The 21st century is the era of advancement in all spheres of life. This not only points towards the advancement in technology but progression in other social sectors of life as well. 

And since society is incomplete without professions and professionals, the workplaces and workforce have also evolved by the passage of time. 

Those days when men were given ample opportunities for progression and development, while women were bound at homes and deprived of even the most basic of amenities like education, are long gone. At present times, men and women are regarded as equals, if not completely, then at least to some extent.

This equity has resulted in the creation of a better environment to live in for the women, giving them access to their basic needs and rights, such as education and jobs. Nowadays, people can easily take on any kind of trades, irrespective of their ages and genders. 

Women nowadays occupy key positions in the majority of the fields of trade and commerce; and to make their names in the corporate world, they need not be a Sue Bryce or a Sophia Amoruso to do so. You can make your way in any career of your choice and excel in it too, all while being a woman.

So if you too want to make your name in the corporate world, but are wondering where to start off from, give this article a read as in this transcript, we will be discussing the ultimate list of Trades for Women in 2021. So stay tuned and decide as to which trade you want to step your foot into.

What are the commonest Trade jobs for women?

There are certain domains, which are considered to be exclusively for women, as a large women population is found in those particular fields. Our report has listed these occupations in its List of Leading Occupations for Women as under:-

  • Registered nurses
  • Elementary and middle school teachers
  • Secretaries and administrative assistants
  • Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides
  • First in-line supervisors/ managers of retail sales workers
  • Retail salespersons
  • Cashiers
  • Waiters and waitresses.

Highest-paying Trade Jobs and careers in 2021:

Some trades are more rewarding than others. The major reason for this being the less saturation of professionals, as compared to their demand, in these fields. 

Some of the highly remunerative and in-demand trades in 2021 include:-

  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Dental hygienists 
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Welders
  • Carpenters.

However, there are a lot many trades, other than those mentioned above, that offer respectable jobs along with handsome salary packages. Keeping reading to find out all about them, and more.

Types of Trade Jobs and Career Options

Apart from the trades listed above, there are quite a number of other fields that can prove to be highly rewarding for men and women alike. Some of these trades are listed below:

  • Electricity installing
  • Woodwork (carpentry)
  • Heavy equipment operating
  • Insulation installing
  • Carpet installing
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Photography etc.

What are the Top 2 Trade jobs in 2021?

The top 2 trade jobs that earn traders more than $50,000 on a monthly basis, irrespective of their genders and qualifications are as follows:-

#1 Electrical and electronic engineering technicians:

If you fancy developing, testing, maintaining and repairing electronic items, such as ACs, refrigerators, deep freezers and the like, then you will be shocked to hear that you can earn more than $65,000 per month as a skilled professional.

#2 Electrician Trade Jobs:-

Who said that a degree is compulsory to generate an income of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis? You can easily earn an income of above $55,000 per month just by converting your skills into your business. Inspect and maintain circuit breakers, capacitors, wiring and fixtures and fuse boxes to earn more than many degree holders are nowadays.

Apart from the above mentioned two trades, there are several others which also help generate a reasonable income to the traders, without even having to spend thousands on degrees.

  • Civil engineering
  • Nursing
  • HVAC technicians
  • Home inspectors
  • Therapists
  • Pipefitters
  • MRI technicians
  • Industrial machinery mechanics.

Women and Trade Jobs and Career Options:-

We have already discussed that the days of genders, specified for trade roles are mere history. But where exactly does the evolution of gender equity in trade roles begin from? 

This advancement first began during the times of the Second World War; when men were out to participate in the war, the women took over their jobs. They, then, were regarded as equals in the workplaces and started to earn their places among the tertiary trade sectors.

Those were the times when people started to realize that women were capable of doing all that men could do, and much more. People started disregarding their preconceived notions regarding gender inequality, and opened the doors of workplaces for women to work alongside men. 

Moreover, the industry is developing, and to meet consumer needs as well as to fill the gap between active workforce and upcoming retired personnel, industrialists need competent workforce. And women have proved their skillfulness and capabilities over the years. 

Where do women stand in the world of trade at present?

Even though trade career is a gateway to many great opportunities for women, the present conditions are not as good as they should be.

Despite the fact that the settings of gender diversity have improved, gender inequality is still prevalent in many of the workplaces. Even in a country as the United States of America, where women run entire households, the female population has been conceived to earn 80.2% of what the men population earns. (source: US Bureau of Labor)

This implies that a woman has to earn four more months on average to meet the same income as a man working on the same position. 

And like every other trade sector, the retail trade sector is no exception. The pay rate of women is noticeably low as compared to the male workforce. The difference in pay rates extends to about 6% per month on average. 

Is Trade Job or career suitable for women?

After going through the above mentioned negative side of women’s involvement in the trade sector, the first question which comes to mind is “Is trade career suitable for women then?”

The answer is “Yes!” 

Trade career is in all aspects suitable for women, as much as it is for men, if not more. Success in any career depends upon the hard work and dedication one puts in his work, and does not at all plunge just because of a few drawbacks.

Gender diversity is becoming more and more common, especially in large corporate bodies, because those people understand the role of women in the attainment of stable and faster achievements. 

In fact, it has been observed that companies which have women in the senior management perform better than companies having none. 

This is because gender diversity in the senior management bring untold benefits to firms.

Having said this, it’s time to study some unconventional trade jobs for women in 2021 which not only reward them well, but also require no mandatory degrees and qualifications.

