outside, this allows the blood to move away from the bruise. This process speeds the healing process and reduces the red and purple appearance of the love bite.

You can soak a cotton towel in warm water or use a heating pad as alternatives to a hot pack.

#3 Hickey Removal by Could Vitamin K work

Vitamin K supplements or rich foods help with the dissociation of blood clots. Hence, applying vitamin K serums or creams or even adding more vitamin K foods to your diet will help speed up the recovery process of your hickey.

#4 Hickey Removal by Soothing Arnica gels or creams

Arnica gel is made using Arnica herb which has healing properties. Hence, applying arnica gel or creams will increase the speed of the healing process of the hickey. Gently massage the gel or cream into your skin for about ten minutes.

#5 Hickey Removal by using an alternative to Arnica gel: Aloe Vera Gel

Another plant-based gel that clears a hickey faster is Aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is obtained from the aloe vera plant which has healing properties. Moreover, this gel also reduces skin tenderness and soothes the inflammation that comes with a hickey.

Massage the hickey lightly with aloe vera gel for about ten minutes.

#6 Hickey Removal by applying the smelly Banana Peels

As weird as it sounds, massaging the region with a banana peel will get rid of the hickey faster. Bananas also have healing properties just like arnica and aloe vera plant. Though, you might need to massage the area for about twenty minutes minimum.

#7 Hickey Removal by using Oranges, Lemons, and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is loaded with skin repairing and healing properties. Applying vitamin c serum on the affected region or increasing vitamin c intake in your system through Vitamin C supplements will boost collagen and get rid of bruises in no time.

#8 Hickey Removal by Cooling Peppermint oil or toothpaste

A layer of peppermint oil or toothpaste could solve your hickey issues. Both are cool in nature. Either of the products will cool down the blood vessels and allow the blood to flow away from the affected area effortlessly. Once the blood has moved away, the hickey will be less prominent and heal quicker. In addition, their cool mature also soothes any irritation on the skin.

#9 Hickey Removal with Pineapple Slices

Pineapple works like a wonder on bruises because it is packed with bromelain which ensures quick wounds and bruises healing. In addition, it also provides relief from pain and soreness.

Mildly rubbing a pineapple slice over the hickey from time to time in a day will greatly reduce its appearance and heal it way quicker.

#10 Hickey Removal by with Cocoa butter

Another highly effective healing agent for hickeys or love bites is cocoa butter. Massaging your hickey with melted cocoa butter will get rid of the blood clots and stimulate circulation in the region. This will ensure that your hickey does not swell up or develops any irritation. Furthermore, cocoa butter also adds moisture to the infected region.

#11 Ever heard of Comfrey for hickey Removals?

Another plant-based healing shrub is comfrey. Comfreys leaves and roots have healing properties for bruises and wounds. Applying comfrey gels, creams, or even directly using the leaves or roots will get rid of your love bite quicker.

#12 Hickey Removal by typical Almond or olive oil massage

A simple method to get rid of a hickey is to simply massage the area with any oil available in your reach. A gentle fifteen-minute massage will separate the coagulated blood from the flowing blood. This will allow the blood to flow normally and eventually reduce the look of the hickey. Olive oil or almond oil massage also helps with swelling and pain.

Now let us move on to fewer natural remedies and more hacks!

#13 Hickey Removal by Toothbrush

If you have a spare toothbrush lying around then you might want to give this method a shot. Try gently moving your toothbrushes bristles over the hickey for about 15 minutes. Such movements will cause the clotted blood to circulate and dissipate around the region. This will cause the redness of the hickey to go away and eventually reduce its appearance of the hickey.

#14 Whisk your hickey away!

As unbelievable as this sounds but you can literally whisk away your hickeys. Grab your whisk and wish gently onto your hickey. Do this for about 10 minutes and this will greatly reduce the presence of the hickey and it will not be prominent.

A light hickey might as well disappear completely with this method. But if your hickey is large and prominent, it will still be visible slightly. You can easily cover it up with makeup or try to hide it by being smart with accessories.

You may use the lid of your lipstick as an alternative to a whisk.

#15 Let your inner make-up artist shine to get rid of hickey!

If none of the natural remedies are working out, then an effective way to hide a hickey is by covering it with makeup. Use a green-colored concealer as it tones down the redness of the skin. After applying it, apply a layer of your foundation. This will ensure that your hickey and the green concealer are hidden. You may apply translucent powder to give the whole coverage an even look.

Although this does not speed the healing process, it does cover the hickey. Hence you might need to apply such makeup from time to time, as you wait for the hickey to disappear on its own.

#16 Cover it up and be smart about it

If you think your makeup skills are not polished enough, or your hickey is can be noticed through the layers of makeup then you could try to cover it up smartly through different means. You can wear high-necked shirts, a collared shirt, a scarf around your neck, or even try to hide the hickey by letting down your hair.

If it is summer or you have short hair, then I am afraid you will need to be smarter. Try wearing a thicker choker or a light scarf around your neck instead.

#17 Simply let it be and rest

Do not touch the hickey region continuously or massage it with your bare hands. This will only increase its presence and irritate your skin. The irritation will lead to sensitive and itchy skin which may cause wounds on the hickey.

If the pain or the region swells up, then it is best you consult your general physician.

Hickeys Hiding Manual Abstract

Hickeys are a form of physical affection. Think of them as marks by lover, they have marked you as theirs. As pleasurable it feels to receive and give hickeys, they are hard to get rid of. Plus, they definitely do cause a scene of embarrassment once they are exposed.

So, to save yourself from the troubles of after a wild night, I have mentioned natural remedies and other methods to help you get rid of cover your hickey till the coast is clear!

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