When getting denim, it is always important that you know what you are spending your money on. There are different types of jeans, most of which serve different purposes. So, you don’t have to purchase your jeans outside the purpose you want them to serve.

Likewise, some jeans fit so tightly while others are loose. This is part of the things you must consider before you purchase your jeans. Are you planning to buy boyfriend jeans? Then you had love to know, are boyfriend jeans tight around the thigh?

Boyfriend jeans are slouchy and baggy, so they are not tight around the thigh. Likewise, boyfriend jeans are made not to be tight but can be tight depending on the size or choice of the user. If you’d love those boyfriend jeans to be tighter, depending on your choice, you can also get this done after buying one.

There is more to unravel and unveil whether boyfriend jeans are tight around the thigh or not. This article has gotten you all you need to know.

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How to Choose Boyfriend Jeans That Are Tight Around Thigh

Although, Boyfriend jeans are made to be oversized and to fit loosely around the thigh. The name implies a borrowed big cloth from a partner. They are not meant to be tight but can be tight. The following are a few ways to make a boyfriend’s jeans tight around the thigh;

1. Choose a smaller size

Even though boyfriend jeans should be oversized, they shouldn’t be too baggy so that they fit the person. They should fit loosely at the thigh. Choose the right loose pair of boyfriend jeans to slim you. Choose a smaller pair of boyfriend jeans to make them tight around the thigh.

2. Choose the right length

Pick the right length to ensure the jeans fit and are tight in all areas needed. An abnormal pair of boyfriend jeans can cause imbalance and will not make it tight around the thigh.

3. Choose a boyfriend jeans with a belt

Make sure to get boyfriend jeans with a belt. The belt will be able to compress its bagginess and give more fitting and tighten the waist and the thigh. A boyfriend’s jeans without a belt will be loose boyfriend jeans.

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Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Jeans Tighter Around Thigh

You might have been worried or wondering whether you can make your pair of baggy boyfriend jeans tighter around the thigh or not. The answer is yes, you can. No matter how big and baggy it might be, as long as you want it to be tighter, it will be. There are various ways to make boyfriend jeans tighter around the thigh. Follow the following methods and precautions;

1st Method (Shrinking)

1. Soak boyfriend jeans in hot water

You should wash boyfriend jeans thoroughly in hot water. You can either use a washing machine or by hand. Washing jeans with hot water only applies to jeans without synthetic fibers and preshrunk. Ensure to wash the inside out of the jeans properly.

2. Heat boyfriend jeans

For boyfriend jeans that are hard to tighten, boil them, and put them on fire till the water boils. Ensure to add sufficient water to the pot before boiling. After boiling, simmer it for some period.

3. Dry it

Put boyfriend jeans inside a dryer to aid in quick drying out of water. Dry the boyfriend jean for a long period and use air drying if it is made of synthetic fibers or preshrunk.

4. Wear it

After drying it properly, wear your pair of boyfriend jeans to check the level of tightness. It should be at least a little bit tighter or fully tighter. Walk in it and make sure they are okay.

This method might not be perfectly okay for synthetic fiber and preshrunk jeans as they will become original after some wear. This method doesn’t last, and you must not repeat the process constantly.

2nd Method (Sewing)

1. Try boyfriend jeans on

Wear boyfriend jeans to locate everywhere it needs to be adjusted. Check thoroughly both inside and outside of the jeans. Take note of every area, and stay in front of a mirror to aid in easy spotting.

2. Mark the areas out

Mark the areas to adjust out either by pinning them together or mark by using a pencil or chalk. Pinch off all excess fabrics at the thigh to make it tighter. Repeat the process of marking out thoroughly until you are satisfied.

3. Sew it

Set up your sewing machine and then sew the marked or pinned areas. In the case of pins, adequate care must be taken so as not to place the sewing machine on the pins. Use thread that rhyme with the boyfriend jean. Secure each of your sewings well by double stitching.

4. Wear it

Ensure to remove all pins, then wear them. Put the boyfriend jean on to ensure proper tightening of the thigh. Walk, jump and perform many activities on it to check the fittings. If properly fitted, cut off the excesses with scissors.

Of all our methods, sewing is the only permanent method that can be applied to tighten the thigh properly.

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3rd Method (Ironing)

1. Turn boyfriend jeans inside out

Spread boyfriend jeans inside out on a flat or smooth surface. If possible, on an ironing board to make the ironing easy.

2. Change the settings

You must change the iron settings to tighten the thigh. Please turn the iron to the highest heat setting and place it at the thigh area on the jean. Iron it inside and outside with the back. Iron it often, and continue the process until the thigh is heated and steamed. Make sure you iron it well.

3. Wear it

After proper ironing, allow it to cool down, and then try it on to check the tightness around the thigh. It will have become tighter than before.

4th Method (Hot Shower)

1. Put on boyfriend jeans outfit

Wear your boyfriend jeans and an outfit that can accept water and easily get wet. As this will help in compressing the thigh to a tighter one.

2. Change your settings

You must change the shower’s settings to the hottest setting your body can bear, even a comfortable one.

3. Shower

Wear your jeans under the shower for at least 5 minutes as they shrink to your body shape. As long as you feel comfortable, remain under the shower, but if you are not, you can get off and stand a little more in the shower.

4. Dry it

Use a towel to dry the water off. Remember to dry all the moisture left in your body. Please wait till the boyfriend jean is dry before taking them off your body.

Although this process might seem longer and more time-consuming than other methods, it is also advantageous as it tightens your thigh and adheres to the shape and size of your body which is the best for you.


So, are boyfriend jeans tight around thigh? No, boyfriend jeans are not created to be tight around the thigh. They are made to fit loosely and not tightly, but they can tightly fit if you prefer that they fit tight on you. The Choice is always yours to make every time. However, boyfriend jeans are comfortable and the best jeans to put on. If you’d prefer that your jeans be tight after purchasing a loosely fit one, follow the guide above to get the best for yourself.

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