As women age, we begin to experience a loss of elasticity in our skin. The female hormone, estrogen, stimulates healthy & elastic skin. However, throughout our 40s, 50s & beyond, our body produces less estrogen. 

Therefore, we start observing that our skin has become loose, dry, dull & thin. But thanks to the breakthrough in cosmetic science, they’ve figured out ways to tighten our skin with effective creams & gels! 

Body firming creams work to prevent you from having loose, wrinkly, or droopy skin. These creams also work to improve stretch marks as well as the occurrence of cellulite. Good creams feature caffeine & natural plant extracts which are verified to soothe & resolve problems with moisture preservation. 

Loosening of your skin & cellulite formation on your skin is triggered due to multiple reasons. The major cause is age. However, other sources can be weight loss, pregnancy, menopause, smoking, drinking alcohol & side effects of certain medications. 

As high quality firming creams are made from active ingredients, they result in maintaining & refining your skin. These creams also incorporate retinol to eradicate dead or dry skin cells, humectants to provide moisture to the outer layer of your skin & antioxidants to aid in slowing cell impairment that provokes the process of aging of your skin.

Now to age gracefully, you’ll see that choosing the right cream is crucial to reap the benefits of healthy & radiant-looking skin. 

List of Best Body Firming Creams

We’re guessing that you’ve recently discovered the existence of body firming creams & because there are a lot of products in the market we’d like to help you with choosing one that’s best for you. Following is a shortlist of all the firming creams that have been given good feedback & are of high quality. Without further ado, let’s dig into it!

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#1 Brazilian Bum Bum

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This fun named & award-winning cream comes with a formula that absorbs quickly into your skin. While it’s for tightening your droopy skin with caffeine-rich guarana, it also comes with a bonus of smoothening it. Furthermore, if you’re a victim of dry, dull, elastic & uneven skin this is your go-to product. It is free of cruelty & safe for all skin types. 

#2 Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion

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Developed with Shea butter & natural oils of olive & macadamia, this firmer not only hydrates but revitalizes your wrinkly skin. Coming in a formula without grease, it softens & soothes your skin helping to refill & maintain your skin’s natural moisture. Massage in circular motion wherever needed to let the antioxidants protect your skin from the polluted atmosphere as well.

#3 Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

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Infused with quince leaf extract, this formula is for you if you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin. This gel-like cream is fast-absorbing & helps reduce the appearance of cellulitis, saggy, or wrinkly skin. Within 3 to 4 weeks of regular use, you’ll witness visible firmness & lift in your skin. It’s clinically proven as a trial on 84 women was conducted who used it consistently. 80% of women gave positive feedback. 

#4 Juice Beauty Green Apple Firming Body Moisturizer

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This firmer being vegan & cruelty-free is formulated with organic ingredients. Consisting of rich jojoba, Shea butter, aloe vera, nutrient-rich fatty acids with brightening malic acid, vitamin C & peptides aid in tightening any part of your body. Plus, it’s for all skin types! 

#5 Aveeno Positively Ageless Anti-Aging Firming Body Lotion

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If you’re looking for quick results then trying this lotion will get you visibly firm skin in about 2 weeks. This anti-aging lotion is infused with shitake mushroom complex & wheat protein that ameliorates your skin’s texture & elasticity. It’s a clinically proven solution to secure moisture in your skin to provide a soft & smooth after look. A go-to non-greasy & lightweight formula for you to age gracefully! 

#6 Strivectin tightening Body Cream

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Full of vigorous peptides as well as lifting & brightening forces, this cream evidently tightens your skin. It’s clinically proven formula improves the loose skin you’re tired of. The lightweight nature of this cream will reinstate elasticity & pliability to thin, wrinkly skin providing a more even skin tone. Furthermore, it includes jojoba seed oil which firms & tones the skin, butter blend that injects the moisture your skin requires & antioxidant properties that aids to provide an even tone.

#7 Nivea Q10 Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion

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Nivea’s lightweight lotion is augmented with Q10 & Shea butter that supplies intense moisture to your skin. It leaves your skin feeling softer & smoother. Most importantly, this firming formula improves your skin’s elasticity in around 2 to 3 weeks. Apply religiously twice a day to show off your perfectly tight skin. 

#8 Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream

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Comprising bocoa extracts, lemon thyme & Shea butter, this rich cream helps recuperate the firmness in your skin. Its formula is specifically for age control. The properties in this cream not only firm but replenish your skin & enhance the elasticity to give you a more defined body. Additionally, it aids in smoothening lines & uneven tones of your skin. 

#9 Jergens Skin Firming Toning Body Moisturizer

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Properties in this formula work to tighten & hydrate dry skin types that are vulnerable to cellulite. With an exclusive brightening hydralucence mixture, collagen & elastin, it lessens dryness & reloads moisture in your skin to improve your tone, texture & radiance. It’s dermatologically tested for visibly tighter skin.  

#10 Honeydew Coconut Cellulite Cream with Caffeine

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If you’re suffering from wrinkly skin on your face or body then you must get your hands on this one! Made for all skin types, this cream reduces the appearance of cellulitis & wrinkly skin. It uses natural ingredients such as Shea butter, jojoba, sunflower, argan & coconut to provide utmost moisture, nourishment & hydration. Additionally, the antioxidants in this target other issues like stretch marks, wrinkles, razor bumps & sagging. It works to tone your skin as well & is fragrance-free!

Final take on Body Firming Creams Test

While all the products mentioned are dermatologically tested & safe to try, however, there’s still a slim chance of irritation & allergic reactions. In that case, thoroughly rinse it off & quit using it. It is deemed best to consult your dermatologist so they can prescribe you a cream that’s suitable for your skin. With that, you can also check out my other test on best cellulite creams that will help remove stretch marks from the body caused by weight loss.

Most importantly, we encourage you towards a healthy intake of food as well as exercise. Because taking care of your internal health is as important as taking care of your external health.

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