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Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-2023: Submit Your Online Application

Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-2023 started accepting online applications from international students of all disciplines. The candidates are called to submit documents along with commonwealth scholarships 2022 applications now.

In today’s era of intense inflation, pursuing higher qualifications can be extremely costly. The fee structure of undergraduate programs is enough to haunt a person in his dreams, which leaves almost no room for even thinking about pursuing postgraduate education- especially at one’s own expense.

But what about those brilliant minds who believe that they can make a difference in the world if given the chance? Well, there is good news for such genius brains. There are organizations that are willing to give them a chance to put their intellects to the test and to prove themselves to the world by granting them scholarships. 

However, it is a pity that even though most students have the ability to avail such opportunities, they are unaware of them. And to breed familiarity of such students with one of the best scholarship programs found in the world is this article. so give it a good read to understand all that you need to know about the Commonwealth scholarship program for postgraduate degrees 2022.

What is the Commonwealth Scholarship Program?

The Commonwealth Scholarship Program is, as the name suggests, an initiative by the British government to provide fully-funded scholarships to those talented individuals residing within the Commonwealth Countries, who have the potential to make an impact in the world with their great minds.

This scheme financially supports students who are eligible to pursue postgraduate education, but who don’t have the means and resources. This mission, it achieves, by launching a range of varied programs for the students to choose from, on both Masters and Ph.D. Levels. 

One great thing about the Commonwealth Scholarships Program is that the number of scholarships increases each year, providing more students with an opportunity to earn themselves a higher education degree.

All you need to know about the Commonwealth Scholarships:-

In order to apply to the Commonwealth Scholarships 2022, you must first know all the necessary details about the scheme. No need to jump on to other websites as you will find the answers to all your questions under this very website. Stay tuned to find out all that is required.

Funding of the Commonwealth Scholarships:-

The Commonwealth scholarships and fellowships work in collaboration with the Department for International Development and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; the former, funding it for developing Commonwealth countries and the latter, for the developed Commonwealth countries. Moreover, the host universities are also provided funds by the Scottish government.

Who can apply for the Commonwealth Scholarships?

All those bright students who have an undergraduate honors degree and are unable to fund their higher education are eligible to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarships, provided that they are a resident of a Commonwealth Country.

In case of applying to Ph.D. Programs, possession of a Master’s degree is mandatory.

Grants by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission:-

Students who avail scholarships by the Commonwealth Foundation will be provided with grants up to £200,000 for the duration of four years to fund their postgraduate degrees.

These grants are to support their innovative ideas in the best possible way, which will, as result, strengthen the economy of their respective countries.

Coverage of Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-2023

As mentioned above, the Commonwealth Scholarships 2022 are fully funded Scholarships by the UK government. This means that all the expenses of the students availing the scholarships will be covered by the British government. 

The following expenses will be covered by the government of the UK for students availing of the Commonwealth Scholarships in 2022:

    • Tuition fee waiver
    • Transportation cost waiver
    • Accommodation fee funding
    • Textbook allowance
    • Feeding allowance
    • Medical expenses
    • Visa and travel fee.

The process to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarships 2022:

The Commonwealth Foundation advances applications mostly in November each year. However, students willing to apply in 2022 may want to keep a check of the original website to stay updated about the most recent deadlines.

The application can be made by logging in to the CSC’s official online portal. After selecting your country name, you can explore the eligibility criteria for your particular region. After fulfilling all the requirements, your application is all set to submit!

Selection procedure of the Commonwealth Scholarships:-

It must be kept in mind that the Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships are awarded purely on a merit basis. The finalized list of scholarship holders generated by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission contains the names of those candidates, whom the Scholarship panel found best in terms of contributing to the welfare of their home countries. This also means that the selection process is a highly competitive one, the final decision of which, is made by the Member States embodied in the Foundation Grants Committee.

Documents needed for Commonwealth Scholarship Application:-

Applicants are advised to make the following set of documents ready prior to starting the commonwealth online application procedure:

List of Top 8 Commonwealth Scholarships 2022:-

Now that you know all that is required to be known about the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme, you are ready to discover the best Commonwealth Scholarships that you can apply to in 2022. 

The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission offers a diverse range of programs for students to choose from including:

    • Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships (for both developed and developing countries)
    • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
    • Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships
    • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
    • Commonwealth Medical Fellowships
    • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships.

Each of these types of awards is incorporated in our ultimate list, so take a look below and find one that is best for you.

Quick Navigation of the Commonwealth Scholarships 2022:-

    • University of Birmingham Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
    • University of Warwick Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
    • Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students
    • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships
    • Queen’s University Belfast Scholarships for International Students
    • Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships
    • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships
    • University of Pretoria Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarships for International Students.

