Cleaning White Shoes: Clean White Shoes with Detergent, Liquid Soap, Bleach, Baking Soda and Toothpaste

6 Ways to Clean White Shoes

Looking at elegant white shoes in a shop, the first thought that comes to you might be ;

“Wow! They are really pretty. But what will I do if they get stained.”                 

Going to a marshy area with your white shoes might be a nightmare for a lot of people. The most inevitable task a person may encounter is to keep his bright white shoes away from smudges. Once you put on your white shoes it seems like every stain is looking forward to becoming a part of our new white shoes. Nothing is more torturous then seeing our murky white shoes. If you use your white shoes only for indoor activities, it would not save them from getting filthy. You can confront at any place a situation where your brand new shoes get dirty.

There are a lot of products that claim to make your nasty and muddy white shoes immaculate. But most of the products are not applicable to all types of stains and for all types of shoes. Some are too expensive that you might think it a better idea to buy new shoes than getting that expensive cleaner. So, what should you do if your new white shoes get smirch?

How To Clean White Shoes? #WhiteShoesCleaning

Don’t worry if you have a brand new white shoe. I’ll tell you how you can prevent them from getting contaminated by dust. Even if they get messy there are many ways to make them spotless.

Preventive Measures

Firstly, if you want your white shoes to stay white away from getting unbelievably muddy follow two simple measures.

      • Before using your white shoes put on some water and stain repellent spray. If you don’t have you can use hair spray or paraffin wax. Both these act as stain and water repellent.
      • Develop a habit of cleaning your white shoes every time you put on them. If you clean them on a daily basis, dush will not make them crummy.

List of 3 Best Dirt/Filth Repellent Sprays for White Shoes

The following are the three best recommendations from me that you can use to protect your white shoes from dirt. If you are interested to buy then click on the images and it will take you directly to the page from where you can make the purchase of these dirt-and filth repellent sprays for shoes.

Cleaning Stained White Shoes

You can make your filthy white shoes speckless by one of the following ways. But for all the solutions you must have a toothbrush.

#1 Cleaning White Shoes using Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid helps you a lot in cleaning greasy pots and plates. It is also your proponent even in the fight against stains on your white shoes. Just take a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a sponge or toothbrush along with a little water and scrub it on your shoes. Repeat this until all stains get vanish. Wash your shoes with an adequate amount of water and let them dry. Your white shoes are ready to sparkle again.

#2 Cleaning White Shoes using Detergents

Just the way detergents help you washing stained and nasty clothes, they also aid you to clean your shoes. For this purpose make a thick paste of detergent and water. Apply it on the white shoes and rub so stains could be removed.

Let’s see how Detergents and Dishwashing liquid acts.

Both the detergent and dishwashing liquid act in a similar way. They have a hydrophobic part and a hydrophilic part.  When we use them with water hydrophobic parts attract dirt or grease towards them while the hydrophilic part has the ability to attract water. When water flows over it, detergent along with dirt gets attracted to water and it detached from shoes.

#3 Cleaning White Shoes using Toothpaste

You may clean your teeth with toothpaste daily. But have you tried cleaning your white shoes using toothpaste? Yes, you can clean your sully white shoes with toothpaste. Don’t use colored toothpaste otherwise you may make your shoes colored.

Take a toothbrush with toothpaste and apply it to your shoes just like you do with your teeth. This will make your shoes spike and span without any extra effort. Repeat the procedure if required.

#4 Cleaning White Shoes using Baking Soda With Vinegar

For sticky stains that not want to get parted from your shoes, you can employ baking soda with vinegar. If your shoes have countless stains you need a little more baking soda and vinegar. Don’t make a paste.

Baking soda being a  base reacts quickly with vinegar which is acid and produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide evolves with effervescence and this fizzy reaction dissolves the stains. Water is produced as a by-product that can dilute the reaction mixture and hampers the reaction. That’s why, you need more quantity of both the reactants so, the reaction could continue.

How to use it then? Just sprinkle some baking soda on your white shoes and pour one spoon-full of vinegar over it. Rub it using an old toothbrush so you may clean satins that are deep-rooted.  Remove the leftover using a sponge or some piece of cloth.

#5 Cleaning White Shoes using Baking Soda With Lemon

It is an alternative method if your vinegar is not available at that time. Strew baking soda on your white shoes and add some lemon juice over it. It acts just like a dash of vinegar and your shoes could be clean. Vinegar and lemon juice both are acidic and reacts with baking soda and take stains along with them during the reaction.

#6 Cleaning White Shoes using Bleach

If you are thinking of cleaning your smudged white shoes with bleach you must be cautious. I tell you how you can use bleach your shoes without damaging it.

For using even household bleach you need to be super careful. It has chemicals that can cause eye irritation and suffocation. So, if you are using it go to some open area to keep yourself safe and sound. Measure the quantity of bleach and water. To prevent you from white shoes from damaging and getting yellowish take 1-part of bleach in 6-parts of water. Pour it your white shoes and they will again become white.

Can we wash White Shoes in Washing Machine?

If you are thinking of putting your shoes in the washing machine and they would be clean. Then you are having the wrong idea. It can do more damage to your shoes then good. Washing white shoes in a machine in the company of your clothes can tear off the fabric of your shoes. It is also a possibility that you might get colored shoes instead of getting white shoes after washing them in the washing machine. So keep your white shoes away from washing machines and try one of the above processes to clean them.

Now when you know how to clean your filthy white shoes, don’t scare anymore from showing-off your lovely white shoes.

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