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Best Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas for a Trendy Look

If you are seeing platinum blonde hair everywhere you look, you are not alone. Platinum blonde is the hottest hair color these days and many celebrities can be seen rocking it. Platinum blonde is actually the lightest and whitest shade of blonde.

To get this hair color, you need to lighten the color of your hair even if you are naturally blond. You might think that it looks good on people with lighter skin tones and eye color. However, there so many shades of platinum blonde that you might be able to find one that looks good on you. You can ask your hairstylist for advice for the best platinum blonde hair color for you.

List of Best Blonde Hair Shades Ideas

You can also go through the best platinum blonde hair color ideas below for inspiration.

#1 Platinum Silver White

This is a combination of silver and white. It looks elegant and is great especially in winter. This platinum blonde hair color suits a cool skin tone and blue eyes.

#2 Platinum Balayage

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If you want to go for platinum blonde hair but don’t want just one color, you can go for a platinum balayage. This involves a few darker blonde streaks in platinum hair. The streaks highlight the brightness of the hair color and give depth.

#3 Platinum Purple Hair

If you want a subtle but trendy look, this is the best color for you. This look involves platinum blond with purple hues blended in for that trendy look. 

#4 Smokey Platinum

This is a low-maintenance look especially if you get it done with dark roots as you won’t have to worry about touch-ups. It involves dark hair color combined with platinum blonde. This hair color goes well with blue, brown or grey eyes. For adding a bit of glow, you can add some golden or yellow streaks in between.

#5 Pearl Platinum

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This is great for fair skin and green eyes. It gives a pearlescent effect to your hair with the dimension-giving lowlights. It goes well with short layers.

#6 Platinum Ash-Blonde

This is another highly sought after platinum blond look. It combines both ash blonde and platinum blonde. They look good when blended together as ash blonde is a bit darker than platinum blonde. The platinum ash-blonde color looks great with a shoulder-length bob.

#7 Platinum Pixie

If you have pixie cut but want a more feminine look, try platinum pixie look. It gives a more girly look and will appear even better if you add in dark roots.

#8 Icy Platinum

Women, who like Elsa’s Hair from Frozen, will love this hair color. It can suit any skin tone. To add dimension, you can keep the roots dark.

#9 Honey Platinum Blonde

This works best for women with a warmer skin tone. It is also great if you want to go for a platinum shade but don’t want the brassy look. This hair color will definitely define your features well.

If you have decided to go in for platinum blonde hair color, you need to consider a few things before you actually get it done. 

Is Platinum Blonde Right For Me?

Although you think platinum blonde looks good on fair skin with cool undertones, this is not true as there are many shades available. Platinum hair color will look best if you select the shade and overall look according to your skin tone. You can ask your hairstylist for selecting the best shade according to your skin tone. 

Generally, cool skin tones look best with metallic hues like icy platinum or silver platinum. Warmer skin tones on the other hand will look best with honey blonde or pale pink colors.

Also, bear in mind that the process of coloring hair will be complicated if your hair is dark in color. 

How to Prepare for Your Hair Appointment?

If you are getting this hair color or any other hair color for that matter, you need to prep before your appointment. You should ensure that you did not have your hair colored at least 3 months before. Also, don’t shampoo your hair a day before as the color does not work well on freshly cleansed hair.

How to Maintain Platinum Blonde Hair?

Lightening the color of your hair, even for platinum shades, leads to dryness. Your hair can become dull, brittle, and frizzy after you color it. You can solve this issue by using a nourishing shampoo. You can also go for hair oiling to give back the nourishment and shine to your hair without tinting it.

To ensure that your hair does not have to endure more damage, use a mild shampoo along with a conditioner. Also, don’t style your hair especially with heat for at least three weeks.

Platinum blonde hair color is a high-maintenance hair color. You need to go to the salon every 4-6 weeks for root touch-ups. This is because your hair will grow out in its natural color and if you don’t get a touch-up done, it will look odd with the colored hair. You also need to maintain the cool undertones of your hair after going in for this hair color. For that, you can use a purple shampoo, which will give a purple tinge to maintain the undertone.

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