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Avoid Hair Loss and Hair Thinning: Best VS Wrong Practices Resulting in Hair Loss or Hair Growth

Scrolling down your Instagram feed, you see how most of the celebrities, influencers, or even just your friends are flaunting at their hair. You notice their picture-perfect hair & then you notice yours… They’re falling out, dry & basically look lifeless. We get you because we’ve been there too. You get to thinking maybe you need a set hair routine or you’re just stuck with bad genes? Well, even if you did get stuck with the unfortunate inheritance, you can still get long & lush hair with a few added steps in your routine.

The main focus of this article is going to hair loss. Our worst nightmare! So if you’re dealing with thinning hair or shedding hair, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about ways to deal with it, prevent it as well as stop it.

On average How Many Hairs Woman Loss on a Daily Basis?

So let’s start from the beginning. Why is your hair shedding in the first place? Before you freak out, according to researchers, the average woman loses about a hundred strands a day. So if you feel like you’re losing more than that, then there could be several reasons why that’s happening. It could be related to age, hormonal levels, if you’ve recently given birth & are dealing with postpartum hair loss, your diet & overall health, & a major reason – stress! Another reason could also be a bad hair routine & you’re maybe not using the healthiest habits on your hair.

How long post-pregnancy hair loss lasts?

Obviously, in case it’s post-pregnancy-related, then that type of hair shedding usually lasts for about six months. If it’s past six months, then you may want to speak to your doctor for further guidance. Even if you’re going through hormonal changes, then that too is just a phase which for the most part, goes away on its own.

How to Recover from Hair Shedding or Hair Thinning?

Now, let’s talk about some easy fixes to prevent hair shedding & thinning hair as well as dealing with it. Beginning with the basics, you want to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy & balanced diet which is also friendly to your hair. So that means adding lots of vitamins & protein to your current diet. A few major essential vitamins you’d like to focus on are zinc, iron & B12. You’re stocking your fridge with fish, leafy greens, nuts & fruits. Adding a balanced number of these to your diet will have you good to go. Animal proteins carry a lot of B12 & iron so, if you’re a vegetarian, you should make sure you’re getting those nutrients from other sources.

Aside from a balanced diet, make sure that you’re always hydrated. Throughout your busy day, it’s predictable that you may forget to drink water. An exciting way to remember your dose of regular water is that you could add some fruit or cucumbers to your water to make it fun. Whatever your workspace is, keep that bottle in your eyesight so, you keep sipping on it. Moreover, you could make use of your phone differently. Set reminders on it or download apps that can help keep track of your water intake. Staying hydrated is essential for you to maintain healthy, long & thick hair.

Moving on to stress… The majority of us deal with it. Plus, it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a typical cause of most of the problems we face. A simple way to deal with stress is that you want to make sure you spend some time on yourself & give yourself the time you need to relax, walking, exercising, reading, & meditate. There’s a lot more you can do than that. You can do anything that helps you ease your brain like binge-watching that show you’ve been meaning to watch. Or just take a relaxing bath with scented candles or even fun bath bombs.

Can Scalp Massage help in Hair Growth?

A great thing that you can do to help stimulate more hair growth is to give yourself a nice scalp massage. Regularly massaging your head with gentle pressure from your fingertips in a circular motion is going to get your blood circulating & draw some blood flow to your head. You can elevate this by adding a little bit of castor oil. Castor oil is known to stimulate hair growth & keep it healthy as well as soft. Additionally, it also adds volume to your hair. If not castor oil then, you can add coconut oil, lavender oil, cypress, or carrot seed oil. All of these are popular for adding nourishment to your hair. If you decide to give yourself a scalp massage daily or every other night, then the regenerative ingredients of these oils will help in all aspects of the problems you’re encountering with your hair.

Can Overbrushing results in Hair loss?

