Every woman’s closet looks different. Some of us like to wear floral prints and pastel colors while others prefer their Hawaiian shirts and high-waisted shorts. Either way, almost all of us have our essentials. With the summer of 2022 in full swing, you may be updating your wardrobe. Here are a few essentials that you should have in your closet this year:

1. Sportswear

You want to be ready for action as a woman who knows how to look pretty but also how to kick ass, whether that’s on the mountain slopes skiing or out in the backcountry riding your mountain bike.

From your Tipsy Elves snowsuit for women for the snow sport lovers out there to your Zoic shorts for women who love to ride their bikes for miles, get the sportswear that makes you feel great without sacrificing quality, style or comfort. Even if you only practice these sports every so often, owning the proper gear and clothing for them can make it easy to enjoy them when you can.

2. Leggings

Leggings are a gal’s best friend when it comes to working out or just lounging around. They’re the female version of sweatpants, created to feel comfortable for lazing around at home or for sweating at the gym. They’re typically flattering and make it easy to feel good, even when you’re just running errands.

3. Little black dress

You know the drill; every closet should have the perfect little black dress. However, we’d say for the summer, there’s a caveat. Switch out the black for something more playful.

If you want to include some summertime staples, you should consider a couple of floral summer dresses as well. But, if you only have one essential in your closet, make it that cute dress that can look perfect for any occasion. If you’re someone who simply doesn’t wear dresses, but you love a good jumper or romper, make sure you look at online fashion magazines to get an idea of the perfect look for the summer months and whatever occasion you’re shopping for.

4. Light blouses

Light, airy blouses are the way to go for the summer months. You can easily pair them with shorts or jeans and dress up or dress down according to the occasion and what you pair them with.

Light singlets with soft, pastel colors or delicate prints are always a hit. A soft, linen shirt or a cute button-down are also ideal looks for casual yet put-together styles that are great for dates or even for the office. While t-shirts are nice, a light blouse can dress up an outfit a little bit more, making it perfect for many occasions.

5. Basic Tees

If there’s a casual essential you must have in your closet, it’s a T-shirt. White T-s are a must, but so are t-shirts in your favorite colors. Additionally, striped Tees are the perfect option for those days when you look classy yet casually put together.

It’s easy to look cute with a T-shirt paired with the right outfit, whether that’s with jeans and a blazer, your favorite shorts, or even with a mini skirt. A professional stylist can help you put together looks that are great for dates, family affairs, and brunch with your friends.

In Conclusion

If you’re updating your closet, consider these tips for filling it with all the essentials that make it easy for you to be comfortable and look good. From the perfect dress for a night out to T-shirts that make you feel sexy, even though you’re dressed as casual as can be, there are many ways that you can look great with these above-mentioned looks and closet essentials.

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