Carrot Juice Nutrition, Benefits, Side-effects – How to make Carrot Juice?

Remember that orange veggie that the bunny rabbit in cartoons always seems to be carrying around as he says iconic catchphrases like “Eh, what’s up doc?”  

Yep, we’re talking about carrots! And unless you take decent care of your health and fill your body up with a healthy amount of vegetables and fruits daily, you either haven’t stocked up on carrots in weeks, or they’re hidden behind the Chinese takeout and pizza leftovers! However, it might be time to change that because this article might just give you the boost you need to start your fitness journey.

Most food items carry some sort of nutritional value but what makes foods like carrots, especially important is the fact that they are completely loaded with goodness for your entire body, inside and out! They can be cooked in a variety of dishes from carrot cakes, to casseroles and soups. However, since most people have neither the time nor the energy to whip up a carrot-based dish every single day, the most common way of consuming them to get all their nutritious benefits is either by drinking carrot juice or eating them raw. Let’s take a look at why carrot juices need to be a part of your daily routine!

Health benefits of drinking Carrot juice

  • Potentially say goodbye to those glasses! 

This one’s a classic as almost every person with weak eyesight has been told to eat carrots/ drink carrot juice- and with good reason! Carrots are packed with a very important substance called beta- carotene (sounds unfamiliar? Think of Vitamin A instead!) The beta- carotene is converted to vitamin A in our bodies which not only helps our vision by keeping our eyes clear but also reduces the risk of night blindness.

  • A healthy heart and a healthy mind!

From our physical health to mental health, carrots play an important role in keeping our hearts and brains in optimum health! They are great for reducing oxidative stress and the risk of stroke in your brain and heart. Moreover, they contain nitrates and polyphenol which does a great job of regulating blood pressure. We all know that excess cholesterol in our bodies can lead to various heart diseases, but lucky for us, carrots reduce cholesterol levels by reducing the absorption of fats.

  • Help in weight loss

For those of you who are looking to shed a few pounds, carrot juice can be a great, delicious addition to your morning routine because along with all of its other benefits, carrots are known for boosting your metabolism. And if you’re worried about it not being filling enough, then worry no more because the fibers in the carrots help you feel relatively full for a good amount of time after you’re done drinking. And if that’s not already enough, they also detoxify your system along the way!

  • Better digestive health

Carrots are perfect for improving your digestive health and keeping them in the best possible shape! The juice is loaded with both soluble and insoluble fibers which are perfect for keeping those bowel movements regulated! Add in some potassium to help with diarrhea and alkaline compounds to help with acidity and you can say goodbye to those pesky stomach pains for a good long while!

  • Reduce cancer risks!

We don’t need to explain how scary this particular disease is, whether it’s us who’s been diagnosed or a loved one. Cancer and its treatments can be very hard to deal with and put a lot of pressure on your body! To be on the safe side, it’s always great to take steps to make sure you have a healthy diet that will keep nasty free radicals (that cause cancer) at bay! Drinking carrot juice can help with that because it contains antioxidants that take care of the free radical and prevent stomach cancer, leukemia, and even breast cancer.

  • Healthy lungs!

Breathing without any difficulties is a luxury most of us enjoy, but for people who are avid smokers, it can be harder because they might develop various diseases that obstruct their airways and make it impossible to take a breath without coughing up good amount phlegm!

Nutrients like vitamin c do a great job of reducing diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary heart disease! People who have these diseases have a decreased amount of the nutrients found in carrots in their bodies.

  • Better oral health!

All that bacteria and gunk that goes to your body through your mouth is taken care of by carrots!

  • Synthesis of hormones

Hormones regulate an insane amount of bodily functions and reactions, without which, a lot of diseases can come knocking at your door. For example, a decreased amount of insulin production in the body can lead to diabetes. The vitamin E in carrot juice aids in the synthesis of various hormones in our body!

  • Grow those muscles!

Vitamin A has a running streak in being amazing for many various bodily functions, one of them being the growth of body muscles! This is because vitamin A aids in protein synthesis and as we all know, protein is one of the main components of muscles.

  • Great for diabetes

People with diabetes need to watch their sugar intake levels, but when it comes to carrots, you’re good to go since, despite its sweetness, its sugar levels are not harmful.

  • Better skin

The key to great skin also lies in the cleanliness of what’s inside your body! If it’s filled with junk, that’s going to show up in the form of many, many pimples! On the other hand, if your body is detoxified, and properly hydrated, that will be reflected on your skin as well. The beta carotene and vitamin c also promote glowing skin and the carrots have photo-protective properties which will aid in protecting your skin from the sun!

Possible Side effects and risks of drinking Carrot juice!

As with everything else, drinking carrot juice can also come with potential risks and side effects if not consumed correctly (or if too much is consumed!) 

  • Vitamin A toxicity

This is especially dangerous because it can affect vital organs of your body like the liver and your kidneys! It occurs from excess consumption of carrots which can cause the excess vitamin a from beta carotene to be deposited in your liver. This can even lead to the formation of weaker bones causing fractures etc! The symptoms of this can include nausea, vomiting, loss of hair and appetite, nose bleeding, etc!

  • Watch out for any allergies!

While you may not be allergic to the carrots on their own, it could get dangerous if consumed with other products you might be allergic to, so just double-check the ingredients of whatever you might be eating, especially if you have a more sensitive stomach!

  • Digestive problems

Since carrots are loaded with fibers, if you have too many of them, they can be relatively harder to digest and might even cause flatulence.

  • Possible pesticides

It’s no secret that the use of pesticides has been heavily increased in agriculture to ensure that the product is unaffected by pests. However, if not washed away properly, these pesticides can easily cause brain damage, hormonal imbalances, etc! The easiest way to avoid his is to soak your vegetables in water after buying them and washing them away thoroughly before use! This will also get rid of possible germs, especially if you’re buying them from an open market.

  • Skin discoloration

This is one is a bit humorous, but bear with us, if you eat too many carrots, you might start to look a little orange! It’s the extra beta carotene that gets stuck in your system; however, this is solvable by just stopping the consumption of carrots for a while!

How to make Carrot juice?

The juice is traditionally made in a vegetable juicer, however, a blender works just as well! The best part about carrot juice is that it’s so versatile and can be mixed with other ingredients to make green smoothies and other flavored juices. Some of the most common combinations are those of carrots with ginger, oranges, or other citrus fruits. You can truly customize this to however you like according to what you and your loved ones like best. 

Just chop up your ingredients (after very careful washing and cleaning of course) and add them to a blender or mixer with some water. Add sugar according to your taste or substitute it for honey for a healthier choice! Don’t forget to strain the mixture to get the grainy mush out!

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