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Blue Shampoo for Brown Hair 2020-2021: Brown Hairs Need These Blue Shampoos (We Asked Expert’s)

List of Top Best Blue Shampoos worth trying

Have you ever dyed your hair brown & your hair seems to be giving out a brassy shade? If it does, then we’ve come to the rescue. Blue shampoo is all about keeping that brassy tone away from your hair. 

Now, what is it exactly? Just like purple shampoo can balance the brass like shade in blonde hair, blue shampoo is supposed to take out orange or red shades from brown hair. Blue shampoo places pigments of blue & purple in your hair during shampooing. It counterbalances the brassy shades that develop when you dye your hair. 

How to use Blue Shampoo for Brown Hairs? 

Using the Blue shampoo requires no instructions, you can simply apply it like you would a normal shampoo. However, the only distinction is that you must apply it like a conditioner. Start from your roots & take it to your ends while making sure it is covering all parts of your hair. You wouldn’t want the orange or red tones to be unevenly present. Always use a conditioner afterward if you dye your hair. It helps to make your color appear fresh and protects your hair from damage. 

What are some major Don’ts for blue shampoo? 

Overusing the shampoo can take a toll on your brown locks. Using blue shampoo frequently can result in your hair feeling dry as the shampoo itself is of dry nature. It is also important to note that it shouldn’t be left on for too long.

List of Best Blue Shampoos:

If you’re trying out a blue shampoo for the first time, here is a list of the best ones you can choose from, we’ve thought long and hard to compile these for you: 

#1 Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo ($18)

Are you looking for instant results? Joico’s color balance will help the dyed color stick in longer & will encourage a glossier look. It also eliminates uneven warm shades from your hair. If you have highlights in your brown hair this shampoo will work best for you.

#2 Pravana; The Perfect Brunette Toning Shampoo ($15)

This product contains no sulfate, is perfect for girls with dark brown hair & no highlights. You must try this product out to get rid of the orange or red in your hair.

#3 Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo ($61)

This shampoo neutralizes the brassy tints in all shades of hair. It also gently cleanses & moisturizes your scalp & hair. It helps maintain the shade of your color as well.

#4 Matrix Total Results Brass off Shampoo ($26)

This brass off shampoo helps in improving smoothness. It has a light refreshing scent that lingers in your hair. It’s known to be the best for brown hair that is lightened. Here’s a tip for using this; leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes to experience optimum results. 

#5 Redken Color Extend Brown Lights Blue Toning Sulfate-free Shampoo ($58)

If you’re tired of your ombre or balayage locks that are all washed out then this shampoo is your go-to. The pigments in this product aids in maintaining the highlights in your brown hair. 

#6 Fanola No Orange Shampoo ($16)

The name is self-explanatory. Redken’s shampoo allows you to cancel out the brassy hair look & makes the grey or lightened hair to be less obvious. If you want your dye to stay a little longer, this has to be on your shopping list. 

#7 IGK Mixed Feelings leave-in Brunette Toning Drops ($30)

Even though this product is not a shampoo, however, these drops are added to the shampoo you typically use. It will work the same as any other blue shampoo. 

#8 DpHUE Cool Brunette Shampoo ($26)

Does your hair seem rough? Or does it break easily? This product will come to your rescue as it not only eliminates the warm tones in your hair but conditions it to give a silky & smooth after look. 

#9 Selsun Blue Medicated Maximum Strength anti-dandruff Shampoo ($26)

Selsun Blue Medicated Maximum Strength anti-dandruff shampoo offers protection to your hair from dandruff as well. The best part is that it is made out of minimum chemicals. It also provides you with moisturizing & less breaking out.

Can natural brunettes use Blue Shampoos? 

Of course, they can! As natural brunettes can have naturally pigmented hair, the blue shampoo can eliminate the warm tones. Even though it’s recommended for dyed hair, there is no harm in using it if you have naturally brown hair. It can allow your virgin hair to appear glossier. 

How many times should natural brunettes use a blue shampoo? 

Natural brunettes can use the blue shampoo once a week whereas an individual with dyed hair may use it up to twice a week. 

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