Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe: Make Perfect Bullet-Proof Coffee!

Bulletproof Coffee for weight loss and replacement for breakfast

The composition of Butter+Coffee+Oil makes Bulletproof Coffee. The creator of bulletproof coffee ‘David Asprey’ claims that this coffee has several health benefits and no mycotoxins.

With a name that sounds more like music to the ears or like a berated cheer akin to that for an idolized celeb; with a link to words like “brain octane” that leaves Kryptonite miles behind in a race; ‘bulletproof coffee’ might just have been ‘Merlin’ in its past life.

I mean, who doesn’t want a one way to ticket to improve their mood, and say adieu to that extra pound, all with a drink?

But then again, is getting a cup of coffee of bulletproof coffee, really as bulletproof as they claim it to be?

Well, let’s just dive in and see to that, shall we?

This coffee mixes in with butter and oil and works as a replacement for breakfast. According to its’ creator, Dave Asprey, it has many benefits- and has no mycotoxins, but the FDA has yet to give any opinions on its resulting effects.

We do know this, however: the bulletproof coffee has a good kind of fatty secret; one’s that called the MCT, Medium Chain Triglyceride, in its buttery goodness.

In the ‘80s or ‘90s, we’d heard people say that ‘fat was the devil’, a mirror to what impacts, we thought, it could have on our lives; such as cholesterol and heart problems. So fat was isolated, and the food world was raided with chemicals in the efforts of a new fat-free world.

It turns out that we were wrong.

All physiological functions, on the contrary, need fat, especially when it comes to the brain. Ingestion of food with good fats makes our bodies and brain work more effectively. It was the lack of fat, not fat itself, apparently, that was the root of all problems.

Bulletproof coffee has that good fat, all saturated and healthy, which gives our cognitive ability and metabolisms a boost. It also helps with weight loss, mood, and strength, and gut health. Some say it also keeps diseases like cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease at bay, but there has been no such research, so, who knows?

Bulletproof Coffee – in its glorious making

The buttery goodness, the MCT, apparently, is a key ingredient in the making of bulletproof coffee. It’s ready access to energy that dives in directly to your liver. It’s either unrefined coconut oil or the processed kind, which has a higher dose of MCT oil.

Both have their own points, like how taking in coconut oil could be an anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, or even, anti-bacterial. It has the backed-up research that the processed form lacks, and we know where there are added chemicals, there might just be added contaminants.

This doesn’t really mean that it’s not a good option. Just keep it in moderation and be wary: get it from a good source.

We got the oil category done, let’s talk about the butter. There are generally two kinds of butter: the grain-fed and the grass-fed. The grain-fed butter contains a higher proportion of Omega 6 and 9- the fewer desirables. Then there’s grass-fed, the dairy stripped category, referred to as ‘Ghee’- for the dairy sensitive.

Does bulletproof Coffee help in Weight-loss?

Through ketosis, that kills hunger and cravings, a condition initiated by a low carb rate that reboots fat-burning into a fast-track. All of that with no foggy minds, people. It’s like a quicker way to gulp down 460 fats and calories, without carbohydrates at that.

No wonder, it’s been trolling the internet.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

So here it goes: Get two tablespoons of unsalted ghee or oil, one or two of MCD oil or plain butter, and eight ounces of your favorite high-quality coffee; mix them together for about 30 seconds and there you have it- your breakfast for the day.

Is it safe to take Bulletproof Coffee on an empty stomach?

It works as a full meal, but taking it on an empty stomach. . . I, or more like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, wouldn’t really recommend that.

The bad, the good, and the bad:

MCT oil may be quicker in terms of getting metabolized and the grass-fed butter might give you a good dose of omega 3- you know the whole, gut, brain health, and energy-boosting idea, but, yes there is a ‘but’; and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

The American Heart Association recommends that saturated fat should be taken no more than13 grams. One cup of this coffee gives you a dose of more than 27 grams, which could spike up the chances of your heart disease and cholesterol, at a cost of 360 calories. Plus, your breakfast acts as a collection of nutrients, skipping that in favor of coffee means you might just get devoid of those. The coffee also lacks the balance required between the needed nutrients, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins! This is the reason why some people prefer taking a smoothie instead. It’s healthy and filling.

Despite this downside, we can say that keeping it in moderation might be the key. Mix it up with your breakfast week routine.

According to Michelle Shapiro, the ketones and the absence of mold toxins and insulin production, through this coffee, keeps our hunger hormone on a leash, and our body fasted. Otherwise, you might consume too many calories too soon. This is why; this is used majorly by people working on a ketogenic diet.

For those on this low carb diet, it’s a good idea to go to your doctor, get a consultation and get a blood test. If you don’t have high cholesterol levels, you would be good to go.

If you’ve noticed, this bulletproof coffee recipe has what we’d call a list of ingredients with a varied quantity of oil, and all perhaps, for a much-needed reason. For people who aren’t as habitual of consuming such good fats, they might need to work up the dose of their ingredients, a little more gradually, than the others, because if you don’t, well then, there might be certain consequences. Because your body isn’t used to the intake, your digestive system may not like the change and might just rebel. You know and we know, then no one here, wants a bad case of disaster pants running around as a pilot episode, especially if you’re on a day out to greet the world- that would be a disaster. So, if you move too quickly, you might have to . . . move much quicker, let’s just say, you’ve been warned.

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