German DAAD Scholarships by the German Government started receiving online applications in all of the German Universities for recruiting international students for their research-based degree programs. All the international students can check their eligibility for the DAAD scholarship 2022-2023 with the help of this article.

Germany is now awarding DAAD Scholarships to international students and this article explains how an international student may apply for a scholarship in Germany. Many students from these developing countries apply and they are approved for the DAAD scholarship and they get the opportunity to be enrolled in various universities in Germany.

The students are awarded these German DAAD scholarships to study courses that are taught in both German and English languages. The DAAD scholarship is however not available for undergraduates and is only for postgraduate students. To be approved for a fully funded German Scholarship, a student has to show proof of two years of working experience. The courses that are approved under DAAD scholarship are those that have a duration of more than a year and less than three years.

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DAAD German Scholarships 2022 Coverage Plan:

DAAD German Scholarship winners will enjoy the package of the following; with completely free education in a designated German University:

    1. Study and Health grant with travel allowances
    2. Both postgraduate and doctorate students get health insurance coverage
    3. Postgraduate students get a monthly allowance of 861 Euros
    4. The students also get accommodation for free at the university
    5. Doctorate students get a monthly allowance of 1000 Euros
    6. The students get to study for free in a German university
    7. There is also a provision where these students can receive a travel grant


German DAAD Scholarships Step by Step Process to Apply:

Please note that applications may be rejected for formal reasons if you submit any documents that are difficult to read. Applications addressed at more than two higher education institutions and/or that do not contain a clear prioritization in the DAAD form and the letter of motivation, will be excluded from the selection process.

Only applications including all required documents will be considered. Applications sent to the DAAD will not be forwarded to the respective higher education institution(s). Such application documents including any attachments, samples, etc. will become the property of the DAAD, without any compensation. They will not be returned. Any deviations from the application process will result in exclusion from the selection process.

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Step A: Please make sure to complete the DAAD German Scholarship application form ‘Application for a research/study scholarship’ only once and indicate your selected higher education institutions, clearly indicating your first and second priority.


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Step B: Please draw up a single application for both higher education institutions and only one letter of motivation. In this letter, you should explain in detail, why you chose the respective courses of study as well as your reasons for prioritizing.


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Step C: Please send the application form to the higher education institutions of your choice (no more than two), along with the required documents (see below). Scholarship applications are only accepted via the courses of study. Please submit your application documents for the course of study and the DAAD scholarship to the higher education institution of your choice, and not to the DAAD.


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Documents Set Needed for DAAD Helmut Scholarship Application:

    • Apply for DAAD Scholarship directly to German University.
    • Download the application form for DAAD scholarship.
    • Make a personalized CV with your signature.
    • Personal statement may be needed or Intent Letter
    • Write a detailed research proposal or Study Plan.
    • Write a motivation letter and hand sign it.
    • Submit an online DAAD Scholarships application and send in hard copies to the University.
    • Produce Letter of recommendation from your previous professors.
    • Add referral or experience letter from the previous workplace.
    • Include English or German language proficiency certificate.
    • Add supplementary documents to support your DAAD application.

The procedure for applying depends on the type of scholarship as well as the chosen program. Detailed information on how to make an application can be found on the DAAD website as well as a list of local contacts that you can use in case you have questions.


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Selection Process of DAAD Scholarship Winners:

The selection will be made by a selection committee in October/November 2021. The committee comprises professors from the participating courses of study and representatives of the DAAD.

Next step: The candidates that were suggested for a scholarship are contacted by the DAAD and asked to upload their full documents to the DAAD portal. Please do not upload any application documents, unless
you are nominated by the DAAD.

Important: Please make sure that you have a full set of copies of your application documents, as you will need to upload your full documents (in PDF format) to the DAAD portal if you are suggested for a DAAD scholarship.

Please send only original documents, if you are explicitly asked to do so by the course of study. The selection process is finalized. All applicants are informed in writing after the end of the selection process. This will probably be the case in mid to late December 2021.


DAAD Definition:

DAAD is the abbreviation of Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, which is a department of Germany that sponsors scholarships for students to study in Germany.

This simply means that the application is done online. You have to create an account in the DAAD portal after which you choose the scholarship program and then submit your application. You can only submit an application if the application process is still open. To find out the application dates, go to the ‘application procedure’ on the portal.

Degrees offered under DAAD Scholarship funding:

The scholarships offered by DAAD accommodate all subjects. However, there are some limitations when it comes to subjects like medicine and subject-specific programs. Applicants should go through the scholarship database to choose the specific scholarships aligning with their subject category.

DAAD Scholarship Application Filing with Hope Certificate:

Yes! you can apply for a DAAD Helmut Scholarships with a hope certificate. The candidates with hope certificates are required to attach their documents online including their hope certificate that also mentions the date of their graduation.

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