Scholarships for Women

Application Submission

Begin the application process by completing the international scholarship for women (ISW) application form available at the end of this notice. Please read this guide carefully before you begin downloading the application form, filling it, and submission.

Before you apply for ISW funding, you need the list of following documents:

    1. Scholarship for women application form 2021-2022 intake
    2. Conditional admission letter from the U.S. University in medical, engineering or science program
    3. Evidence of candidate’s English reading, writing, and speaking proficiency. A letter from a previous University stating that the previous degree was taught in the English language is acceptable. Candidates submitting IELTS with at least 6 bands don’t need an English proficiency letter from University.
    4. Detailed Resume enlisting all the extra-curricular activates and volunteer participation by the candidate
    5. Two recommendation letters from professors of last attended an educational institute
    6. Research proposal for Doctoral degree program applicants and study plan for master degree course applicants is also mandatory
    7. Motivation letter that states why you wish to study in the U.S. and how ISW Scholarship can help you
    8. Eligibility
      • Candidates should clear the eligibility test presented in the application document to be screened by the assessment team. The candidate will be qualified for the ISW grant only if all the selection in the application form test segment is in ‘Yes’.

Start here: Please use the application form available below to submit your entry.

Upon receiving the applications ISW will review the applications and interview selected candidates and announce the final results to disburse grant funding to the Universities.

Application Guidelines for International Scholarship for Women (ISW)

  1. Study & abide by all guidelines.
    A lot of applications are ineligible every year since candidates ignore instructions or ignore a crucial phase in guidelines.
  2. Check all the work carefully.
    Applications that are unclear or include several errors poorly reflects the applicant’s capacity to submit a convincing application, these applications end up as rejected. Make sure that all the sentences are clear, complete, & grammatically right.
  3. Have somebody else go through the whole application.
    An unbiased reader will often spot areas that require additional clarification & might discover mistakes the candidate has ignored.
  4. Be brief.
    Assessors should go through loads of applications. Therefore the applications that are perfect & concise have high chances of being selected for the next stage of evaluation.

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Finaid Office

Financial aid office handles the funding applicants and evaluation twice a year for the review panel board of directors.

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