Do you know that the nail polish you apply to add a pop of color to your ordinary fingers could be packed with really harmful ingredients? Our nails are more permeable than our skin. Due to this, the toxic ingredients in nail polishes can enter your body through your nails.

You can find out more about non-toxic nail polishes as we answer some common questions about them below.

Why should I switch to non-toxic nail polish?

Non-toxic nail polishes are not as harmful to your health as traditional nail polishes due to the absence of toxic ingredients. So you can have peace of mind that your love for nail color isn’t damaging your health. Moreover, being non-toxic doesn’t stop these nail polishes from giving you stunning colors with an awesome finish.

What are the bad ingredients in nail polish?

The three main bad ingredients in nail polish are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. They are called the toxic-trio Formaldehyde hardens and strengthens nail polish and preserves it but causes health problems like asthma, allergies, etc. Toluene is a neurotoxin found in nail polishes. It can cause neurological issues. DBP gives a shiny look to nail polish and enhances durability. However, it is an endocrine disruptor that can cause liver, kidney, and reproductive issues.

Apart from that, camphor, xylene, silicone, colophonium, TPHP, and organic halides are also some toxic ingredients generally found in nail polishes. You should always check the label and avoid nail polishes that contain these ingredients.

What does it mean when the nail polish is 5, 7, or 9 free?

This is often found on the label of non-toxic nail polishes and refers to the number of toxic ingredients that are absent in the formula. Generally, the nail polish should not have the ‘toxic trio’ mentioned above to be termed non-toxic.

5 free nail polishes also don’t have resin and camphor. A lot of companies go beyond this and offer 7 free nail polishes that are free of ethyl tosylamide and xylene in addition to those not found in 5 free formulas.

9 free nail polishes are formulated without two extra ingredients found in 7 free nail polishes and so the number keeps on increasing.

These chemicals, including formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, can cause a wide range of health issues including allergies, dry skin, headaches, dizziness, and reproductive health issues just to name a few. Fortunately, there are a number of non-toxic nail polish brands available.

List of Best Chemicals-Free Nail Polishes

They are formulated without these toxic chemicals. Moreover, the color payoff, shine, and wear time is the same as that of traditional nail polish. If you want to know the best non-toxic nail polishes read on.

Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish Overall: Orosa Pure Cover Nail Paint

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This is the best non-toxic nail polish overall because it has all the good qualities that you would want in nail polish. It is from 14 controversial toxic ingredients. Besides protecting you from toxic ingredients, the nail polish also provides a quick-drying and long-wear formula. The color is also rich and the application is very easy and precise thanks to its small but wide and rounded nail brush. Plus, this nail polish is cruelty-free and vegan.

Best Affordable Non-Toxic Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Polish

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Although this nail polish is affordable, it is made without 16 controversial ingredients and is plant-based. Even its brush bristles are 100% plant-based. However, it is very pigmented and lasts for a really long time. Plus, it does not have any kind of odor. You can choose the color of your choice from its range of 30 shades. A top coat and nail hardener is also available in this nail polish range. 

Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish with Wide Shade Range: Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer

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Being a pioneer in non-toxic nail polish, Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer is quite popular as far as non-toxic formulas go. It has improved its formula over the years and is now free of 10 harmful ingredients. This nail polish is also very long-lasting. You will not see it chip off for a few days after application. The best thing about this nail polish is its shade range. It has 400 shades currently. So, you are definitely going to find the color of your choice among its shade range.

Best Quick-Dry Non-Toxic Nail Polish: Ella + Mila Nail Polish

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This nail polish is known to be quick-drying and easy to apply. It glides on your nails and with just two-swipes, your nails are fully coated. Thus, if you are a non-professional and looking for a nail polish that is clean and quick, and easy to apply, this is the best one for you. Plus, it is known for being cruelty-free. This non-toxic nail polish is free of 7 toxic ingredients.

Best Long-Wear Non-Toxic Nail Polish: Olive and June Nail Polish

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This nail polish brand has gained popularity for being not only non-toxic but also long-wearing. It can last for a very long time without fading away or looking bad. It has now launched a new tool for painting your own nails easily. This nail polish is free from 7 toxic elements. Plus, it is cheaper than a professional manicure.

Best Chip Proof Non-Toxic Nail Polish: Jin Soon Nail Lacquer

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Don’t you just hate it when your nail polish starts chipping? If you do, then Jin Soon Nail Lacquer is for you. It lasts for a long time without chipping due to its chip-proof formula. Plus, it has a great color payoff and a brilliant shine. It is formulated without 10 harmful ingredients and is eco-friendly. 

Best Strengthening Non-Toxic Nail Polish: Butter London Patent-Shine 10X Nail Lacquer

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Want a nail polish that is not only free from toxic ingredients but also good for your nails? If you do, then go for Butter London Patent-Shine 10X Nail Lacquer. Its formula does not contain 8 harmful ingredients for your nails. Plus, it contains bamboo extract and other natural ingredients to make your nail strong and healthy. It also dries down quickly and its shine is dazzling.

Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish for Kids: Piggy Paint Nail Paint

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Having cute packaging as well as a hypoallergenic and water-based formula, this nail polish is best for kids. In fact, it is specially designed for kids. It is also nearly odorless and cruelty-free. It does require a few coats to achieve opaque shade but the formula is quick-drying.

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