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Bath Bombs – An Essential Guide – Best Bath Bomb Gift Pack Ideas

Everything you must know about Bath Bombs

You’ve had a long, tiring day & you’re crazy looking forward to crashing your bed. Except that, when you reach home, change & get in bed… you can’t seem to sleep. You’re frustrated with all the tossing & turning. So here’s an idea. Take a soothing, scented & fun bath with a fizzy bath bomb! 

In case you’ve never tried one before & you want to feel calmed & relaxed then bath bombs are a MUST try. They’ll give you a change from the simple non-exciting water baths and turn it into a dazzling & vibrant spa  – experience. Bath bombs are not only for your skin but for your mind as well. Think of them as a minimum input self-care treatment. We have a separate article on the Bath bomb for kids that you might be interested in.

What are bath bombs?

These bombs, being the size of your palm, are a harmless mixture of fizzy ingredients, salts, colors, oils & some twists like rose petals, rings, or glitter. When you drop one in your tub, the sodium bicarbonate in the bombs reacts to release carbon dioxide gas with the citric acid. 

As you put a bomb in your bathtub, it will start to break apart while releasing the colorants, fragrances & skin-conditioning ingredients such as salt & essential oils. The amalgamation will form a psychedelic mixture of colors & scents. 

How long can one sit in a bath bomb? 

The duration of time you spend in your tub can vary from person to person. Baths are usually known for enjoying time to yourself while you catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to finish or just giving time to your thoughts. However, if you want to avoid wrinkly skin that forms after staying in the water for too long then 20 to 40 minutes in the bath bomb is better. 

Do you have to shower after sitting in a bath bomb? 

Nope. You don’t need to do that because bath bombs don’t usually stain your skin. However, if it has stained your skin with color, glitter, or a strong scent then you can take a shower to get it off. If you experience any irritation on your skin, it is best if you rinse it off with a shower as well. 

Can you wash your hair with a bath bomb? 

Like we mentioned, bath bombs are usually made of natural & mild additives. So washing your hair with a bath bomb will not damage it. You might just retain the bath bomb odor the whole day.

Are bath bombs harmful? 

As most bath bombs are made out of natural ingredients, the level of harmfulness is moderately low. However, dependent upon your skin type & the product you go for, it is possible for irritation to occur on your skin. This is why it is necessary for you to research the product you use in order to avoid any reactions to your skin. 

In case you get the product in your eyes, irritation may occur. The same goes for ingestion. If you’ve swallowed it by mistake it can cause nausea, vomiting & diarrhea. If you experience an allergic reaction, go see a doctor as soon as possible!  

Which Bath Bomb you should Buy? 

Because bath bombs come in gift sets too, they make great presents for your mothers, sisters, girlfriends or best friends! Moreover, if you’re looking to buy one for yourself to try for the first time, we’ve brought together a list for you to pick from: 

#1 Luxury Organic Bath Bombs

Now, who doesn’t love a luxury? & a refreshing scent in a tub sounds fascinating. This attractive-colored bath bomb will fill the aroma with the scent of rosewood, bergamot & Ylang Ylang. The colors will brighten your mood & calm you with its warm, floral & citrusy scent. Here’s a plus point… It won’t stain your tub so don’t worry about scrubbing afterward!

#2 Pure Scentum Bath Bombs

This relaxing coconut oil & Shea butter mixture comes in a set of six. Its natural ingredients soften, nourish & soothe your skin. Due to it being skin-friendly, it aids in moisturizing & getting rid of toxins. 

#3 Dr. SPA Bath Bomb

Using pure essential oils & Kaolin clay, this bath bomb puts you in a euphoric state. It not only moisturizes your skin but it revitalizes your skin, soothes your muscles & aches as well. Furthermore, it is handmade, vegan, free of cruelty, gluten & paraben. We didn’t even get to the best part! If you like surprises, then be prepared for what’s inside. 

#4 SPApure Bath Bomb

These six handmade bombs made out of Kasher sea salt, Shea butter & coconut oil come with soothing fragrances to give you a spa-like experience at home. Some good qualities of these bath bombs are that they’re organic, vegan & free of gluten. 

#5 Lifearound2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

This cute gift set is perfect for birthdays, bridal showers & mother’s day. Once you drop them in your tub, you’ll be surprised by little flower petals & even pearls! Moreover, these bombs hydrate your skin & leave it moisturized afterward. 

#6 Natural SPA Bath Bombs

If you’re completely new to bath bombs, you’ve got to start with this one! Its lavender scent is so relaxing that every ounce of stress will flow out of your body & mind. Once it’s in your tub, a twilight hue of purple & indigo will form while scattering shimmery stars that will soothe & soften your skin. 

#7 Ouai Chill Pills

While using this bath bomb, imagine you’re in a garden full of jasmines & roses because that’s the scent that will fill your nostrils. This tablet form bomb is made out of jojoba oil, safflower & hemp seed oil which allow your mind & body to be relaxed, nourished & cleansed. 

#8 Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

This vanilla scented bath bomb is specifically made for people with dry skin. Its chunks of creamy cocoa butter will rehydrate your skin to the point you won’t have to worry about forgetting to put the lotion on. 

#9 Vagisil Bath Bombs

Is literally an antibacterial bath bomb & we’re sensing your fear of staining your bathtub; it won’t! This vegan, lavender and white jasmine smelling bath bomb will drain without any problems. Furthermore, it’s an affordable softener & moisturizer for your skin. 

#10 HanZa Bath Bomb Gift Set

Don’t know the skin type of the person you’re gifting it to? That’s completely okay. This set of eight is an organic & handmade spa treatment at home for sensitive skin types. Due to its natural quality, it’s safe for the use of any skin type. The natural clay coloring moisturizes without causing any irritation to the skin. Additionally, it can improve several skin conditions such as itchiness, dryness, wrinkles & blemishes.

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