Becoming a Chiropractor: List of Chiropractor Schools, Fees, Programs, and Salary

How to become a Chiropractor?

Many people around us are suffering from neck and back pain issues due to their hectic daily routines. And to better deal with this body pain, looking for some natural health treatments is the best option. If you want to get the best services of natural body treatments, getting in touch with a professional chiropractic healer should be your first choice.

Currently, becoming a chiropractor is in high demand due to serving people in body pain. Right through this guide, we will help you to know the basics of how to become a chiropractor and what future job opportunities you can avail yourself of from this program.

Chiropractor Definition:

Chiropractors are medical professionals involved in treating patients suffering from skeletal and muscular problems. It is necessary to obtain a degree in Chiropractic (D.C.) doctor degree and to hold a state license to practice as a chiropractor legally. You can even call them therapists. Their primary focus is to heal those people who are affected by neck and back pain issues.

Plus, they even manipulate and adjust the patient’s spine to relieve severe pain or other ailments. For successful treatment and to acquire better results, a chiropractor also uses different acupuncture and massage therapy methods.

How much a Chiropractic Doctor Earns?

As you step into the profession of being a chiropractor, the first thing that hits your mind is the salary or monthly earning of a therapist. According to BLS 20218 report, previously, a median annual wage of a chiropractor was $71,410, but now a chiropractor can earn around $149,170.

A physician while sitting in an office can earn around $86,100, whereas a chiropractor can earn approximately $70,260. This earning will be based on a chiropractor’s experience, hours worked, and location of occupation.

List of Best Schools Offering Chiropractor Programs

Below we have the list of the best educational centers offering excellent educational services in the chiropractor field. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • College of Health Care Professions

This college is a private non-profit educational center of allied health professions. Its headquarter is in Houston, Texas, with multiple campuses in other countries. A few of their online programs are health informatics, health care management, medical assistant, medical coding, medical administrative services, medical office specialists, and billing. Their tuition fee is $22,400.

  • Texas Chiropractic Foundation College Inc.

Texas Chiropractic College is a well-known private and non-profit chiropractic college located in Pasadena, Texas. Their tuition fee is around $10,815.

  • Southern California University of Health Sciences

This educational school is located in Whittier, California. They offer graduate and under-graduate degrees in the field of health care professions. Plus, their tuition fee is $9,012.

  • Parker University

Parker University works as a private center located in Dallas, Texas. This educational center is just focusing on providing healthcare degrees. Their tuition fee is $15,276.

  • Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic

This institution is a famous private graduate college where they offer degrees in health sciences. It is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Plus, they also provide a degree in the field of doctor of chiropractic. Their tuition fee is around $31,996.

  • Herzing University

The headquarter of this institute is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Apart from healthcare professionals, this university also offers degree programs in business, technology, and nursing. Their tuition fee is $4,800 per year.

Approximate Fees of becoming a Chiropractic Therapist:

In the United States, all the chiropractor schools offer degree programs that are of 4 years. And the approximate tuition cost of these four years is around $120,000. The extra cost of personal living expenses, room, and transportation is also involved.

Steps to Become a Chiropractic Doctor

  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree

To become a chiropractor, a student must have an undergraduate degree based on 90 credit hours. But some of the states do not demand a bachelor’s degree to become a chiropractor. You need to check the state board to start practicing.

Major subjects which are part of this program are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. You can also take some additional courses such as interpersonal relations, communication, and sociology.

  • Take Admission in a Reputable Chiropractic College

All the intending chiropractors should earn the degree Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) from the accredited chiropractic school. There are just a few schools in the US that are offering degree programs of 4 years.

Students will involve themselves in lab work and course studies of different subjects. This includes anatomy and chemistry, as well as chiropractic philosophy or diagnosis. Few other specific courses are also taught to understand the basics and techniques of chiropractic. This can be spinal biomechanics, instrument-assisted systems, chiropractic biophysics, and extremity adjustment techniques.

Besides, a student must involve themselves in an internship program to enhance their skills.

  • Apply for a Chiropractitioner license

Every state has a requirement, once chiropractors have finished their degree; they have to pass through the certification exam. This is just the roadmap to start their career as a chiropractor.

  • Select your Area of Chiropractor Specialty

Some of the chiropractors specialize in pediatrics, while a few choose their specialization in sports injuries. Few of the chiropractors even mix neuropathy with chiropractic procedures to learn the basics of healing the nervous system or back pain problems. Plus, a professional chiropractic therapist focuses on community outreach programs, which do not involve any surgery or use of the drug.

To attain an annual license, chiropractors have to involve themselves in attending workshops and seminars related to their field. They should take some extra coursework classes to enhance their knowledge about chiropractic medicine. Some of the chiropractors also study naturopathy or massage to make it part of their practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Chiropractor Niche

  1. Can you get a chiropractor degree online?

No, you cannot! For all the Doctor of Chiropractor (D.C.) programs under the accreditation and basic licensing requirements, you cannot get this degree online. It is essential to attend classes in person.

  1. What GPA do you need to apply to a medical school?

Well, to apply to a medical school, a student should have a GPA of at least 3.0 in the subjects of humanities or medical sciences.

  1. Can you call a chiropractor a medical doctor?

No, they are not! A chiropractor is not a licensed medical doctor. They do not hold any medical degree.


Well, we hope that through this guide, you must have acquired enough information related to the fieldwork and education of chiropractors. It is no doubt; the profession of being a chiropractor therapist is in high demand. It opens up massive doorways for you to build a powerful career in this field.

You need to stay focused and passionate about gaining enough knowledge of this medical field. Learn as much as you can and explore more to be on the reputable status.

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