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Best Blood Pressure (BP) Watches of 2020-2021: Comparison, Best Sellers and Reviews

The loss of health is irretrievable. Such damage cannot be retrieved by either wealth, fame, or any other power or authority. It is today that you have to set your fitness goal. High blood pressure can cause stroke, heart attack, dementia, or kidney diseases. You need to start by measuring your blood pressure on a regular basis. It is not possible to visit a doctor every time when you feel your blood pressure is rising or to carry the B.P apparatus along with you wherever you go. These smart and convenient blood pressure watches are an accessible solution for all these problems. They come in different materials and with different features. All you have to do is to simply wear the watch and place it correctly on your wrist, then it will correctly do its job.

Benefits of Blood pressure watches:


    • The blood pressure watches have made it facile and effortless to measure BP in any context or setting.
    • The watches are portable and convenient so you will never miss a reading
    • By checking your BP several times a day, you can know how your lifestyle is effecting your heart rate. Resultantly, it helps you to monitor your overall health.
    • it is highly recommended to stroke patients to measure their blood pressure regularly at home as high blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke. These handy watches have made it super easy for patients to have a stroke.
    • These are some habits which cause blood pressure: Smoking, eating too much salt, Stress, Inactivity, or immobility; If you have any of these habits or signs, BP tracking is particularly useful
    • Blood pressure data along with calories burnt can help you adjust your diet routine

Features of blood pressure watches:

In addition to the measurement of blood pressure, different watches have unique features. Some of them are:

    • Some blood pressure watches have sleep monitors and water and sleep reminders.
    • It can calculate your steps, active minutes, and sleep.
    • It can map your route and record stats like pace and distance
    • Some watches also feature sleep quality assessment.
    • It can calculate the calories burned after a workout or exercise
    • It can draw a correlation between your behavior and heart health.
    • Some watches can calculate blood oxygen content in addition to the heart rate
    • A built-in GPS system can help you trackways
    • Generally, these watches have a reasonably good battery time and can be charged accordingly
    • These watches feature the general phone features as well such as call or messages notifications and alarms.

Working Mechanism of BP Watches:

The watch uses two sensors to measure your blood pressure:

    1. Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor
    2. Optical Heart Rate (PPG) sensor

With these two sensors, the pulse transit time (time taken for a pulse to travel from the heart to the wrist) is calculated. The pulse travels faster if blood pressure is high and slower if blood pressure is low.

A PPG is a heart rate sensor that uses a pulse oximeter. This sensor illuminates the skin and measures any change in light absorption. Besides, it also uses ECG readings that work algorithms.

Most blood pressure watches measure BP using a light source and light receiver to analyze the bloodstream. The light monitors your blood pressure by shinning it through your radial artery on the wrist. 

A pump in the valve inflates. To force the pressure on the wrist, stainless steel threads are put so the band can stretch and expand

Best Blood Pressure (BP) Watches in 2020-2021:

There are different types of blood pressure watches depending on the size or compatibility with smartphones. Here is a list of the best blood pressure watches rated from 2020 to 2021:

  • Fitfort Fitness Tracker – $32.85:

It works as a fitness tracker, blood pressure monitors, and heart rate monitor. Some of its features are phenomenal battery life which can last up to 4 days, compatibility with both android and IOS, supports Wifi, Bluetooth and can be paired with other devices.

  • Yamay blood pressure monitor – $37.31:

the watch is loaded with ECG monitors, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking. It has a massive display LED screen so it does not strain your eyes, high capacity battery, waterproof, and large internal storage space.


  • Sikadeer blood pressure monitor – $35.99:


It is a handy blood pressure measuring device that features GPS tracking, 48-hour battery time, a 1.2-inch screen, waterproof, and compatibility with IOS and android.


  • Tagobee blood pressure monitor – $39.99:


Your calories burned, steps and sleep patterns can be stored through this BP monitor. The affordable blood pressure watch has a superior battery and high processing speed. It can be paired with an iPad, tablet, or any other smartphone.


  • Morepro IP68 Blood pressure watch – $45.97:


The device featuring durable 2-day battery time, a large display, massive internal storage, waterproof, and wireless charging has an ECG sensor, heart rate monitor, stress and sleep trackers, and up to 39 workout modes.

  • LAZLE Blood pressure monitor – $49.96:

The operating system is compatible with both android and IOS. The unique feature is a dual-screen design. The innovative display system enhances readability up to 3 times. The screen displays heart rate, time, temperature, etc.

  • Bebinca Fitness Activity Tracker – $49.99:

The device features 5-day long battery time, water resistance, 2.5 GB inbuilt memory, and a vast screen display. It is always on-display for convenient tracking of stats.


  • Morepro ECG Blood pressure monitor – $45.97:


This monitor shows an always-on display of your blood pressure, heart rate, and other health vitals. It is powered by two-day battery life, waterproof up to 50m depth, wireless charging, and supports wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS tracking.


  • Omron 7S Wrist Blood pressure monitor – $70.55:


It measures the blood pressure in as little as 30 seconds. It has a great battery life, a 2.5 GB storage, and water-resistant. It also observes your pattern, quality of sleep, sleep period time, step, distance, and calories burned.

  • Iproven digital blood pressure meter – $34.99:

It is preferable to use it for measuring blood pressure at home. It is compatible with IOS devices. The device supports Bluetooth, wifi, has dual storages, 18-hour battery time, and waterproof. This device allows you to recall the last 60 readings.

Why should I monitor my blood pressure at home after regular intervals?

Anyone with or at risk of BP should monitor their blood pressure at home. Secondly, blood pressure does not have a certain or absolute cause, it can have varying causes. So, it is important for everyone to monitor their blood pressure at regular basis as high blood pressure can have grave effects.

What should be the ideal blood pressure according to age?

Age Set Blood Pressure
18 120/80
19-24 120/90
25-29 121/80
30-35 123/82
36-39 124/83
40-45 125/83
46-49 127/84
50-55 128/85
56-59 131/87
60+ 135/88

How can I accurately measure blood pressure with wrist blood pressure monitors?

Wrist blood pressure monitors are extremely sensitive to body position. To get an accurate reading when taking your blood pressure with a wrist monitor, your arm and wrist must be at heart level. However, the blood pressure measurements taken at the wrist are usually higher and less accurate than those taken at the upper arm.

How do I know if I have high blood pressure?

If your blood pressure is high, you can have headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or poor exercise tolerance. If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately measure your blood pressure.

Can I wear the watch during swimming?

As most of the blood pressure watches are waterproof, so you can use them during swimming or bathing. However, there is a depth limit for some watches which should be considered properly.

What else can I do with my wrist blood pressure watch other than measuring blood pressure?

These blood pressure watches feature blood pressure monitors. In addition to this, It can track your sleep cycle and quality, calories burned, your steps and distance covered, heart rate monitor, and ECG sensors. Furthermore, these devices can be paired with smartphones and other devices and support wifi and GPS tracking along with in-built storage.

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