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Best Hand Sanitizers for Kids: Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers List – You Can Buy on these locations!

The world is in a frenzy, a fatal virus has forced us to take upon desperate sanitary and preventative measures. That is why during the coronavirus pandemic, you want to keep your kids of all people,  protected and safe. 

One of the major steps to be taken for this is frequent hand washing. While it is easy and preferable to wash hands with soap and water while at home, using hand sanitizers is a convenient way to disinfect your hands when you can’t access soap and water.

Many people have concerns about the use and safety of hand sanitizers for kids. We have addressed these below:

Are alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers safe for kids and babies?

Generally you should not use hand-sanitizers with alcohol on children as they can be harmful to their health especially when ingested.

What kind of Hand Sanitizers are safe for kids and babies?

Most of the hand-sanitizers for kids and babies are alcohol-free. This is because alcohol-free hand sanitizers are safer for use on kids’ or babies’ hands. But these sanitizers only slow the growth of germs and bacteria rather than killing them.

If you have to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer for children, use one with ethyl alcohol as it is safer and less toxic. Also, avoid those with scents as they are not only toxic but also very tempting to lick for your child.

However, washing your kids’ hands with soap and water is preferred by experts rather than using hand sanitizer.

At what age is it safe to use hand sanitizers?

The FDA recommends not using hand sanitizers on infants, which refers to children less than a year old. Still, you should talk to a doctor if you have any special concerns regarding hand sanitizer use on your child.

How to use hand sanitizer safely with kids?

Some tips for safely using hand sanitizers with kids are mentioned below:

    • Don’t let them use it unsupervised and keep it out of their reach when not in use.
    • Teach your children to rub their hands together after applying sanitizer until they are dry. For younger children, help them rub their hands. 
    • If your child accidentally ingests hand sanitizer, call the doctor immediately.

How to make DIY hand sanitizer for kids?

If you are unable to find any child-friendly hand sanitizer due to a shortage, you can make one yourself. For making a hand sanitizer at home, you need 1/3 cup aloe vera gel, 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol, essential oils (optional), and an airtight container. You can change the amount of aloe vera gel, rubbing alcohol or essential oils you use as long as the ratio of aloe vera gel to rubbing alcohol remains the same as mentioned above. 

Start by mixing the aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol together. Stir the mixture until it is smooth. If you want a mild fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil. Pour the mixture in an airtight container after that. 

For some kids, essential oils might irritate the skin. So, it is best to be cautious with them or just skip them altogether.

List of Best Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers for Kids in Market

But with kids, you can’t use any regular hand sanitizer because their skin is delicate. Any chemical containing products can be harmful to kids, especially since there is a risk of ingestion. So, you need to think twice when shopping for hand sanitizers for kids. Some of the best hand sanitizers for kids are mentioned in our list below so that you can choose one wisely.

#1 Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

As suggested by its name, this is an alcohol-free sanitizer. It is also nonallergenic due to which it will be very gentle on your kid’s skin. It is tested by pediatricians as well as dermatologists and is free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Plus, its foaming formula ensures that your baby’s skin won’t get dry.

#2 Johnsons & Johnsons Baby Handsanitzer

This is a 2-in-1 product. You can use this to sanitize your kids’ hands or the surfaces which they touch frequently. It is safe for kids as it is made from purified water, stabilized oxygen, and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, which is derived from coconut. It is alcohol and odor-free too.

#3 Care Touch Alcohol-Free Sanitizer Wipes

These sanitizer wipes are great for travelling. You can keep them in your purse or in your baby’s diaper bag to wipe your hands on the go. They are very gentle and scent-free. They come in packs of 20 wipes.

#4 Cleanwell  Botanical Hand Sanitizer Spray

This hand sanitizer spray kills germs botanically with its patented plant-based thymol antibacterial formula. It does not contain alcohol or any harsh chemicals and dyes. Due to this, it is a good hand sanitizer for kids.

#5 Bac-D Hand Sanitizer

This is another alcohol-free hand sanitizer that is perfect for kids. Because of the absence of harsh chemicals and fragrance, it does not dry out the skin but is quite effective in killing germs. It has benzalkonium chloride for fighting germs which is less toxic and gentler than alcohol.

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