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25 Practices to Feel Sexy, Confident, and Cool: Polish Yourself a Bit!

You must have heard the infamous statement “Beauty is Pain.” Well, I completely disagree. 

Beauty is not pain. It is how you view yourself. In a world where beauty has standards and everything about fashion and beauty is defined by man-made standards, most individuals suffer from self-esteem, body image, and confidence issues.

This is completely outrageous. Instead, I believe in the statement “Everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

Henceforth, if you view yourself as average, ugly, or often compare yourself to others then you will eventually start having self-esteem issues. And you will believe that you are not the most good-looking person out there. 

So, if you have been under the whole beauty standards pressure or suffering from self-esteem and body image issues. Perhaps you have been under the weather or spending a lot of your time stuck at your workplace. Or maybe you are just lazy and spend your entire days in pajamas. The bloated stomach is not helping you much either. One look in the mirror and you feel ugly all over again. 

It is perfectly normal for your bad relationship with your body to affect your daily mood. 

Cheer up! Whatever the reason is that has lead to make you feel unpleasant to look at or shattered your confidence. I am here to help you regain your sexiness and confidence again. 

I assure you; you will be feeling cool and all brand new in no time!

25 Keypoints to Feel Cool, Confident, and Sexy!

Below are twenty-five tips that will assist you to feel sexy, confident, and cool!

#1 Focus on what makes you happy

Often the main source of feeling unhappy from the outside is because you are unhappy from the inside. So, let your inner child be playful and take a week or two off! Go do all the things that are listed down on your bucket list. Hit the road, catch up with your friends, or experience something new.

#2 Look for the beauty of diversity 

The entire media represents a certain form of beauty. The beauty it represents does not even make 5% of the actual beauty out there and you certainly may not belong to that homogeneity. So, follow magazines or Instagram pages that strive to show natural and authentic beauty. When you consume such positive content, you will feel validated and feel good about yourself.

#3 Move around

Being stuck in one place, in one routine will eventually feel suffocating. You will feel like all your days are morphed into one day. Add variations to your routine. Try to go for a simple walk in the park that connects you to nature. Go hiking or maybe even just dance around in your comfort zone. But the move, it will be extremely helpful.

#4 Go to positive body image classes

A positive body image class teaches you how to view yourself in your own value and to appreciate everything about your body. You do not have to love yourself 24l7. A healthy relationship with your body will keep most of your self-esteem and confidence issues away.

#5 Selfcare is the key

Stand in front of a mirror. And touch yourself in a way of caressing yourself. Massage your body with oils and fragrances. Give yourself a neck rub. Or simply just look at yourself in the mirror to feel more connected to your body.

#6 Change your wardrobe

Go out shopping and change the way you style your outfits. Try out some new clothing items. A new wardrobe will enhance the way you look at yourself. It will make you feel good about yourself and your body.

#7 Try out a different makeup look

Do something to your lips or eyes, a little out of the ordinary. Try a new lip color or apply a different type of eyeliner than the classic cat-eye. Maybe a mascara now and then too. An extra two to three minutes of effort will surely make you feel good about yourself the whole day.

#8 Change your hair

Stuck with the same haircut since graduation? Well, this is a sign to try out a different hairstyle or a haircut. Go for something that will suit your face or maybe look up some variations of ways to style your current haircut.

#9 Spend on good lingerie 

Lingerie is a quick way to boost your confidence and to feel sexy. Hence, invest in busty and sexy underwear to feel cool. You can never go wrong with lacey lingerie. It will not only boost your confidence but will also boost sexual attraction.

#10 Smoldering look

A good old smokey eye, a smudgy black eyeliner, and a classic bold red lip are one easy way to feel sexy. This hot look will boost your confidence and is proven to be very provocative.

#11 Slow and steady wins the race

Take things slowly. Cuddle for a while, slow kisses, soft moans, and a lot of teasing can make you feel very sexy in bed. This will also boost the intimacy energy, as your partner will not be able to keep their hands off you.

#12 Be rebellious

Being a rebel or simply just acting out once in a while will do no harm. Instead, it will make you feel like a badass. This will boost your confidence and you will always have fun stories to tell! Occasionally, be a leading lady to feel sexy.

#13 Be playful with food

Making dinner for your partner? Well call them in the kitchen and ask them to help around. Such closeness and concentration often lead to playfulness in the kitchen. Lick food off from each other’s fingers and lips.

#14 Hit the gym floor

Going to the gym will not only make you fit but will also lower your stress levels. Your physically fit body will make you feel sexy. Sweating will release endorphins which will freshen you up.

#15 Eye contact 

Do not underestimate the power of innocent eye contact. Eye contacts are super sexy, and they put a person in the mood every quick. S simple eye contact will make your feel hot and wanted.

#16 Robe, set, go

After a nice warm shower, roam around in your robes for a while. Let your hair down and loosely belt your robe. This drapey and half-naked look will make you feel very sexy.

#17 Show off each other

Compliment your partner out of the blue, show a little more PDA in a PDA-friendly gathering. Try to show the world they are your person. This will not only make them feel loved but also good about themselves.

#18 Candles, candles, and more candles

A candlelight dinner or a candlelight bath is very romantic. This will not only be perfect to get your long night started but dressing up classy will surely set the whole mood. Plus, you will feel good about everything. It may seem like your life is perfect.

#19 A family dinner

Gather your family at your place for dinner or take them out for dinner. Reconnecting with your family and revisiting childhood memories with them will make you feel blessed, and you will see how far you have come. This will make you proud of yourself and you will feel inevitable.

#20 Good old yoga

Apparently, a study has found out that women who regularly do yoga feel sexier than a woman who does not. As strange as it seems, I believe it. Yoga creates a strong mind and body connection through meditation. So why do not you try this one out and let us know!

#21 Spend more time with your girls

No one supports you like your girls. So have a slumber party or just go out for drinks but give your girls time. Gossips and chats with your girls will make you feel good about yourself because you will realize how loved you are.

#22 A smell goes a long way

Ready for the office or a late-night Friday dinner? You got the right outfit, accessories, and shoes. Your makeup is on point, but something is missing. Right, a special perfume. Invest in an excellent scent. Smelling good has an effect to make a person feel sexy and good all day.

#23 A movie night but steamy 

Watch something hot with your partner. A rom-com with hot actors or plot will definitely make you feel good. Your eyes are sensual so watching something naughty will make you feel sexy.

#24 Sleep naked

There is something about sleeping fully nude in your bedsheets. Take a warm shower, give yourself a fresh shave, moisturize your body and slip into your freshly fitted bedsheets.

#25 Take some private pictures of yourself

Put on your favorite lingerie, apply some makeup, and stand in front of the mirror or lay in bed. Take some hot pictures of yourself. If you want to take it a step ahead then drop your lingerie, go nude and click.

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