[Best Organic Deodorants 2021]: Best Natural Deodorants That Are Perfect If You’re Going All Natural

These little pocket-sized deodorant showers are like those Swiss army knives that help to save your time in the morning if you’ve woken up too late to take a shower and run off to work. Deodorants are often regarded as an essential grooming tool in everyone grooming arsenal. They are also very versatile for many situations, simply put a deodorant in your purse, bag, or even your pocket (if it’s big enough!). You can pull them out quickly to utilize them in the restroom or at a wedding, party, sports game, concert, or on a hot day at the beach, etc. The pocked sized deodorants can be used anywhere in case the moment calls for it, and as long as there’s a restroom nearby but you nonchalantly use it at the beach.

If you’re someone who deals with a body odor problem, then a deodorant will be your daily requirement! So this is why we highly recommend going for a deodorant made of all-natural ingredients. For routine users of deodorants, it is important for them to replace what they are currently using with an all-natural one as it is healthier in the long run.

How Are Natural Deodorants Unique? 

You may ask why natural deodorants are being recommended by us. What makes them better than what you’re using in your everyday life? Well, regular deodorants that do not contain natural ingredients just make you smell good and don’t stop the sweat in any way, whereas, Antiperspirant is the one which has the ability to control and eliminate the sweat using activated contents like aluminum and zirconium which block the sweat glands and causes all the bacteria to die out due to the blockage not letting the bacteria consume anything.

Aluminum can be irritating for some individuals who have sensitive skin so, natural deodorants may be more suitable for them, which is because natural deodorants do not include aluminum salts in their ingredients. Most natural deodorants have essential oils as their contents, many of which have antibacterial properties that can help in battling the issue of bad body odor that you might be struggling with.

List of Best Organic ingredient made Deodorants

So, without delaying this any further, the following 18 are our top choices of natural deodorants for you to pick from:

  • Piperwai – (Retails for $16.99)


As it says on its packaging, it does indeed work naturally. One of the most effective natural deodorants on this list, this deodorant has super-absorbent activated charcoal which naturally deodorizes and keeps you dry as well as making you smell fresh for long hours. Importantly it is also made without synthetic scents. Piperwai won’t stain your clothes even though the content inside is somewhat black. It has a blend of essential oils, which also helps to deodorize and prevent body odor. All the irritation is said to go away once you start using it. This natural deodorant is said to last 6 months but, reviewers have stated they finished it between 2 to 3 months, which surely depends on how much you apply. It packs a gender-neutral scent, and the contents inside are Aluminum-free, which saves irritation for people who have sensitive skin. After using this product, you probably won’t go back to your regular old traditional deodorants.

  • Erbaviva Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant – (Retails for $14.00)


Being a certified chemical and GMO-free spray, it fends off all the underarm bacteria with the help of natural ingredients. Organic essential oils that naturally disinfect bacteria make up this award-winning deodorant. It combines other natural contents like organic extracts of sage, lemon, patchouli, and tea tree oils with Erbaviva’s iconic fast evaporating organic grain alcohol, which results in a rich bacteria and odor protecting scent. You won’t need to rub it on your underarms as it is one quick spray away from keeping you safe from bacteria. The design of the bottle is highly convenient for active individuals! And to add to all of that, the Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant packs a fresh fragrance that wipes out any foul odor.

  • Aesop Herbal Deodorant Roll-On – (Retails for $41.98)


One of the best products Aesop has to offer, this natural deodorant offers a refreshing herbaceous gender-neutral scent. It is alcohol-free, which may be beneficial for you if your skin is sensitive and reacts to alcohol. It consists of non-toxic organic ingredients such as zinc ricinoleate, wasabi extract, and sage leaves. Like other natural deodorants on this list, it contains a combination of essential oils that neutralizes odor and keeps you smelling fresh. Once you go through your first bottle of this, you might not stop coming back to it even if it’s a pricier natural deodorant.

  • Eir NYC Pitted Deodorant – (Retails for $22.00)

This stick is a unisex all-natural deodorant with a pleasant herbal scent that isn’t overtaking. It excludes ingredients such as aluminum, sulfate, and paraben and opts for organic contents coconut oil and shea butter which makes this deodorant smooth to apply and to neutralize the underarm odor contents like arrowroot are mixed in which makes this very suitable for sensitive skin but something to note is that it is not baking soda free. So, if you’re looking for baking soda-free natural deodorants, you can check out the other baking soda-free options on this list.

