Moisturizing is important not just for your face but for your body also. It is an essential part of any skincare routine as it rejuvenates dry skin and makes it look smooth and healthy, something all of us want, right?

Applying body butter is the best bet for providing this moisture to make your skin happy and healthy.

Now that you know the best body butter out there, read more details about this amazing skincare product below.

What is Body butter?

Body butter is a moisturizer containing vegetable-based oil like butter, shea butter, or avocado oil. They are generally thick and are best for dry skin.

How to Select the Best Body Butter?

When selecting a body butter for yourself, you must consider a few things. One of these is the scent. Most brands’ body butters come in different scents, so you can choose the one you like. If you dislike scented products, go for unscented body butter. 

Another thing to consider is consistency. If you have dry skin, you can go for thick body butter. Otherwise, choose one that is not too greasy.

Body butter is basically made out of oil and butter. They are generally more moisturizing than body lotions and thicker as well because lotions usually contain oil with water. The body butter also nourishes your skin and makes it glow.

You can apply body butter in the morning before getting ready for the day or at night before bed. However, the best time is after stepping out of the shower.

What Are the Best Body Butters?

There are so many different body butter available that choosing one isn’t easy. But we have taken out all the hard work from choosing one by listing down the best body butter below.

1. Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter $36

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter - Immediate, Lightweight, and Long-Lasting Nourishment to Soften and Hydrate Skin (240ml/8.0oz, Unscented)


This body butter by Josie Maran is lightweight and suitable for all skin types. It has natural ingredients like argan oil and avocado oil to provide the nutrients that your skin needs to become soft and healthy.

Also, it has no harsh chemical ingredients such as parabens, petroleum, sunscreen, or harsh scents. However, the natural scent of this body butter by Josie Maran may be unpleasant.

2. Tree Hut Shea Body Butter with Mango Puree $7.99

Tree Hut 24 Hour Intense Hydrating Shea Body Butter Tropical Mango, 7oz, Hydrating Moisturizer with Pure Shea Butter for Nourishing Essential Body Care


If you want to moisturize your body with natural ingredients, go for this body butter. That’s because it contains 100% natural shea butter to give intense moisture to your skin. Also, the safflower seed oil in it prevents further dryness.

Apart from this, the mango puree in this body butter provides a nice fragrance while nourishing the skin. It does not have parabens and formaldehyde so you can nourish your skin without worrying about harsh chemicals.

3. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter $36

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, 12.9 Ounce (Pack of 1)


The Body Shop Shea body butter is the best body butter for dry skin as it provides intense hydration for up to 48 hours.

It has shea butter which provides intense moisture to your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. This body butter’s rich, creamy texture gives a luxurious feeling without greasiness. The nutty scent of this body butter is also heavenly. 

4. Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Butter $17.43

bliss Body Butter, Lemon + Sage, 6.7 fl. oz.


Made with naturally nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and algae extract, this body butter works for all skin types.

Shea butter moisturizes your skin, while coconut oil and algae extract allow nutrients to get absorbed into your skin.

Plus, your skin won’t get irritated as there are harsh chemicals in the body butter. It also smells divine due to the lemon and sage in it. There are other scents also available in this body butter by bliss.

5. Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter $21.8

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 300Ml


This body butter by Soap & Glory has a soft texture and amazing fragrance that is sure to give you a soothing experience whenever you use it.

It has shea butter and aloe vera in its formula that is designed to lock in moisture so that even the driest skin feels smooth hours after applying it.

The original pink fragrance of Soap & Glory in this body butter will win you over the first time you apply it. However, it might irritate your skin if it is extremely dry, so you must watch out for that.

6. NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Cream $6.37

NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Cream with Deep Nourishing Serum, 15.5 Ounce (Pack of 1) - Packaging May VaryBUY ON AMAZON

NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Cream is a rich cream that can be used all over the body. It’s especially good for dry skin and can also be used on your face.

The formula is designed to help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which makes it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin types.

7. Petal Fresh Honey & Coconut Body Butter $10.76

Petal Fresh Pure Restoring Honey & Coconut Body Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Intense Hydration, For All Skin Types, Natural Essential Oils, Vegetarian and Cruelty Free, 8 oz


Petal Fresh Honey & Coconut Body Butter is a rich, moisturizing lotion that’s made with natural ingredients and formulated to nourish your skin.

It helps protect your skin from dryness, flaking, and irritation while leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

8. Bella & Bear Pineapple Body Butter $4.79

Bella & Bear Pineapple Body Butter, Hydrating Formula - Vegan Travel Size, 3.4oz' (3.4 oz)


Bella & Bear’s Pineapple Body Butter is made with real pineapple extract and smells exactly like fresh pineapple.

It’s not too sweet, but it still has that delightful fruity smell that makes you want to eat the whole jar.

The texture of this body butter is smooth and creamy, and it absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving behind any greasy residue.

9. Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter $16.95

Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter for Body & Face USDA Certified Organic , 100% Raw & Unrefined to Soften, Smooth & Boost Radiance, 16 Oz.


Shea butter is the ultimate moisturizer. It’s rich and creamy and absorbs quickly into the skin — leaving your body feeling smooth and silky.

The best part about shea butter is that it comes from an all-natural source

10. Dove Whipped Body Cream $7.90

Dove Whipped Body Cream Dry Skin Moisturizer Pomegranate and Shea Butter Nourishes Deeply, 10 Oz


The best body butter for dry skin is a thick cream that can moisturize and hydrate for hours.

They’re also often made with natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, so they don’t contain artificial fragrances or other chemicals that irritate sensitive skin.

