Best Drugstore Mascaras: List of Best Selling Drugstore Mascaras

List of Latest Best Selling Mascara's

If you have ever spent your spare time watching Youtube makeup tutorials, you might have noticed that drugstore mascaras are becoming increasingly popular amongst your favorite beauty guru. 

Whether you’re looking for an everyday mascara that gives you some quick volume, or a bold dramatic look, you can find enormous drugstore options to choose from.

But it can be hard to find your holy grail from so many options. So, we found the best of the drugstore mascaras, hands-down. And you wanna know the best part? Each one costs less than a subway sandwich.

List of Top Drugstore Mascaras

Here are some great mascaras you can get from the drugstore right now;



Kicking this list off with one of the best everyday mascaras out there. The Covergirl Flourish by Lash Blast mascara is a great option when it comes to a simple everyday mascara. It has a pretty thin comb wand —so you can really get into the corners of your eyes. Because the wand of this mascara is so thin, it makes it easier to fan out and coat every single lash.

This gives you that much desired whimsical fluttery lash look. Even though it’s more of a lengthening mascara you can easily build it up if you want extra volume.  Another thing that makes this mascara a great everyday choice is that it has a very good formula which allows it to almost never smudge.



If you’re looking for an everyday mascara that prioritizes volume, then you should really check out this mascara. It is also a great option for you if you prefer a brush mascara wand over a thin comb one.

What’s really great about this mascara is that it gives you a lot of volume without making your lashes look clumpy and messy. This mascara will give you boosted volume and adds to the length of your lashes too. Overall it gives your lashes a fuller look.



Now, when it comes to getting the biggest lash transformation using only mascara this one definitely takes the cake amongst all the other drugstore mascaras. Though we would recommend getting the waterproof version of this mascara instead of the non-waterproof one.

Because the waterproof version will lock your curl in and last all-day, unlike the none-waterproof version which weighs down your lashes. This is a very heavy mascara and a lot of the product sticks to the wand so try to work as slowly as you can with this mascara, the application can get out of hand pretty quick.



If a regular everyday Mascara doesn’t do the trick for you and you want something a bit more on the bold side, this might be the one for you. It is a really good middle ground between all of the mascaras mentioned above so far.

It adds length as well as volume. And it is easier to apply than the Lash Paradise Mascara. The curved and tapered shape of the wand of this mascara really flares out the edges emphasizing the outer corners of your eyes giving you that fox-eye effect. Sometimes it can dry out to be a little stiff but it won’t end up all over your under eyes.



This mascara is specially designed to lift your lashes and lock in the curl. So, if you have straight eyelashes, this is the perfect option for you. Even though it’s known as more of a volume mascara and the amount of length it adds to your eyelashes is impressive. This mascara comes with a very dense brush with small bristles.

These bristles are spaced out in such a way that you can really comb through and separate lashes. After using this mascara, you’ll get a fan-out effect that will last you all day. The only problem with this mascara is that it has a bit of a dry formula so try getting the miniature version to use it before it dries out.



Now this mascara has a very unique factor about it because it comes with a lash primer right on the other side of the tube so you get the best of both worlds. The eyelash primer protects and prepares your lashes for the mascara application and mascara that it comes with makes your lashes very long while giving a natural look to them. Though, the wand of this mascara is very small and thin so it doesn’t allow you to get much volume other than the lengthening effect it provides.



Wearing false lashes can be a bit hectic but you don’t really need them once you get your hands on Covergirl’s Exhibition Mascara. The mascara has a fluffy thick brush which gives you a lot of volumes. The product has such a formula that it glides smoothly onto your lashes.

It makes your lashes more defined and full after just one coat. And a great thing about this mascara is that it makes your lashes look soft with no flaking or smudging all day long. So get the look of lash extensions for less than half of its price.



This mascara is the best drugstore mascara out there. It can compete with some luxury brand Mascaras head-to-head. It has the perfect formula a mascara should have. It’s an all-in-one mascara and doesn’t clump your lashes, lengthens them, provides volume and lifts up your lashes. It has a tapered brush as well but the brush of this mascara is thicker at the end and thin at the start. This type of brush really gives you that luscious volume that everyone looks for. Something really unique about the brush of this mascara is that it can bend. This allows you to be flexible with the angle you want to apply your product form. Which ultimately decreases the chances of mascara getting all over your eyelids.

These were our best picks for the best drugstore mascaras.

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