Best Tampons to Get Your Hands on: List of Best Seller Tampons of all Time

If nothing seems to be consistent in your life don’t worry, your periods will surprise you by arriving every month like an uninvited guest. Along with dealing with period cramps, mood swings and the general uneasiness, a lot of women deal with not so effective, unhygienic and not so comfortable-to-wear tampons. 

This is 2020, you guys, and it is about time you stop settling for what doesn’t work best for that beautiful body of yours. So, here we provide a compilation of some of the best tampons out there confirmed by wellness specialists.

What kind of Tampons you should look for?

Even if you are a tampon user for a long time or are just a newbie, you should have certain factors you consider beforehand. The level of flow and comfort level varies from person to person. What you should and should not get depends on what makes you feel the most at ease.

Tampons Absorbency and Size:

Almost all brands of tampons offer variable sizes that control high or low levels of flow. If you are new to the tampon game, you may want to start with a size that is light or regular (absorbs less blood) and move up the size chart if it does not work for you. If you resort to the highest absorbency in the early stage, you may want to change frequently to avoid facing complications like toxic shock syndrome which is a rare but sudden and fatal condition of bacteria overgrowth. 

Application of Tampons:

Applicator wise, tampons are offered with plastic applicators and cardboard applicators. Some are even offered with no applicators. Nevertheless, most women prefer plastic applicators as they are easier to use than the cardboard ones.

Fold tampons: 

Fold wise, the tampons which fold after getting filled with fluid are generally more reliable than the ones which expand. The ones which expand are usually the ones with no applicator and do not absorb the flow of fluid as well as the rest of them do.

List of the Best Tampons Worth Buying

So, without further ado, we present the list of the best tampons that you may want to get in 2020.

  • Pure Organic Tampons by Tampax:

If you are prone to getting an infection from a tampon, these might just be for you. These tampons are the winners when it comes to absorption, minimal leaking and comfort level. The ease in opening and using them (because of the grip on the applicator) make them the best tampon of 2020.

Available with a plastic applicator and side to side fold quality, this might just be the solution for your tampon dilemma. The sizes available are super and regular. The size variety lacks overall but if you have been using the regular and/or supersizes in the past, you need not worry.

  • Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons:

If the sanitary pads were right up your street in the past, you may like these tampons. Simple insertion, high level of absorbency, easy grip and quiet opening (a complaint with most other tampons) are some of its notable features.

If you are not the biggest fan of fragrances in sanitary products, these tampons are the ones you should get.

  • U by Kotex:

Good absorbency and more comfort are the words that define U by Kortex. Available sizes are more than others which is a super plus, super and regular.

U by Kortex also wins in terms of versatility as these tampons are offered in a sport version and a secure version (for the ones wanting highest absorbency)

  • Playtex Sport Tampons:

Playtex sport tampons are among bestsellers and the efficient brand of tampons with a focus on a variety of sizes and a variety of applicators. Available in all the thinkable sizes and the applicator types of plastic and cardboard (or no applicator), these tampons are totally organic.

The best thing about Playtex is the monthly subscription that you can sign up for. Yes. So, no need to rush to the pharmacy to get your favorite tampons while you are on your periods. Delivering tampons at your doorstep, Playtex lets you choose different tampon sizes to be included in your subscription box which is surely a win-win.

  • Playtex Super Absorbency Tampons:

Don’t get put off by the word ‘play’ as the ‘play size’ is not the only one offered by Playtex. The sizes are variable and the applicator is plastic with a grip option. Great for exercising, sporting and swimming, these tampons are ‘the ones’ for women, who are sporty, use greater physical strength on a regular basis, or just are physically more active.

The string is longer than usual and you may want to refrain from the scented version offered by Playtex as it can irritate sensitive skin. There are 50 tampons in a box and the fold is 360 degrees which are preferred by a lot of women.

  • Organic Tampons by O.B:

Looking for sustainable and eco-friendly sanitary products? Resort for these organic tampons offered by O.B. Great for women with a lighter flow, these tampons are easy to put in and remove. They hold onto the liquid nicely and are also offered applicator free.

The absorbencies available are assorted. If you want to reduce your sanitary products’ footprint, you may just have encountered the solution.

  • Organic Tampons by Seventh Generation:

Winning in the area of sustainability and eco-friendliness, these organic tampons offered by Seventh Generation are made without chlorine, bleach, dyes, or any other harsh chemicals. Seventh Generation uses recycled products in its packaging material.

The recycling part is the extra mile that Seventh Generation is going for, a bandwagon on which all the tampon companies should get on. These tampons get high marks for effectiveness and providing overall comfort. Offering regular and super sizes, this brand is also socially responsive. The seventh Generation donates about 0.43 dollars per box to provide sanitary support for women belonging to the low-income class.

Which Tampons are Best for your needs? (Final Take)

While all of the aforementioned tampons are greatly effective, we believe that all women are different and what works just fine for one may not work the same for the other. So pick up the one you feel provides the closest solution to your sanitary routine. 

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