Hair Colors

15 Dazzling Lemonade Braids to Try Out

Your natural hair doesn’t have to be boring. For a long time now, cornrows have been in vogue for women…

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Dyeing Wet Hair Science: Is Dyeing Wet Hair Possible? 

You’ve made it across the bridge of dilemma where you couldn’t decide if you should dye your hair or not.…

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Red Hair Color ideas: Modern and Stylish Red Hair Color Shades

New hair color is the perfect way to play around with your look even without a tough breakup or a…

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Dyeing Wet Hair: What it entails? (Coloring Wet Hairs with Dye)

Many experts recommend dyeing hair while it is dry, others swear by dyeing hair when it is wet. While most…

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10 Best Hair Color Ideas for a New You (Modern and New Fashion Styles)

Want to change your looks? What better way than to change the color of your locks? Fortunately going for a…

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