#1 University of Birmingham Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2022:-

With an aim to provide equal opportunities for growth to all the students, without any respect to their cultural background, financial ability, or their country, the University of Birmingham has launched a fully-funded scholarship program in association with CSC and the UK Department of International Development (DFID).

Level of study:-

    • Masters.

Field of study:-

    • Cancer Sciences
    • Economic Development and Regeneration 
    • Economics.

Perks and allowances:-

    • Full tuition fee
    • Monthly stipend
    • Airfare
    • Medical expenses
    • Study travel grant (up to £200/-)
    • Excess baggage allowance on the return flight (up to 10kgs for books).

#2 University of Warwick Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2022:-

If you are looking for a scholarship program to gain the relevant skills and knowledge to prove to be an asset for your home country, then this scholarship offered by the University of Warwick is for you. There is a diverse range of degree programs that you can choose from to take a look at to find the one that best suits you.

Degree level:-

    • Masters.

Field of study:-

    • Healthcare operational management
    • Food security
    • Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management
    • Gender and International Development
    • International Political Economy
    • International Development Law and Human Rights
    • Global and Comparative History.

Perks and allowances:-

    • Full tuition fee
    • Monthly stipend
    • Airfare
    • Clothing allowance.

#3 Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University for International Students 2022:-

Has pursuing higher education from the Oxford University always been on your bucket list? Will you be glad to know that there is a way for that lifelong dream to come true!

The Rhodes Scholarships is one of the oldest, most prestigious scholarships which gives those with excellent academic ability a chance to study at the Oxford University for free. Despite the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Rhodes Scholarship program has not ceased its operation and is continuing to accept students from the Commonwealth countries to get a postgraduate degree free of cost.

Degree level:-

    • Masters 
    • Ph.D.

Field of study:-

The Rhodes Scholarship program offers a wide range of courses which can be found on the official website.

Perks and allowances:-

    • Full tuition fee
    • Airfare
    • Residential expenses
    • Monthly stipend (equal to £1,325/-)
    • Free medical care
    • Fieldwork cost
    • Free access to workshops and conferences.

#4 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships 2022:-

How about studying in a university in the UK while staying at home? This might have sounded impossible to us a few years back, but not anymore! The British government had introduced this scheme back in 2002 and we feel as if it were initiated for the Covid situation in particular. 

This innovative poverty-reducing scheme has already awarded around 1000 scholarships to students residing in the Commonwealth Countries.

Degree level:-

    • Masters.

Host universities:-

    • University of Edinburgh
    • Cardiff University
    • Queen Mary, University of London
    • University of Birmingham
    • University of Liverpool
    • University of Oxford
    • University of Sterling
    • University of York
    • Open University.

Fields of study:-

    • International Human Rights Law
    • International Animal Health
    • Global challenges
    • Public financial management
    • Tropical Forestry
    • Online and distance education
    • Trauma Sciences
    • Burn Care
    • Dementia Sciences.

Perks and allowances:-

    • Full tuition fee
    • Study-related costs
    • Visa costs
    • Airfare
    • Residential costs
    • Monthly stipend (amounting to £1,084/-)

#5 Queen’s University Belfast Scholarships for International Students 2022:-

Taking admission in one of the leading research and educational centers of the world is a very bright student’s dream. And to fulfill this dream is the Queen’s University Belfast Scholarship Program for the great minds of Commonwealth countries.

Degree level:-

    • Undergraduate
    • Masters.

Field of study:-

The scholarship is applicable to all the courses offered by the university.

Perks and allowances:-

    • Full tuition fee
    • Monthly stipend
    • Airfare
    • Medical care.

#6 Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships 2022:-

Funded by the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowship Program offers fellowships to more than 50 international students each year. 

This program gives the highest quality researchers a chance to practice under and benefit from world-class facilities. So this program is perfect for you if you want to spend one or two years to practice in a UK university.

#7 Commonwealth Professional Fellowships 2022:-

If you live in the developing Commonwealth countries, then spending a year or two of practice in the UK would be a great kick start to your career. Sponsored by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship program provides mid-career professionals with a chance to gain practical experience in the United Kingdom.

#8 University of Pretoria Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarships for International Students 2022:-

If you have what it takes to contribute to the research department of one of the finest research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom, then consider this as a golden opportunity. 

You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to spend 3 years of affiliation with the University of Pretoria now, would you?

Degree level:-

    • Ph.D.

Field of study:-

All the courses offered by the host university.

Perks and allowances:-

    • Full tuition fee
    • Living costs
    • Free health care
    • Study material (books and stationery)
    • Travel costs 
    • Visa costs
    • Transportation fee.

So Is this Scholarship for you?

This was our ultimate detailed guide with all the know-how of the Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-2023 for International Students for the academic year 2022. Make sure to give us your valuable response if you found this article helpful in the comments section below.

This brings the end of this article. That’s all folks!


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