Cruise Control Diet

Cruise Control Diet Plan: Cruise Control Diet Reduces Weight Significantly


Overweight or obesity is often seen as a sign of laziness or unattractive or a poor character, which motivates you to lose some fats. But the problem is that weight loss is not that easy as it sounds! right? So here is what I am writing about the “cruise control diet”, a diet which you can take however you want to can lose weight.

“I’ve discovered a hack that gives you keto’s fat-burning benefits but still you have foods like fruits, wholegrain, and chocolates,” says Jorge cruise, the author of the book cruise control diet.

There’s no hunger, no cravings and most importantly you don’t have to exercise. Isn’t it amazing! If you are extremely obese, losing weight can mean “less heart disease, less diabetes, and less cancer,” says Robert Eckel, professor of medicine and physiology at the University of Colorado Denver.

The Cruise Control Diet

In a cruise control diet, you can eat anything for 8 hours, and then the burn zone starts for about 16 hours. Overweight almost means that you have too much insulin, a hormone that is responsible for the storage of fat. If the insulin of your body will come down then the body will use extra glucose that is converted into fat which is exactly what you want! Yeah right, the weight will lose.

Cruise Control Diet Meal Plan

In a cruise diet, you can have your lunch, dinner, and snacks from 11 am to 7 pm or any 8 hours of your own choice but it works best for most of the ladies. And from 7 pm to 11 am you will fast but still, you can have your favorite coffee but with a little bit of diet touch. Don’t worry it still tastes amazing as always.

Go natural with your food, play with it, mix the stuff, and have it but avoid anything processed to see the best results.

 There are three phases in the cruise control diet:

    1. The eating phase
    2. The control phase
    3. And then the fat-burning phase

Cruise Control Diet Plan

Following is the diet plan for cruise diet that you can take to reduce weight:

Actually, in this cruise control diet plan, you don’t feel that hungry or find yourself starving for food because if you feel hungry you can have your coffee with the bulk of butter (bulletproof Coffee) or heavy cream and the layer of stevia for the sweet tooth.

Cruise coffee

You can have coffee in your diet by adding butter or heavy cream but not with the sugar if you really want then you can add a natural sweetener like monk fruit or stevia. They both have little-to-no calories or nutrients. “You can really enjoy fasting without starving” says Jorge Cruise.

Burn Zone

During the burning phase, From 7 pm to 11 pm, you should drink plenty of water. And you can also enjoy about 2 to 3 serving of a cruise control diet coffee or if you are a chai lover then it will also work well but without sugar or with the monk fruit or stevia. Cruise says that “high fat and low sugar beverages and treat can get you through the fasting period also include it that high-fat food wouldn’t make you feel hungry and feel delicious”


Then to break the fast, your Lunch would be grilled or baked chicken with a side salad and a pinch of pink salt in it go perfect with your cruise diet. You can also add and detect different things like chic beans or corn or a hand-full of almonds. You can also have different types of soups like carrot or mushroom soup or maybe simple chicken soup with sauces goes best with your lunch. You don’t need to have the same meal every day. you can have meat or beef or seafood or something else which makes you happy.


In dinner, you can have some vegetable fried in coconut oil with a touch of black pepper and a bowl of boiled grains or legume or seeds. If you like seafood then you can also add fish in your dinner, as fish’s low-fat high-quality protein makes your tummy full and without increasing the fat quantity in your body. You should also add fruits in your diet plan to make your sugar level control throughout the night and make you sleep well.

Finally, always remember every diet is not suitable for everyone. You shouldn’t do this if you use insulin or if you are pregnant. Always discuss with your doctor before starting any diet plan to make sure that it’s safe for you.

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