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Best Paper Towel Holders: List of Best Selling Paper Towel Holders

A Paper towel is a staple of your kitchen. It assists in mopping up all the mess, oil, and food spill that you cause during cooking. It assists you to dry your hand after utensil wash. You can’t just leave the paper towel roll anywhere on your sideboard, you certainly need a paper towel holder for that. Paper towel holders prevent wasting of paper towels. They are custodians of your very essential paper towel. The paper towels holder aid you to tear only the requisite quantity of paper towels. 

Paper towel holders not only secure paper towels but also make the kitchen presentable. Their style adds elegance to the kitchen.  

Variety In Paper Towel Holders

Likewise, paper towel, paper towel holders have a huge variety in style and material.   

    • The surface-mounted paper towel holder is suitable if you don’t have much space in your kitchen. These types of holders are fastened to the wall and you can tear the towel when you need it. 
    • Countertop paper towel holders can be used conveniently as you can take them with you anywhere. It befits a spacious kitchen. You don’t need to move to some other corner of the kitchen for a paper towel during work.
    • The hands-free paper towel holder is best if you don’t want your paper towel holder to get slovenly while you are cleaning the kitchen using a paper towel. You can pull the paper towel without touching the holder.
    • Center-pull paper towel holders are employed for getting a paper towel from the center. They prevent unraveling when you pull some piece of paper towel. 
    • Lever-dispensed paper towel holders dispense paper towels when you press the lever. 

List of Best Paper Towel Holders

Paper towel holders are available in numerous materials. These holders are manufactured from plastic to stainless steel, from glass to marble, and likewise from many other kinds of stuff.

Allow me to introduce you to some of the very stylish, refined, and luxurious paper towel holders.  

#1 OXO Good Grip Paper Towel Holder

OXO paper towel holder is very unique in all its features. It has a sidearm that is loaded with springs that make the arm flexible. Its arm can fit the paper towel roll of whatever size. The side-arm makes the dispense easy. The arm holds the paper towel and you can tear-off the paper towel with just one hand. 

Its base is heavy and manufactured with a non-slip, grippy-felt material to prevent the unraveling of paper towels. It has better dispensed. The arm holds the paper towel and you can conveniently tear-off the paper towel with just one hand. The OXO paper towel holder has a base of about 7 inches and can grab even the thickest paper towels. 

It is long enough to hold an extra-large paper towel. It holds a 14-inch long central holder for your extra-large paper towel. The OXO paper towel holder has a base of about 7 inches and can grab even the thickest paper towels. It can be best for a large kitchen. Being light weighted it is portable and you can shift it easily.

#2 Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

The Simplehuman paper towel holder can be the best option if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate a paper towel holder. It can be mounted on a wall as well as on the underside of cabinets if you don’t want it on the wall. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally for easy access.

The ring spring prevents unraveling and allows one to tear off only one sheet of paper towel at a time. The knob is detachable and easily gets separated from the main rod. The quick releasable knob allows you to easily change the paper towel roll. The central rod is 13.1 inches long and can accommodate extra-large paper towels.

The Simplehuman paper towel is constructed from stainless steel to make it indestructible. Its material is made with solid engineering to make it persistent, even in a harsh environment.

#3 Fox Run 3831 Marble Paper Towel Holder

If you want an elegant and luxurious paper towel holder to make your kitchen even more splendid you should buy the Fox Run 3831 paper towel holder for your kitchen. It is manufactured by 100% marble.

The marble base of the paper towel holder is big enough to hold the upright pole. Its base is 5.5 inches wide.  The heavy marble base prevents paper towel holders from falling while you are pulling away from the paper towel. The slim rod can easily hold the paper towel roll.

It is convenient as you can shift it anywhere you like to have it. It does not need much space, so you can display it in a corner of your shelf where you need it the most. 

#4 Spectrum Diversified Paper Towel Holder

If you have an extremely small kitchen or you don’t want your walls to have something on it, then Spectrum Diversified Over The Cabinet Paper Towel Holder is a marvelous thing for you.  Another thing that made it more appealing is that you don’t need to install any kind of nails, screws or other tools to fix it on your cabinet. Perfect for apartments and rented houses.

It comes with a padded bracket that you can slide on the door of your cabinet. Padded brackets prevent scratches on the cabinet. It also helps the holder to effectively fit the soft close cabinets. 

It is really simple to replace a paper towel along with the Spectrum Diversified paper towel holder. You can simply sweep up the dirty towel off the holder bars and slide the new one in blank space. No brackets or arms are needed to adjust.

The holder bars can keep paper towel rolls of whatever size. 11.5 inches long bars can hold large-sized paper towels  

Spectrum Diversified Over The Cabinet paper towel holder is made up of sturdy steel that can withstand wear and tear of kitchen and overuse. The towel rack and brackets can bear the weight of paper towel roll without bending. The sturdy brackets can hold paper towels as well as dish towels and hand towels.

Now, get yourself ready to procure a paper towel holder for making your kitchen even more elegant. If you desire to have a splendid kitchen you should get one of the above mentioned luxurious paper towel holders.

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