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8 Ways to Increase Chances of Conceiving Twins Pregnancies

How To Conceive Twins in 8 different ways?

Conceiving twins is a beautiful journey. Some couples are fond of the idea of having twins that they can dress up in cutesy matching outfits. However, you will need to mentally prepare yourself because you will be needing two of everything! A double stroller, a double car seat, and two sets of milk bottles!

So, if you and your partner are on the same page, there are a few ways you can try to conceive twins.

Although, I would like to inform you that there is no hard and fast rule that any of these methods will surely result in a twin pregnancy. But I would say it would be for the best that you also mentally prepare yourself for a single pregnancy. As there is no certainty that the following methods will cause a twin pregnancy.

So, before we dive right into different methods of conceiving twins, allow me to explain to you the biology of how twins are formed.

Types of Twins Pregnancy:

  • Identical Twins

Identical twins are formed when one egg is fertilized by one sperm. During division, the zygote divides into two embryos. And because the two embryos were previously one zygote before division, they share the same genetic code. Hence, are completely identical. Identical twins’ pregnancy is completely natural, and there is nothing one can do to play with the odds of it.

  • Non-identical twins

Non-identical twins are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilized by two different sperms. This results in two genetically different zygotes. Hence, these twins are not identical.

How to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving Twins

The methods mentioned below will increase the odds of conceiving nonidentical twins. So let us find out more about how you can increase your odds of having twins:

#1 Previous pregnancies

If you have gone through a few pregnancies before, then you have a higher chance of being pregnant with twins in your future pregnancy. The reason behind this is that during pregnancy your hormone levels are either dropping or rising, this alteration takes time to get back to normal. So more the pregnancies you have already had, the more time your hormones take to reach their normal levels. Hence, unstable levels of FSH and estrogen may result in releasing two eggs from your ovaries during ovulation.

#2 Your age factor

Studies show that women who are aged 30 or more have higher chances of conceiving twins than younger women. The study elaborates that women who are 30 or plus have higher levels of estrogen and follicle-stimulating hormone. Both these hormones are responsible for releasing the egg from the ovaries. The higher levels of both the hormones and closer the women is to menopause, often cause the ovaries to release not one, but two eggs from the ovaries. Hence, this increases the chances of conceiving non-identical twins.

#3 Your height and weight

Women who are obese or have a BMI over 30 are more likely to have twins than a woman who is lighter in weight or has a healthier BMI. The science behind this is that obesity leads to higher levels of estrogen which means more eggs are stimulated in the ovary than the usual one egg.

Moreover, some studies show that if you are taller than the average woman then you are also more likely to conceive twins. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the height study.

#4 Your ethnicity and heredity

You are more likely to convince twins if your partner or you are a twin yourself. Or if either of you has twin siblings or twin relatives in your family. So, if your family has a history of twins then you are more likely to convince twins. This is simply how genetics work and there is some scientific evidence to support this.

Studies also show that if you a black, non-Hispanic white woman or a Nigerian woman then you have a very high chance of conceiving twins. Asian women are known to have the least chances of conceiving twins.

Moving on to the two most common artificial ways to increase your chances of conceiving twins:

#5 In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is done by a professional healthcare worker who takes a few of your eggs and fertilizes them with your partner’s sperm to produce a zygote in test tubes. With sufficient nutrients, when the zygote has turned into an embryo, it is planted in the womb, so it further grows in its natural environment. This way you will carry out a normal pregnancy. In the IVF process, you can place not only twin zygotes but even triplet zygotes inside your womb. Although a very expensive procedure, IVF has high chances of success and is the only method that surely results in twins’ pregnancy. But it for best to inform you that IVF comes with many complications, and some may also affect the pregnancy.

#6 Fertility Drugs

For this option, you will need to go to a professional healthcare worker who will prescribe you fertility drugs. The most common fertility medications are Clomiphene and Gonadotropins which are either tablets or injections. The fertility drugs work similarly; they stimulate more than one eggs from the ovaries which results in twins. Clomiphene causes ovulation while Gonadotropin stimulates FSH and LH to stimulate the eggs.

Lastly, here are some other methods that most women who have conceived twins swear by:

#7 Breastfeeding & food for conceiving twins

Most women who were already breastfeeding their baby managed to get pregnant with twins during their breastfeeding time. There is a little study that supports this study. The study suggests that multiple eggs are stimulated during ovulation because of the prolactin produced during breastfeeding.

There are certain kinds of food that increase the chances of conceiving twins.

#8 Eating Oysters and Yams

Although this seems a little odd, there is some study support behind this idea. Oysters aid in sperm production. So, if your partner eats a healthy number of oysters, their sperm may be able to successfully fertilize more than one egg. Assuming your body releases two eggs during ovulation. While the yams are known for their assistance in maintaining ovarian health and function. Most women who conceive wins have yams as a major component in their diet.

In Conclusion…

Aiming to convince twins is not anything to be ashamed of, however, you may also want to open yourself to the idea of conceiving a single baby. Whether you get pregnant with twins or not, you will love your baby unconditionally. The methods mentioned above will only increase your odds for conceiving twins because conceiving twins depends on multiple factors. So, stay positive and keep trying!

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