  • MAGSOL Lemongrass Deodorant – (Retails for $14.25)

Their all-natural deodorant comes in many incredibly organic scents, which you can choose on MAGSOL elegant website. Primally pure’s deodorants reduce the odor with their long-lasting scents. We would like to suggest their popular lemongrass deodorant, which includes ingredients such as arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and baking soda and it has beeswax too, which makes it non-vegan. After applying this deodorant results in a very uplifting scent!

  • Explore Naturals Coconut Delight – (Retails for $12.00)


Another cheaper option yet still packs the same bacteria neutralizing capabilities. The balanced formula results in a smooth texture, which makes applying very satisfying and maybe even relieves stress for some and is guaranteed to not stain your clothes. The odor-preventing formula will give self-assurance all day and this is one of the best options for you if your skin reacts to baking soda as this deodorant is low on baking soda! Other ingredients include arrowroot and beeswax, which does make it non-vegan.

  • Lulu Organics Deodorant Cream – (Retails for $14.85)

A great non-toxic deodorant that uses odor absorbing ingredients mixed in with comfrey infused oils rosemary and horse-bit, Lulu organics deodorant cream is a fast working and easily apply the product. This cream deodorant is handcrafted from fresh and natural ingredients that do not contain harmful chemicals or aluminum. With its blend of natural essential oils including coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other essential oils this makes for a very powerful non-toxic deodorant, which comes in two wonderful pure aromas made using no artificial fragrances. The first one being the Lavender and Clary Sage and the other being the Vetiver, Black Pepper, and Coriander. Either of them is a fantastic and safe option.

  • Vapour AER Next-Level Deodorant – (Retails for $12.00)

A very pricey option, but its lovely smelling scents and strong bacteria-fighting capabilities make up for it. An innovative and advanced deodorant that uses lightweight yet healthy ingredients to make its highly concentrated bacteria neutralizing formula, making this a very great choice to battle the odor at the source. The blend of active powders, essential oils, specific potent plant, and other mineral ingredients leaves a long-lasting impact. The three scents it comes in are Lavender Myrrh, Palo Santo Blood Orange, and Ginger Grapefruit.

  • Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant in Lime Mint – (Retails for $24)

Using activated charcoal, this detox deodorant plays the role of pulling out all the toxins from your armpit pores, and it also battles against the bacteria that cause the odor. Kaia avoids using the ingredients from antiperspirants that only aim to block your sweat glands and uses organic formulations to allow your pores to breathe. Just like a detox drink, it will take up to 2-4 weeks of transition that will clear out the toxins and the bacteria to downright natural & odor-free underarms. Initially, the switch will only focus on drawing out the toxins. Following this, when you stop using the antiperspirant, you may experience an increase in odor and sweat, however, by the third week, you’ll notice your body adjusting to daily usage. It will continue being gentle on your skin and keep detoxing your pits to you smelling amazing 24/7.

  • Megababe Rosy Pits – (Retails for $24.87)

Rosy Pits is a natural deodorant that serves as a great everyday solution for your body odor as well as sweat. This life-changing product is free of aluminum. Unlike other deodorants that use chemicals to prevent sweating and odor, this one works all-natural with sage and green tea. The two primary ingredients help in eliminating bacteria that form in your bits due to sweat and antiperspirant usage. Coming with a smooth applicator, Rosy Pits is free of baking soda, alcohol, paraben, and animal cruelty. Get your hands on this one if you want to go around smelling like a fresh bouquet of roses!

  • Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant – (Retails for $18)

This swiftly applicable deodorant goes on to your pits as smooth as butter. It’s alcohol and aluminum-free like most deodorants mentioned on this list so, it will not stain your clothing. Bringing 24-hour protection, it offers a very cooling scent resulting from a blend of ginger, grapefruit, eucalyptus, and other natural fragrances. It includes kaolin clay as well, which helps keeps you dry with its moisture-absorbing properties. Due to its natural composition, silky texture, and strong bacteria neutralizing capabilities, this award-winning deodorant deserves your attention.

  • Corpus Third Rose Deodorant – (Retails for $24)

An all-natural deodorant completely vegan that’s made with zero synthetic fragrances. This organically scented deodorant comprises water as the main ingredient followed by plant extracts and natural enzymes, which are scientifically proven to substantially neutralize underarm bacteria. One of the few deodorants that are free of baking soda, which packs a light rosy fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh for long hours. Corpus Third Rose is a terrific natural deodorant that is worthy of you to checkout.

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