Now, this is something a lot of us make a mistake with – brushing your hair the right way. Apart from in the shower, after brushing your hair is perhaps where you notice that a lot of it came out. So you want to make sure that you’re not over-brushing. Because over-brushing causes a lot of friction & pulling. This is why it’s important to keep the brushing as minimal as possible. Moreover, when you’re brushing, you want to be using the right type of brush. Opting for a wide-tooth comb is better because it’s a lot gentler on your hair. A vital tip for you to follow in the future is that after taking a shower, do not instantly brush your hair. Let your hair air dry a little first, then brush. Because when your hair is wet, the roots become weaker. Which is why it’s highly likely that your hair breaks the most while brushing right after showering. You can also brush your hair before taking a shower. This will also aid in minimizing the hair fall during showering & afterward you can just let it air dry. Another way to avoid breakage is to start brushing from the bottom then moving upwards. This will help detangle it better & you won’t need to harshly pull at it.

When is the ideal time to take a shower to avoid hair loss?

The time of day that you shower can also affect the amount of hair you’re losing each day. It’s better to shower in the morning than at night because sleeping with damp hair can be damaging. The friction between your pillow & hair can again allow more breakage than usual.

Can hot water shower damage hair roots?

If you love taking long hot showers, then we’ve got bad news for you! That’s a big no-no for the health of your hair. Because hot water & the steam that gathers in your shower is dehydrating for your hair roots. The dehydration causes brittle strands that will break with the slightest pull & again… more hair fall. To avoid this, try washing your hair with medium heat. If you use a conditioner, it’s best if your turn your water cold because that helps gently strengthen your roots & adds shine to your hair. In general, scientific studies suggest that showering from cold water is much more beneficial than showering from hot water.

Which Towel is Best to use to avoid hair loss while drying wet hair?

While drying your hair, you need to take extra precautions because remember how we said your hair is vulnerable when wet? Using the correct towel will take you a long way when drying your hair, such as a microfiber towel or even an old t-shirt. Regular towels cause friction & they tangle your hair up even more, which automatically makes it harder to brush. Another thing you must never forget is to pat & squeeze your hair dry. You do not want to be aggressively towel drying it!

Can ponytails or a bun result in hair loss?

If you’re someone who aggressively pulls their hair into a ponytail or a bun, then you must stop. Avoiding tight hairstyles will help with preventing hair fall as well. Opt for a low, looser one & you’ll be thanking us! The same goes for the type of hair accessories you use that’ll be harsh on your hair, such as rubber hair bands or bobby pins. Go for a fabric scrunchie instead. You also never want to sleep with your hair tightly tied in a pony, or a bun because that doesn’t allow your hair to breathe or even relax. So you have to make sure that you sleep with your hair down or just in a loose braid.

How to avoid hair thinning?

A great little trick to avoid hair thinning is that whenever you’re experiencing more shedding at some points in your life, then switch up your hair partings more often. So if you’ve got a middle part, switch it every couple of weeks to side parts & vice versa. Similar to the way that tight ponytails are pulling on your hair, constantly brushing, pulling, styling & drying your hair in the exact same spot can make your hair get tired & you can experience more thinning in certain areas. Your hair shafts will be thinner & your hair will look weaker. It’s pretty simple to avoid that by just changing your partings every now & then!

How to dry your wet hair using an electric hairdryer?

In case you’re someone who blows dries their hair every day, then you must use it only on your strands & not on your roots because that’s where your hair is thinning. You must also not hold the heat at one spot for too long & just quickly drying it from a safe distance. We also always forget the little button on every blow-dryer that allows us to use cold dry our hair. Drying your hair using that will eliminate the heat damage, & will also give your hair in place if you have naturally wavy or curly strands. You may buy one of SheBegan’s recommended hair dryers for the best results.

Bottom Line

We all go through different ups & downs with our hair, but you know you can always control these factors. If you can add just a couple of these tips mentioned above in your everyday habits, you’ll see a huge difference for sure! Not only will these tips prevent & stop hair fall, but they will also encourage healthier hair growth.

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