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Best Fragrance-free Shampoos: Exclusive Scent Free Shampoos in Market!

List of Best Selling Fragrance-free Shampoos

We all know how much we love when our hair smells great after a shower & that smells lingers on making us feel as fresh as a flower. But have you ever given thought to how all these shampoos come with calming & different smells? If you have assumed that these scented shampoos add natural ingredients to create that pleasant scent then, we are about to burst that little bubble of yours.

These scents are put together with the help of chemicals. Shocked yet? Wait till you read the next line. Your dearest shampoo might even be the origin of all the hair problems you’ve been experiencing. But it is not your fault because no one really suspects these perfect smelling shampoos to be the cause. So we’re here to provide a safe & healthy solution for your hair – Fragrance-Free Shampoos.

What is meant by Fragrance-free Shampoos?

This self-explanatory term fragrance-free means that it is without any synthetic scents, colorants, perfumes & chemicals. They are a natural creation derived from organic ingredients. However, there are unscented shampoos available in the market & a lot of people mistake them for fragrance-free shampoos. They are both completely different products.

Unscented shampoos indicate that the formula includes nothing that makes it smell differently, however, it might still contain fragrances to cover up the added chemicals. Whereas a fragrance-free shampoo has no smell in it overall & there are no cover-up scents added either. Fragrance-free shampoos avoid every type of unnatural or organic fragrances as well as essential oils. Their formula is all-natural while, unscented shampoos are not.  

How are fragrance-free shampoos better than scented shampoos?

The shampoo that you choose can make a big difference. If you’re using the wrong shampoo, you can exacerbate the thinning of your hair, scalp irritation, dryness & several other hair problems. This is because, over the years, more & more ingredients have been added to shampoos that have nothing to do with cleansing. While standard scented shampoos may say, they’re perfect for you & you might even feel better using them but it’s only a matter of time before you realize that they’re destroying your hair in long term use. What’s more troubling about them is that they aren’t environment friendly at all.

Fragrance-free shampoos are better for you & the environment for many reasons. Scented shampoos can trigger allergies, asthma, sinus infections & other health concerns because of the chemical used in them. So a fragrance-free shampoo is a healthier option because they’re made out of natural ingredients. Secondly, by using fragrance-free shampoos, you’re eliminating all the chemicals that come in close proximity to your scalp. Scented shampoos can trigger irritation & undying dandruff. Hence opting for a fragrance-free shampoo removes these triggers. Moreover, if you dye your hair regularly, then organic & fragrance-free shampoos can help preserve your color longer as well.

Whether you’re generally sensitive to scents or you’re pregnant, fragrance-free shampoos do nothing but good to you.

Which fragrance-free shampoos to get your hands on?

If you’re new to trying out fragrance-free shampoos & you’re not sure about which one to try out then, here’s a list of the top 10 ones you can choose one as per your preference.

#1 Earth Science Fragrance-Free Shampoo

Having the ability to soften your hair & soothing your scalp, this gentle shampoo is made for you if you’re sensitive to fragrance. The moisturizing factor in it preserves your natural oils & fosters healthy hair & scalp. Without any fragrance or masking agents, the extracts of wheat germ, chamomile, jojoba & seed oil leave your hair revitalized. Earth Science not only gives you more control of your hair but allows you to easily manage it as well. Whether you’re an adult dealing with asthma or you want an all-natural shampoo for your kids, then this option is perfect for you & your family.

#2 Nurture my Body Moisturizing Shampoo

Rich in emollients, this fragrance-free shampoo is composed of thirteen verified ingredients to protect, strengthen, & minimize the frizz. This shampoo that prevents split ends is for dry or color-treated hair. Its rich & gentle qualities hydrate your hair while leaving it healthy & shiny. Without formulating any harsh ingredients, it knocks out all the impurities & the amassing toxins. Keeping your natural oils intact, it helps repair your damaged hair with the loaded amino acids. 

#3 Prose Shampoo

With their quality & effective ingredients, Prose crafts unique formulations that are a particular match of your hair type. For the way you want your hair to be, Prose picks from over 75 natural ingredients to create your personal formulation. Not only does it provide shampoos free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, it also extends its service to making fragrance-free ones. In case you want your shampoo to be vegan & free of cruelty, they’ll happily abide by your instructions.

#3 JASON Natural Fragrance-Free Shampoo

Augmented with aloe vera & vitamin B5, this natural shampoo will soothe & stabilize your sensitive scalp. While adding gloss & manageability, it will deterge your hair without scraping away the vital natural oils of your hair. JASON in Greek, meaning healer, is safe for color-treated hair. Without parabens, it’s composed of beneficial ingredients that are safe, friendly & efficacious.

#4 Paula’s Choice All over Hair & Body Shampoo

This cruelty-free shampoo forms an extravagant lather that thoroughly washes your hair & body. Panthenol, which is obtained from vitamin B5, moisturizes your skin & reinforces your hair to put a stop to breakage. With infused aloe vera, it hydrates your hair to prevent fragile strands & ease sensitive skin problems. Perfectly suited everyday use, this mild formula that is free of fragrance & soap is safe for color-treated hair, sensitive scalp, or dry skin. Great for all skin types, it quickly rinses off your skin without leaving any remains.

#5 Tree To Tub Raw Unscented Soapberry For Hair

Not disregarding your scalp protection, this gentle & pure Soapberry shampoo provides soft hair without drying up your skin. Using the wild Soapberry’s natural lather, this shampoo comes without any fragrances. Allowing you to have lush & shiny hair, it focuses on treating your scalp as well. Being dermatologist recommended it comes free of toxins, sulfates, gluten & parabens. Tree to Tub makes their products allergy-free, cruelty-free, vegan & color safe. Not only is it a good option for you but your baby too!

#6 Free & Clear Shampoo For Sensitive Skin

If you’re someone who struggles with allergies to sulfates & fragrances, then you’re going to love this one. Being extra gentle on your scalp, it helps get rid of flaking & scaling. Being an effective control of oily scalp, it aids in eliminating accumulation caused by daily use of conditioners & hair sprays. Providing you protection from whatever hair care products you use, it deeply cleanses your hair, leaving it easy to manage. 

#7 DHS Clear Shampoo

Taking a shower every day is great, but it comes with a cost of damage to your scalp & hair. Using this shampoo, you can shower as much as you want because it’s perfect for daily use. Specially made for sensitive scalps, DHS clear shampoo will uphold the pH levels of your skin. As it’s assembled without harsh ingredients, it will minimize any irritation caused by standard shampoos.

#8 The Organic Pharmacy Rose Shampoo

Being perfect for damaged hair, Rose shampoo nutrifies your hair from roots to ends. Including herb extracts, along with vitamin B5 & wheat protein, it allows your lost shine & softness to be restored as well as preserved. Making use of an herbal complex of Arnica, Horsetail & Nettle, it cleanses, revitalizes & safeguards your hair. Desert Essence Organics Fragrance-Free Shampoo – Made with Jojoba oil, organic comfrey & green tea, this no fragrance shampoo’s purpose is to be lightweight on your hair & scalp. This plant-based cleanser is a perfect solution for you if you’re sensitive to smells. Removing oil & remains, it provides a gentle moisture treatment for your hair, leaving it shiny & manageable. Even though it’s safe to use daily, you can still skip a day or two of washing your hair because it leaves your hair fresh. Not only does it nourish, but it strengthens & protects your damaged hair. 

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