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Cat Themed Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Cat themed gifts are considered cute, beautiful, and attractive. On various occasions such as birthday, new home party invitations, or even at celebrations; people prefer giving cat-themed gifts to their loved ones.

From DIY gifts to store-bought stuff, any item that has been customized with a picture of a cat may seem like the perfect gift (sorry not sorry). However, to make sure you don’t turn your friend’s place into a crazy cat lady house, we’ve narrowed down some of the best gifts for you!

DIY Cat Themed Gifts Ideas

  • Paintings and portraits!

Time to put those artistic abilities to good use and make an art piece featuring a cat! Let’s be honest, plain walls are very boring to look at, and whether it’s a simple minimalistic sketch or a colorful cat portrait (depends on the person’s liking) a wall art is a great way to spice up someone’s room! If you’re not up for painting/ drawing, you could just get a printout of their cat’s photo. Feel free to add a cute little picture frame- and dare we say it; a cat-themed frame?

  • Photo albums and scrapbooks!

We all have that one friend who bombards us with daily pictures of their cats doing absolutely nothing. Here’s a chance to put those pictures to good use before clearing out your camera roll. Get them printed out in a photo book, or get crafty and create a scrapbook dedicated entirely to them and their cats! It might take a while to make but we can assure you, it’ll be received with nothing but gratitude and will end up being one of their most prized possessions.

  • Kitty t-shirts

We all need a tacky little article of clothing with a cat plastered all over it! Get a customized t-shirt with a picture of their cat for a fun surprise! Kitty shirts are perfect for those cozy rainy days when all you want to do is snuggle in bed with Netflix, a coffee, and a blanket. You could even customize a basic pair of jeans by adding cat details on the pockets.

  • Knitted kitty coasters!

This one’s a perfect handmade gift if you’re into knitting. Knit a couple of cat-shaped coasters for your friend and wrap it up in a cute little box for a thoughtful surprise! You could even go the extra mile and make a matching table mat to go along with the coasters.

Home and Room Decoration Gifts Ideas with Cat theme

  • Cat-themed home décor

From pillowcases and blankets to shower curtains and welcome mats, there are tons of places that happily plaster a picture of a cat along with a funny caption on home décor items! This might be a little too tacky for some people but it’ll be sure to get a good hearty laugh from them every time they look at it!

  • LED lamp-but as a cat!

LED lights are especially trendy nowadays for adding fun colors to your room. But why settle for the boring old string lights or the all –too- basic led strips when you can have a Japanese style kitty shaped LED lamp! Nightmare free nights and ultimate cuteness are almost 100% guaranteed with this one!

  • PyroPet Candles- From wax to bones!

As indicated by the heading, this geometric and aesthetic, cat-shaped candle melts away to reveal a kitty skeleton! They make a great gift for the holidays as they are the perfect thing to leave on your dinner table for Halloween night or use in your room as decoration!

  • Cat-themed cutlery and crockery

This is an especially great gift for new homeowners. While everyone has their everyday dishes, we all need a classy little cat-shaped tea set or some fancy plates with kitties painted on them for those special occasions! These can also double as great and funky decoration pieces!

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