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5 Biggest Pros And Cons Of Invisalign Braces

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When deciding which type of braces to use, it is always the best option to do thorough research and consult your orthodontist or dentist. Not all braces are a good fit for your gums. With more severe corrections (teeth going backward or forward, for instance) it is wiser and more effective to use conventional metal braces. However, if you have a mild correction and desire to make your smile more aligned and optimal, then the easiest and most effective option may be to use Invisalign Braces

What are Invisalign Braces? 

They are clear, removable plastic aligners that help you treat gapped and crowded teeth, underbite, or overbite, as long as the condition is not severe. More importantly, you can eat almost anything, since before eating you should remove them to avoid damage. Just in the first few minutes after removal, you should rest your gums (sometimes they can be sore) and then you can eat solid food. This is not the case with metal braces. They come with many food restrictions. Some of those are to avoid popcorn, nuts, or everyone’s favorite, pizza crust.

From where to begin? 

The process of wearing them begins with consultations with an orthodontist or dentist who is Invisalign-trained. They will take gum measurements and usually suggest a dental checkup and cleaning before wearing the Invisalign braces, to avoid some dental issues such as plaque or cavities.

Fun fact about Invisalign:

… is that it was designed by non-orthodontics that did not have any credentials but had been accepted mainly due to being popular among its users. Today it is one of the most popular and desirable ways of making your smile beautiful.

Like many other things, it has its pros & cons. That is why we will go through the 5 biggest pros & cons when using Invisalign aligners. These are must-know facts when deciding on how to get the perfect smile.

5 Pros Of Using Invisalign Braces:

Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Clean – Invisalign braces are designed to be removed when eating, thus making it very easy to keep them and your mouth clean after every meal. Plus, they have developed specially designed cleaning products for the braces, making them more efficient when washing the braces. 

Less Time To Correct Your Teeth And Smile – for regular braces it usually takes up to 24 months of wearing. For Invisalign sometimes it takes as little as 10 weeks – if your teeth require mild correction. The usual time spent wearing them per day is 20-22 hours, which gives you some time to rest your teeth while still having the best results.

A Great Way To Avoid Embarrassing Photos – we all know how it is to have some embarrassing photos, especially if they are going to circle in the family for some time. Since Invisalign braces are transparent, this is avoided easily along with all potential embarrassment that might follow. What is more important is that they are discrete, so adults can wear them more openly without the need to hide their smiles.

Fewer Problems With Your Gum And Teeth – compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is problem-free. People with traditional wire braces often experience wire breaking or bracketing, which always leads to emergency visits to the orthodontist’s office. With Invisalign, you will not have to worry about these problems, plus you can eat almost anything you want without having to worry about how to clean your teeth and braces later.

Comfortable To Wear – Invisalign braces are made of SmartTrack material designed to move comfortably and predictably. Moreover, measurements for braces are taken for each person individually with the help of an iTero scanner – a 3D ultra-dimensionally accurate scanner that helps in creating a treatment for each person separately, thus making the process of taking measurements comfortable and without any pain or phobia.

5 Cons Of Using Invisalign Braces:

The Discipline Needed – To get the best results you have to be very strict about wearing Invisalign braces. Since they are not attached to your teeth like metal braces, you have to remind yourself constantly to put them on after eating or drinking.

Inconvenient In Public – due to high sensitivity to stains and hot liquids, when eating or drinking (especially hot drinks) you have to remove them from your mouth. This can be quite an inconvenient situation if you are surrounded by people that you want to impress, or in a public place where you have to be creative not to embarrass yourself when removing them – or you risk destroying the braces.

Not Always Effective – if you have more serious corrections to make, then Invisalign braces might not be the best option. It is always a better option for kids to wear regular braces to avoid losing or damaging Invisalign braces that are pretty expensive to replace later. Plus, their teeth are still growing, so for the best results, it is better to use regular braces.

Costs & Aftercare Costs – Invisalign braces cost from $3,000 to $5,000, according to the Consumer Guide for Dentistry, which puts them in the same cost basket as regular braces. Also, sometimes after wearing the aligners, you might need a retainer to help you keep your teeth in position. At first, you will need to wear it every day, before gradually moving to wear it only at night. Their price ranges from $100 to $500 and they can be removable or cemented to your teeth.

Attachments – it is not excluded that you will need attachments to help Invisalign braces grip and move teeth into place. You may need them for only a couple of your teeth, or for most of them, which – even though they have a similar color as your teeth –  can look like you are wearing clear braces.

The Takeaway is That…

Invisalign is a great option for adults and teenagers who do not need big corrections and are very disciplined and motivated to wear them. They might be less suitable for kids since they require more responsibility to keep them in good condition and not lose them. So, before deciding whether to get traditional or Invisalign: if you are a disciplined person who will not forget to put them on after every meal and drink, and will not feel ashamed to remove them in public places then they are the best option.

Just bear in mind that you will have to remove them before every meal, every hot drink, or any liquid that can lead to stains. But on a more positive note, this is great since you will not have to avoid any food. However, their cost is almost the same range as the regular braces, so before making a decision it is important to understand all the pros and cons that matter to you.

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