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10 Best Hair Color Ideas for a New You (Modern and New Fashion Styles)

Want to change your looks? What better way than to change the color of your locks? Fortunately going for a new hair color is not so difficult anymore with such a wide range of hair dyes available. This means that you don’t have to be stuck with the same look. You can easily get the hair color that you have been eyeing for a long time now. But if you are still looking for inspiration, here are some of the best hair color ideas and trends for you to try.

#1 Chocolate Truffle

While this shade is probably available on many brand collections, the chocolate truffle we are talking about is a unique one. It is a combination of warmer and cooler brown shades. The base color is a warm brown with the ends lightening up to a cooler shade. If you are looking for a change in your hair color but don’t want anything too crazy, go for this hair trend.

#2 Dark Roots

This is a 90s trend that has made a comeback. This hair color trend involves a dark shade at the roots with a lighter shade at the tips. This means that you can let your roots grow out without having to rush to your stylist for a touch-up. Pretty low-maintenance, right? This also gives your blonde color a lively look.

#3 Shiny Jet-Black

This is the deepest and darkest shade of black which never seems to go out of style. Be it punk, grunge, s gothic, or simply an elegant look, this shade will definitely give meaning to your look. It is shiny and fluid. The color shows elegance and class. Whether you are a natural brunette or ready to give your hair this dark hue, just remember jet-black hair looks best with a hint of gloss. Otherwise, it looks dull and even unkempt. Use a hair moisturizer or serum for the ultimate shine for your black locks. Jet-black hair looks good with dark and fair skin tones both.

#4 Strawberry Blonde

A dazzling combination of blonde and red, which is quite popular at the moment. Many famous celebrities are seen sporting this look. If you are thinking of adapting to this trend then you need to choose the right hair dye and take good care of your hair. There are many different versions of strawberry blonde which makes choosing the right shade quite overwhelming. So go through different pictures on the internet and discuss with your stylist to select the perfect shade to complement your eye color and skin tone.

#5 High-Contrast Color

If you are feeling adventurous and want to do something bold to your hair then go for a high-contrast hair dye job.  This trend is all about dyeing some of your hair a darker shade than its natural color while going lighter with some. This creates that catchy contrast that is sure to give you an edge. You can go for shade from any range of colors and you would have done justice to this trend.

The possibilities are limitless but choosing contrasting shades in the same family will give a more flattering look. Although the high-contrast color is also high maintenance, it is certainly worth the hassle.

#6 Grey Hair

Age is an inevitable outcome of life, so why not make it a trend rather than a dreaded phase. You will see a lot of celebrities sporting natural grey hair. After all dyeing hair to cover up those grey locks is a lot of hassle. Meanwhile others simply dig the look.

This is the perfect trend for those who want to get out of the cycle of dyeing and bleaching though.  Adding grey highlights or even transition from dark to silver hair color is a trendy look.

So, you can go for a salt and pepper look by not caring to dye those roots or you can get metallic grey highlights if you want to adapt to this growing trend.

#7 Baby lights

Also called Twilighting, this is another trend coming up. Baby lights are basically delicate highlights which make your hair look as if they have naturally lightened in the sun. The color is focused on the hairline, natural parting and tips.

If you’re looking for a friendly change of appearance this look will do the trick for any hair color or length. They are subtle which makes them a top pick if you’re looking for something subtle and not as dramatic. You can also go for this hair trend if you want low maintenance hair color as the baby lights stay for a long time. Talk to your stylist to select the best shade for baby lights.

#8 Orchard Red

This is one of the best hair color ideas if you want to try being a redhead this year. It is a mixture of a deep dark red base and multi-dimensional balayage for a pop of color on the strands. This gives both copper and auburn undertones.

Instagram is full of pictures of celebrities pulling off this look so you probably have a basic idea. One thing to keep in mind is that this hair color idea is high-maintenance as the color will fade away quickly.

#9 Chunky Highlights

This is another 90s trend that is hot right now thanks to Instagram. Chunky highlights are basically two-toned highlights. They look great because the highlights help in framing your facial features and adding dimension to your hair. The highlight color is a contrast to your natural hair color. The choice of color depends on your preference. As the name suggests, this color is added to large chunks of your hair to give you a unique look. For those women who have strong features, this is one hair color idea that you must try.

#10 Pastel Pink Shades

Pink shades are becoming quite the trend. A lot of women are considering going for pastel pinks these days. Although at first, it might appear to be too bold to try on, there are many shades and styles of pastel pink available that are the perfect fit for you.

 You can go for dip-dying your hair with pink for a low-maintenance hair color or go for pink with a pearly sheen for that fun look. However, pastel pinks have a tendency to fade away pretty quick. Plus, it works best on virgin hair and is trickier to apply to already-colored hair or darker hair.

Hope you liked our picks, remember to try new things, no matter which one of these looks you go for. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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