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Best Curling Irons for Creating Instagram-Worthy Curls: List of Most Popular Curling Irons in 2021

If you aren’t blessed with gorgeous waves or curls naturally, you need a curling iron among your hair care tools. A good quality curling iron will help you in getting the beach waves and perfect curls you always wished you had. The top curling irons are usually easy to use; don’t weigh a ton; create long-lasting curls and don’t end up burning your hair.

How do I select the best curling iron?

You need to consider different things before you invest in a curling iron or wand. Firstly, consider the barrel size. The barrel is the hot iron part of the device. Best curling irons for short hair and medium hair have a smaller barrel of up to 19 mm. Bigger barrels of more than 19 mm are great for long hair and for getting soft waves or loose curls. Although the barrel size is written on the packaging, you can measure it by wrapping a measuring tape around the part of the barrel that is closest to the handle.

Secondly, be sure to check the material used in the curling iron. Different materials are suitable for different hair types. Titanium or 24k gold plated curling irons heat up quickly and can get really hot which makes them a good choice for coarse and thick hair. On the other hand, tourmaline curling irons help you get great results with less heat and so, are good for fine hair. If you have normal hair, go for a ceramic curling iron which is good for all hair types.

Features of the curling iron should also be factored in when selecting the best one. For ease-of-use, you would want one which is auto-rotating, has a good grip, heats up fast and has a long swivel cord. You would also want one which has a variety of heat settings if you don’t want to damage your hair. Lastly, you should check for features like voltage options, automatic shut-down and travel bag if you plan to travel with it.

Obviously, the biggest consideration will be the price point. Fortunately, there are so many curling irons available in different price ranges, you can get the perfect one in your budget easily.

How do I use a curling iron?

Before using this device, comb your hair, partition it and apply a heat protecting spray to get the best results without hair damage. Be sure that your hair is dry before using the iron. Then, turn on the curling iron and adjust heat settings as desired. After that, wrap a strand of hair around it and close the barrel. Then gently pull it out. The longer you keep your hair wrapped around the iron the tighter will be the curls. Repeat for all strands that you want to curl. Finally, brush out your hair if you want natural curls and turn off the iron. 

What is the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand?

The only major difference is that a curling iron has a clip but a curling wand does not. A curling wand also heats up faster than iron but does not give very shiny or smooth hair.

List of Best Curling Irons in 2020-2021

With so many curling irons available in the market, finding the right one to suit your needs can be a hard task. So you should gear u and check out our list of the best curling irons according to the different needs.

#1 Best Curling Iron Overall: Babylisspro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Babyliss is a well-known brand when it comes to hair styling tools. This curling iron by Babyliss has a Nano Titanium barrel for creating frizz-free curls without putting in a lot of effort. Also, it has 50 heat settings to choose from depending on your needs. It heats up fast, saving your time and giving you curls that last longer. 

#2 Best Curling Iron for Beginners: Chi Spin N Curl

If you are a beginner, you would want a curling iron that is very easy to use and is not very expensive. With its unique technology, Chi Spin N Curl gives you perfect curls and waves without a lot of struggle. You just need to push a button and your hair is sucked into its curling chamber from which it comes out flawless waves and curls. This device works well for fine, medium or coarse hair as it has different heat settings. You can even check the temperature and adjust it according to your needs.

#3 Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves: Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

Created by celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa, this fool-proof tool is perfect to create enviable beach waves effortlessly. All you need to do is clamp your hair and its automatic rotating iron will do all the work to give you the perfect beach waves. You can even adjust the temperature as per your hair texture. This provides dazzling soft beach waves without frying your hair.

#4 Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair: GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

With fine hair, the problem is that the curls don’t last long and the risk of heat damage is high. Fortunately, GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand solves both issues with its maximum temperature of only 365 degrees and unique tri-zone technology sensors. Two other positives of this device are that first, It evenly distributes heat to your hair and second, it shuts down automatically after 20 minutes. Having universal voltage, this curling iron is great for use while traveling as well.

#5 Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair: Hot Tools 24k Gold Spring Curling Iron

For thick hair, you need a curling iron that gets really hot and has a wider barrel. Hot Tools 24k Gold Spring Curling Iron is a great tool for curling thick hair that is otherwise difficult to style because it has both of these qualities. Its barrel is extended and wider than other curling irons which allow it to curl long thick hair easily as compared to other tools. The unique feature of this curling iron is that it automatically senses heat loss and restores it quickly. Due to this, it stays hot while you are using it. However, because it gets really hot due to its gold plating, it is not recommended for sensitive or fine hair.

#6 Best Budget Curling Iron: Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron

While having a jaw-dropping price, this iron does not compromise on the quality of the curls it gives you. It also has the frills of expensive curling irons including even heat distribution, automatic shut-down, smart technology for minimizing heat damage, instant heating and a variety of heat settings.

Final Take on Curling Irons

Due to the versatility of curling irons, it is sometimes confusing to select the best one and use it properly to achieve those gorgeous curls that last all day. That is why we have addressed some questions about curling irons below.

Let us know if you agree with our picks. Whichever one of these curling tools you decide to go with, we believe you will have a satisfactory result.

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