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Can you increase your chances to Conceive Twins? [Answered]

Some couples may freak out the moment they find out they are having twins during the ultrasound because it is a surprise to them. Other couples may be over the moon after finding out about the twin pregnancy, as it is exactly what they hoped for.

So, if you have successfully conceived twins then congratulations! But on the other hand, if you have always dreamed about having twins and failed to conceive twins or are trying to have twins. There are a few methods and factors that you should be aware of.

What increases your chances of having twins?

The following few factors and methods may help you increase your chances of having twins:

  • You age

Studies show that women who are 30 or above have higher chances of conceiving twins. This is due to the fact that bodies of the 30 or 30 plus women produce higher levels of follicle-stimulating hormone and estrogen. Both these hormones cause hyper ovulation; a process in which more than one egg is released into the uterus for fertilization. Hence, increasing the odds of conceiving twins.

  • Your body type.

Women who are obese or have an unlikely BMI are more likely to have a twin pregnancy because their bodies produce higher levels of insulin which may cause more than one egg in the ovary to be stimulated during ovulation. There is no solid evidence behind this study, it is just hypothesized.

  • You height

A study conducted concluded that if you are tall, you have higher chances of having twins than the women who are shorter than 5”4. The study suggested that this may again be because of the higher levels of insulin-like growth factor in tall women.

  • Your ethnicity

Women who are African, Nigerian, or black are more likely to have twins than Asians, Hispanic, and Caucasians. There is no scientific study behind this claim. However, a few researchers say that this could be possible because of the diet difference.

  • Your family history

If you previously had twins or are a twin yourself then this is good news for you. Women who already conceived twins in their previous pregnancy or have a family history of twins have increased possibilities of having twins. Even if your partner’s family has a history of twins or they are a twin themself, then your chances of a twin pregnancy are still more powerful!

  • Fertility medications

Fertility drugs or medications should only be taken as per your doctor’s recommendations. Fertility drugs mainly induce hyper ovulation in women who are trying for a twin pregnancy. Although, if the medications are not taken as per the suggestions of your doctor, then you are doing more harm than any good!

  • Fertility treatments

Fertility treatments such as the infamous in Vitro Fertilization or IVF method will drastically boost your odds for a twin pregnancy. Although it is a very expensive method and is done by a professional health care worker. this method shows promising results. It is best to inform you that there are some risks and health issues regarding the IVF procedure.

A study in Sweden successfully proved that women who intake the suggested amount of folic acid while trying for a twin pregnancy have higher chances of reaching their goal than women who do not consume folic acid supplements.

  • Your diet

Increasing fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in your diet will help you conceive twins. Moreover, yams, cassava root, and Macca root foods are widely known to help obtain twin pregnancy.

  • Sex positions

Most doctors also suggest that trying out certain sex positions such as a position that will be the closest to the cervix will raise your chances of conceiving twins.

In conclusion

Despite following any of the methods, there is no 100% assurance that you will conceive twins. The listed methods and chances will increase your likelihood of having twins but will not for sure result in a twin’s pregnancy. You cannot induce twins’ pregnancy naturally; the magic happens in the womb. Although you can opt for some medical artificial methods such as IVF or fertility drugs as they are superior methods to other methods for conceiving twins.

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