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Best Eye Drops for People Suffering from Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be caused due to several reasons. Using too much screen and being in the wind for a long time are just two of the many reasons. For some women, some makeup products can cause dry eyes as well and they may also be a side effect of some sort of medication. 

Your eyes can also dry out if you are not doing any of the above things. The main reason for your eyes drying out is when your eyes are no longer able to keep themselves hydrated and moisturized enough. When the eyes are not moisturized, the cornea can become dry and can irritate. The tears in your eyes are supposed to make the eyes hydrated whenever you blink, but, sometimes the poor quality of your tears can lead to dry eyes.

List of Best Eyedrops for Dry Eyes

To soothe dry eyes, the ultimate solution that comes into mind is using eye drops, and they do work if they contain what your eyes need. But, not all eye drops actually work. So, we have compiled a list of the best eye drops that you can get to soothe your irritated and dehydrated eyes.


  • Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A Eye Drops:


Considered to be the ultimate solution for eye allergies is this Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A Eye Drops. It contains an antihistamine to help reduce burning and irritation that can happen because of pollen, grass, pet hair, etc. According to a reviewer, these eye drops are especially effective in whitening the white area of eyes alongside relieving them from itching. Lastly, if you are suffering from bloodshot eyes along with dryness, these eye drops are perfect for you  


  • TheraTears Eye Drops for Dry Eyes:


Ophthalmologists suggest against using heavy-duty eye drops if your eyes are suffering from an only mild level of dryness, and, for people with moderate dryness in eyes, TheraTears Eye Drops are the best. These are prepared with an intense research of about two decades. The formula is electrolyte-balanced and free of preservatives. Preservatives in eye drops make matters worse for people who are allergic to preservatives. These eye drops provide instant relief to dry eyes.


  • Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops:


Most eye drops don’t work for a long period and you need to keep applying them to prevent dryness. Refresh tears Lubricant Eye Drops provide intense hydration with a gentle formula and a gentle price. According to a reviewer, these eye drops keep dryness at bay throughout the day. These eye drops work like a charm in replacing tears, with tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride in it to also fight redness without stinging.


  • Visine Original Redness Relief Eye Drops:


Eye redness due to being in the wind and sun for too long can be instantly relieved with these Visine Original Redness Relief Eye Drops. Visine is trusted by eye patients for 60 years and contains an iconic formula that takes the redness away in just a few seconds and blesses your eyes with a clearer vision. These eye drops contract the blood vessels of eyes with just 1 or 2 drops and cures redness almost immediately.


  • Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops:


Perfectly mimicking the function of tears in your eyes, these Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops are highly recommended by Drew Barrymore as well. It doesn’t need much reapplication, thanks to the gel-like formula of it that stays in the eyes for longer periods giving them relief from dryness all day long. Despite having a thick consistency, these eye drops don’t blur the vision and are not jarring which is the kind of formulation that not many eyes drops companies have been able to develop.


  • GenTeal Tears Lubricant Eye Gel:


With a heavy-duty formula, GenTeal Tears Lubricant Eye Gel is made to fight intense dryness. When eyes get extremely dehydrated, a strong formula like this one is just what you need. The thick consistency makes the dryness go away and moisturizes the eyes throughout the day. They are also ideal for night time as 2 drops of it will do their job of lubricating the eyes overnight. 


  • Refresh Optive Mega-3 Eye Lube:


This Refresh Optive Mega-3 Eye Lube prevents tears from evaporating from the eyes by restoring the lipid layer that is present on the surface of the eyes keeping the cornea hydrated for long. They are also helpful for people with Computer Vision Syndrome (a set of vision-related problems caused by excessive or prolonged use of computers, tablets, or any kind of screen for that matter). These eye drops are great for soothing itchiness, dryness, or burning sensations in eyes.


  • Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Eye Relief Eye Drops:


Created undertaking the problem of itchiness along with redness and dryness, these Clear Eyes Maximum Itchy Eye Relief Eye Drops fight multiple problems at a time. Clear Eyes eye drops provide maximum relief and comfort to the eyes along with making the vision better. According to a reviewer, these eye drops have been a Holy Grail in minimizing the redness and itchiness as these work instantly and have a long-lasting effect.

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