In this list of some unconventional trade jobs for women in 2021, you will find:-

  • Electrical technician
  • Electrical engineer
  • Elevator installer and repairer
  • Solar energy technician
  • Wind energy technician
  • Graphics designer
  • Architect or civil drafter
  • Computer programmer
  • Application software developer.

#1 Women in Electrical technician Trade Jobs:-

If the fuse boxes in your homes and the capacitors in your fans always fascinated you, then you should consider becoming an electrical technician. 

By starting off as a female apprentice, with a combination of in- class and hands- on training, you are likely to excel in the career as a professional electrical technician.

Average pay rate of electrical technicians:-

As a skilled tradeswoman, you will be eligible to make around $52,802 per year on average.

#2 Women in Electrical engineering trade jobs:-

Take your game as an electrical technician up a notch and start your career as an electrical engineer.

In this capacity, you will be qualified to design and develop, in addition to testing and repairing electronic items of all sizes. 

And the best thing is that you need not to hold a degree for the above. You can kick start your career by being under the apprenticeship of a professional electrical engineer.

Average pay rate of electrical engineers:-

Electrical engineering is one of the highest paying trade jobs for women, giving them a chance to earn an average of $101,000 per year.

#3 Women in Elevator installation and repairing trade jobs:-

This is yet another trade job which does not impose limitations as to the gender of the tradesperson.

 As an elevator installer and repairer, you will be required to fix, install and maintain elevators, chairlifts, boardwalks, and escalators. 

In addition to testing, installing and maintaining equipment, the job description also includes identifying and fixing the problems that cause the equipment to malfunction.

Moreover, you may also find yourself maintaining records and testing the equipment every now and again to ensure its compliance with the safety and building codes.

Average pay rate of elevator installers and repairers:-

This trade job has the potential of earning women as much as $76,650 per year on average. (2012 survey of BLS)

#4 Women in Solar energy technician trade jobs:-

In the modern times, modern methods of generating energy are being adapted, the list of which is topped by solar energy generation. 

This trade job, fortunately, also does not require any particular degree to be earned, rather focuses on the practical side of the technicalities involved in the systems.

And the field is more likely to flourish, resulting in it being a good venture for women.

Average pay rate of solar energy technicians:-

Installing, repairing and maintaining solar energy systems is likely to earn the technician an average annual salary of $46,000, with the chances of possible gains being high.

#5 Women in Wind energy technical trade jobs:-

Or if you don’t want to get a tan in the sun, how about generating some energy through the wind? 

A trade job in a similar domain as solar energy generation is wind energy generation. 

As a wind energy technician, you will put such equipment to test, that preserve the wind and convert it into consumable energy.

Average pay rate of wind energy technicians:-

Creating this renewable energy resource will give you a chance to earn more than $58,000 as a yearly average.

#6 Women in Graphics designing trade jobs:-

The technological sector has developed so much in the 21st century that even the news and other information is circulated through print and electronic media. 

In this technological era, companies are always on the lookout for skilled people to produce designs for their advertisements, brochures for their businesses, web pages and other graphics media. 

Fortunately, this trade job also functions in the corporate world, regardless of the gender differences; making it another trade job suitable for women in 2021.

Average pay rate of graphics designers:-

As graphics designers, women will find themselves in a position to earn a yearly estimate of $54,680.

#7 Women in Architectural or civil drafting trade jobs:-

Another enthralling trade job for women in 2021 is that of an architect. 

Women with creative minds can make use of this field and generate a good income for themselves by combining their talents with a bit of technical insight, and utilizing it to create maps and drawings to guide construction projects. 

This field has further sub-domains, such as architecture of roads, bridges and/ or buildings etc.

Average pay rate of architects and civil drafters:-

The trade job of an architect lies among the highly rewarding ones, having the potential to generate an average income of $56,700 on a yearly basis.

#8 Women in Computer programming trade jobs:-

Are you a tech geek who wants to pursue his career in the respective field? Then the job of a computer programmer might be fit to your likings.

As a computer programmer, you will be supposed to write codes, test programs, fix errors and ensure that a firm’s software operates smoothly. This might require a high tolerance level as bugs in computer programs aren’t that easy to detect.

This, however, would require an extensive knowledge of programming languages, which would require you to get in- class education.

Average pay rate of computer programmers:-

Computer programming is a well-paying trade job for men and women alike; the average wage being $86,580 per year.

#9 Women in Application software development trade jobs:-

Last, but not the least on our list of unconventional trade jobs for women in 2021, stands the position of an application software developer.

Creating scripts and designing apps with user friendly interfaces by implementing programming tools and languages earns way more than anticipated. 

Plus, this job does not have a specific gender requirement as well. So ensure the functionality of mobile phone apps and start generating an unexpectedly handsome income.

Average pay rate of application software developers:-

Ranked as the best job in America, this trade job not only has a 31% expected job growth, but also the potential to generate a salary package of over $108,000 on average per year.

Final Verdict:-

Break the stereotypes and find your spark in an unconventional career from our list of ultimate Trade jobs for Women in 2021. Not only will these job options help you find your passion and earn well, but will also set an example for the ambitious females out there who wish to do the same.

We hope that this transcript met your requirements of the ultimate trade jobs for women in 2021. If it did, make sure to let us know of it in the comments section below.

That was all for this article. Until next time, Adios!

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