11. Better Shea Butter Whipped Body Butter $16.45

Better Shea Butter Whipped Body Butter | Peppermint Vanilla | Body Moisturizer for Women | With Raw Shea Butter for Dry and Delicate Skin | Paraben Free, Non-Greasy, No Synthetic Fragrances | 8 oz


Create the perfect hydrated skin regimen with Better Shea Butter Whipped Body Butter. Easily absorbed by the skin, this butter features a whipped texture that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The whipped formula makes your skin feel smoother and hydrated, while anti-aging ingredients help decrease scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

12. Hempz Herbal Body Butter $16.99

Hempz Herbal Body Wash for Women, Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon, 8.5 fl. oz. - Creamy, Hydrating Body Wash with 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamins A & E - Premium Shower and Bath Products


Hempz Herbal Body Wash is a gentle, fragranced body wash for all skin types.

This moisturizing wash is packed with hemp, where the natural benefits of cannabinoids deliver essential nutrition to your skin.

13. WOW Skin Science Shea Body Butter $12.95

WOW Skin Science Shea Body Butter Almond, Pure Shea Butter for Skin, Body Butters Dry Skin Lotion, Stretch Mark Cream, Hand Lotion for Women, Shea Butter Body Butter Moisturizer Oil (200ml) (Rose)


No matter what your skin concerns are, WOW Skin Science’s Shea Body Butter is a phenomenal product to use. It moisturizes, heals, and protects your skin against the elements.

This rich, silky, and ultra-moisturizing body butter comes in various exquisite fragrances. Made with natural and organic ingredients, it’s nature’s answer to dry skin.

14. Glimmer Goddess Organic Whipped Body Butter

GLIMMER GODDESS Organic Whipped Body Butter - Unscented - Body Moisturizer for Women | With Shea Butter for Dry and Delicate Skin 8 oz


Your skin deserves to be pampered, so Glimmer Goddess Organic Whipped Body Butter is the perfect treat for you.

This whipped body butter provides intense moisture and keeps your skin soft and supple all day long.

15. Triple Threat Body Butter

Triple Threat Body Butter 14 oz. - Blend of Shea, Mango & Coconut Oil - 100% Pure Natural Raw Unrefined Moisturizer For Dry Skin, Face And Hair. Great For Lip Balm and Soap Making


Our Triple Threat Body Butter is a rich, creamy blend of nourishing oils and butter that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Formulated with shea and cocoa butter, this body butter melts into your skin and becomes absorbed – leaving your skin feeling comfortable, nourished, and protected.

16. Palmer’s Natural Vitamin E Body Butter $7.96

Palmer's Natural Vitamin E Body Butter, 7.25 Ounce


Designed for sensitive skin, Palmer’s Natural Vitamin E Body Butter is formulated with vitamin E and other essential oils.

It moisturizes and soothes dry skin to help restore the softness and beauty of your arms, legs, and more.

17. Pacifica Body Butter $11.11

Pacifica Body Butter - Watermelon Seed Women Body Butter 4 oz


Pacifica Body Butter is the ideal way to wrap your skin in softness and hydration. These rich body butter use natural ingredients to nourish, soothe and protect your skin.

Each body butter is specially formulated to nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

18. Avani Ultra Rich Body Butter $16.91

Avani Ultra Rich Body Butter - Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea, Jojoba, Sunflower, Olive Essential Oil - Natural Exfoliating & Moisturizing Butter for All Skin Types - Milk/Honey Fragrance


Avani’s Ultra Rich Body Butter is formulated with superior, naturally derived ingredients to nourish your skin.

This luxurious body butter is sweet almond oil-based and includes a unique blend of cocoa butter and shea butter to soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin.

19. Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter for Body & Face $16.95

Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter for Body & Face USDA Certified Organic , 100% Raw & Unrefined to Soften, Smooth & Boost Radiance, 16 Oz.


Nourish and moisturize your skin with our exclusive Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter.

The super-concentrated formula means you only need to use a small amount, making it easy to make this multipurpose shea butter a part of your daily routine.

20. Soaplicity All-Natural Body Butter $16.99

All-Natural Body Butter Moisturizing Butter for Whole Body | Concentrated Body Butter Just Add Water | Softer, Smoother Hydrating Dry Skin Lasts Up To 9 Months 7 oz (Lavender Kiss)


Soaplicity Nourishing Body Butter is specially formulated to lock in moisture, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Not only does it nourish, but it leaves your skin smelling so fresh and clean.

SoapLicity body butter is made with 100% all-natural ingredients, including shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and beeswax.

How to Use Body Butters?

There are no set rules for applying body butter, but the best way is to use them after a shower. That way, the product gets absorbed easily into your skin.

Just take a generous amount and rub it gently on your hands, feet, elbows, knees, legs, and arms.

Use more of the product on dry skin patches but don’t use it a lot, as it can make your skin greasy. After applying, just wait for the product to get absorbed into your skin and continue your skincare routine. 

Is Body Butter Good for the Face?

Body butter can be used on the face as well as your body. It will help keep your skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. It also helps reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Body butter for the face should be light in texture and have a creamy consistency that absorbs well into the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind.

Some people find that they need to use more than one application daily to keep their skin moisturized.

If you want to try using body butter on your face, look for one that contains shea butter or cocoa butter as its main ingredient.

Shea butter is known for being great at hydrating dry skin, while cocoa butter helps to replenish moisture while reducing inflammation in damaged skin areas such as contact dermatitis or eczema flare-ups.

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