Best Christmas Lights of 2021-2022 for Home & Christmas Tree Lighting Solution

Lights for Christmas 2021 Decorations

It is exciting to carry the decoration boxes out of the attic every year to start preparing for Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree and the house is a bonding time for every family. People either buy pre-built, decorated, and lighted Christmas trees, or build DIY Christmas Trees on Stands. The most important of them all is lights that are the essential decorations of the holidays for Christmas trees or for indoor decorations. The lights add warmth to the whole cold winter holiday spirits and vibe. They appear to be welcoming when spread out on the porch and around the house.

However, once you go through the boxes you might notice how a few of the essential festive lights do not glow up and are burned out. If they fail to pop up, the wires are so tangled that it is impossible to untangle and separate them. This is a very common frustration, all celebrating individuals deal with, before Christmas.

Top 5 Lights for Indoor & Christmas Tree Lighting Solution

Whether you are finding new festive lights for outdoor decorations or indoors or for your DIY Christmas tree, below are the top five Christmas lights that will lessen your holidays’ problems and your lights issues:

#1 Quwin White Christmas String Lights – Upto US$68

Quwin string lights are the perfect addition to your outdoor decorative lights. These lights are available in a 115 feet string with 300 LEDs or 1000 LEDs. The LEDs are available in three colors: cool white, warm white, and multicolored. The entire string is Ul certified which means all the components are built concerning the safety standards. It has eight different light modes which can be changed with the help of the button on the adapter and has an intelligent memory function. The 24V output requirement ensures additional safety, especially for kids.  

If you plan to cover a larger area like your house or backyard then you can connect up to three strands end to end. Since these led string lights are for the outdoors, they are highly waterproof and their tough construction makes them sturdy enough to overcome extreme weather conditions, overheating, and breakage.

#2 Brizled Christmas Lights – US$23

Brizled Christmas lights are an excellent pick for indoor festive lights and Christmas tree lights as the strand is green-colored. Brizled lights are manufactured in two color options: cool white and multicolor or warm white and multicolor. A single light string is 65.6 feet long with 200 LEDs. Moreover, if you need to spread the lights around your spacious lounge then you can easily connect up to three sets of lights which add to 197 feet with a total of 600 LEDs.

The remote control allows you to switch between 11 lighting modes, color-changing, 4 levels of brightness, timer, and on/off to create a desired suitable environment. In addition, the remote has a wireless range up to 26.25 feet which adds to the convenience. Furthermore, these lights have a 24V UL certified power adapter that ensures low power consumption and does not overheat the light string.

#3 Bright Tunes String Lights – US$22

Christmas is incomplete without the holiday songs. The bright tunes lights offer you songs and festive lights to brighten your holidays! These 26 feet long unique string lights have 80 warm white LEDs, four Bluetooth speakers, and a Bluetooth module. Bright tunes connect up to five strands or even to your existing Christmas lights indoors. The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of 33 feet and requires no app for connection.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth and app are compatible with all devices. However, the sounds from the speaker do crack up if you play audio at a high volume and the sound emitted out of the speakers is not of the best quality. However, if you attach two or three bright tunes string lights together then the quality of the audio increases abruptly. These lights are waterproof, have a UL-approved plug, and are MET certified for safety.

#4 Twinkly Smart String Lights – US$196

Twinkly Smart lights are multicolored lights on a string with 250 LEDs. The multicolor ranges within 16 million colors because of the custom color-changing feature. The twinkly app, which is suitable for both IOS and Android lets you create custom light colors and allows you to easily control the lights in your house. Moreover, you can easily and quickly connect the lights to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Through the connections and app, you can create edit and play effects according to your wishes.

Twinkly smart string lights have taken festive lights to a whole new level. They have 1P44 protection which means they withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions and can also be used indoors. In addition, the smart lights sync with the music as they are IOT ready and have music sensors embedded in them. The music sensors are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

#5 SANJICHA String Lights – Upto US$39

SANJICHA String lights are your average indoors and outdoors festive lights. They are 66 feet long with 200 LEDs available in four color options: warm white, blue, cool white, and multicolor. These lights are the upgraded version with a safer UL plug-in and bright lights. SANJICHA lights are waterproof which makes them safe for decorating your outdoors like the roof, porch, front yard, and even back yard. It has eight lighting modes which can be adjusted by pressing the round button on the adapter.

The lighting modes fit different occasions. Moreover, the 29V low voltage plug adds to safety. One major downside is that you can not connect the string lights to other lights as it has no end-to-end connection. This means that you will have to buy multiple lights before you can fully cover a large area of your choice. The string lights do not last long enough but do save power because of their low voltage.

In conclusion

Although there may be some time for 25th December 2021 to approach, preparing for it a week or two earlier brightens everyone’s mood and keeps them in good vibes for the rest of the remaining days. Vibrant Christmas lights lift everyone’s frowns as well. Having long-lasting and sturdy strings of the best Christmas lights is essential during holidays. The best Christmas lights are the ones that are the closest to your requirements.

I hope my guide of the best Christmas lights helped you pick the most suitable festive lights for your holidays!

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