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8 Steps to get Ombré Nails at Home – Easy Guide to Get Ombré Nails

Ombré Nails is the New Trendy Fashion - Ombré Nails Recipe

Whether or not you are a fan of getting your nails done, it is highly likely that you have seen the ombre nail trend. It is a newer way of applying nail color whereby one shade of nail color transitions into another (on the same nail). Nowadays, nail extensions are also in fashion and demand.

Ombré nails, if done to perfection are hard to not notice and that is the reason why every woman these days wants to get these done (because who doesn’t want pretty nails?).

Going to the salon is not hazard-free these days, and in any way, you don’t have to spend big bucks on getting ombré nails done when we are offering a super simple DIV for it. Ombré nails are gaining increasing popularity with #ombrénails having 2.9 million posts on Instagram (yes, you read it right).

I also recommend using Nail Strengtheners as base materials before doing a cosmetic play with your nails.

So, here is the step by step, Holy Grail DIY technique to nail that nail game (pun intended).

What You Need Beforehand to get ombré nails:

There are some things to get before you start trying your hand on ombré nails. These are:

    1. A base coat
    2. A topcoat
    3. Three nail colors (the shades can be similar or you can play around with two completely different colors. We recommend starting out with shades from a single color family)
    4. A makeup sponge
    5. Nail polish remover
    6. A clean-up brush
    7. A pair of scissors

Step 1. Clean-up the nails:

First things first, you need to clean your nails using a nail polish remover to get rid of any nail paint that is already on the nails. Then cut and file them to get the desired length and shape. You can push back your cuticles as well if you want your nails to look bigger by using a cuticle remover or just do it the classic way by using the thumbnail of your other hand.

Step 2.Cut your Sponge and Customize it:

In order to prevent the nail paint that will get on the skin surrounding your nails, you need to cut the sponge according to the size of your nails. The flat edge of the sponge should be narrow and needs to be only as wide as your nail size goes.

Step 3. Apply the Basecoat:

The next step is to apply the base coat in a thin and clear consistency. The basecoat helps make the nail paint last longer and prevents chips in your nail polish. If you have a nail color that claims to have basecoat mixed in it, experts suggest that you still go the extra mile and apply one separately. You don’t want to go through the hassle of doing your nails every other day. After applying the clear coat you can go ahead with a light or white-colored base coat as well but that is of course, optional.

Step 4. Apply the Main Ombré Colors onto the Sponge:

Now, apply the lightest color of ombré onto the width of the custom-cut makeup sponge in a straight line. Apply the darker shade right next to it and the darkest one beside it. The colors applied should be in the same proportion and should relatively be the same size as the size of your nails. You will apply the colors side by side but they will overlap as they absorb into the sponge. This is normal and will help create the transition that is the part and parcel of every ombré nail art.

There should be a couple of coats applied to each color so that the sponge can absorb some color and stamp the rest onto the nails. As an option, you can dip the sponge in water before applying the colors. Nicely wringing the water out gets rid of the excess. 

The point of doing this is that the sponge is likely to absorb all the color and leave nothing to apply on the nails. Dipping the sponge in water will make the sponge more effective and the application will be smooth.

Step 5. Apply the Ombré onto the Nails:

Now press the colored sponge into the nail several times and lift it away after regular intervals to see if you are satisfied with the application and the depth of color. You can play around with the stamping by pressing on a certain color more than the others to create a unique effect.

Step 6. Re-apply the Colors:

The sponge is now likely to be dried up and you need to apply the colors again before moving onto the other nail (or the same if you aren’t satisfied with the color). The application of color on the sponge and nails will be in the same manner as outlined in steps four and five. 

The sponge should be wet enough for the application to be smooth, otherwise, the sponge is likely to take off your basecoat and will ruin the whole process for you. Stamp the sponge quickly on the nails to save up color and to prevent the need to re-apply the color frequently. 

 Stp 7. Apply the Topcoat:

Once the ombré has dried up, apply the top coat on all of the nails. The topcoat helps prevent chips of polish to form and gives a smooth effect. It also enhances the color of ombré and helps make the fade and transition look seamless.

Step 8. Clean the area Surrounding the Nails:

Dip the color in the nail polish remover and clean the surrounding area of the nails. You want to use a brush that is small to give you more control over-cleaning. Clean slowly and in a controlled manner so that you don’t remove the color that is on the nails and edges. You can substitute the clean-up brush with a small paintbrush if you don’t have one (or don’t want to invest in one). The paintbrush works just the same. 

You can also apply cuticle oil on the area around nails to bring back the moisture of the skin. This is optional but some experts emphasize doing so. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide for the perfect ombre nails.

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