Most people do wear boyfriend jeans but don’t know whether it shrinks or not when they wash them. The truth is that all types of Jeans shrink easily in water. Notably, the shrinkage rate is not the same for all jeans based on their material. Likewise, what causes shrinkage for each pair might differ from other jeans. So, do boyfriend jeans shrink when you wash them?

Due to the fabric, they are made of, they tend to shrink as there is a high increase in temperature. Most people use a washer and dryer to wash boyfriend jeans. These two are major agents causing shrinkage in boyfriend Jeans.

Hence, you need to know more about the possible cause of boyfriend jeans and how to prevent it best.

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Why Do Boyfriend Jeans Shrink When You Wash Them?

There are certain principles governing and surrounding the shrinkage of boyfriend Jeans. If the reasons are known, they can be dealt with. Some reasons and causes why boyfriend jeans shrink when you wash them are;

1. Heat

The most common reason boyfriend jeans shrink is they are exposed to heat. Boyfriend jeans’ fabric constrains and then shrinks after being exposed to heat. Heat generally causes expansion in all things. The higher the temperature, the more shrink they get.

2. Type of fabric

Boyfriend jeans differ in both colors and textures. In getting boyfriend jeans, you must thoroughly check the labeling to know the type of fabric to choose. They could either be cotton or polyester materials. Some might be soft or hard. You must take caution in getting the best type of fabric against shrinkage.

3. Bad quality

Quality matters. Bad quality can cause shrinkage to boyfriend jeans a lot. The price sometimes does not matter for the quality. Anyone can sell bad-quality boyfriend jeans at a high rate. There are different manufacturers with different products and qualities. Avoid buying and choosing bad-quality boyfriend jeans.

4. Over-drying

Boyfriend jeans must not be dry more than once. Over-drying can cause constant shrinkage of boyfriend jeans. In the name of protecting and caring for boyfriend jeans, they shouldn’t be over-dried as it affects the fabric and materials of the boyfriend jean.

5. Regular washing

Washing boyfriend jeans as a routine will amount to nothing but shrinkage. Boyfriend jeans don’t deserve much washing but an interval or seldom washing. It must be washed inside out so as not to cause shrinkage. Regular washings are not healthy for boyfriend jeans.

Do Boyfriend Jeans Shrink Every time You Wash Them?

As long as the same errors are committed, it will continue to shrink. The first time of washing will shrink than other times of washing. It will shrink a bit and not permanently. Although the materials used in making the boyfriend jeans are elastic materials but are not meant to shrink.

Washing them regularly can not cause permanently shrinking. Although the boyfriend jeans differ from brand to brand and qualities, they greatly affect the degree of their shrinkage. A normal pair of boyfriend jeans shrink 10% but regains its size; it holds back 3-4% shrinkage. Anything above this is abnormal. Boyfriend jeans shrink at high temperatures every time you wash them at very high temperatures higher than 60 degrees.

Where Do Boyfriend Jeans Shrink?

Boyfriend Jeans have specific places where they shrink, and some of the places are;

1. Waist

During shrinkage, boyfriend jeans can shrink in width, which will cause them not to fit properly in the waist as expected. It can add up to 4 inches to the original waist, making them baggy and non-fitting.

However, the percentage of their shrinkage depends on the fabric, which could add more or reduce a bit. Shrinking boyfriend jeans at the waist is still better as they tend to stretch back after constantly wearing them.

2. Length

Shrinkage also affects the length of boyfriend jeans. It can add or reduce more inches up to 1 inch to boyfriend jeans, making them too long or too short. It is rare to stretch them back out back. They don’t stretch length wisely when you wear them.

Shrinking in length can be avoided by attaching a hanger to each side of the legs upside down when drying to avoid stretching. Although the method applies to cotton materials as it seems easier, that’s why the nature of fabric has a greater impact.

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How to Prevent Shrinking

Shrinking boyfriend jeans is bad to avoid stretching the jeans and must be prevented. Ways to prevent shrinking are;

1. Pre-junk jeans

Looking more for pre-junk Jeans to prevent shrinking. Different brands have pre-junk Jeans, and you must check the labeling to get the instructions. However, pre-junk Jeans do not eradicate shrinking but almost and gradually eradicate it. Boyfriend jeans with pre-junk will shrink a bit, but not much.

2. Choose high quality

One of the ways to prevent shrinking is to choose High-Quality materials. Quality Materials can be felt from their texture and look. A good quality lowers the risk and chance of shrinking.

3. Use of cold water

You should always use Cold Water to wash boyfriend jeans as hot water causes shrinking. Heat plays a vital role in the shrinking of boyfriend jeans. Heat generally causes expansion, so it also causes expansion in boyfriend jeans when exposed to heat.

4. Inside out

In washing boyfriend jeans, always turn and wash them inside out. The outside experiences shrinkage; they must absorb much water to avoid it. The water they absorb helps restore their elasticity and regain their original shape and size.

6. Air dry once

Repeatedly process of drying boyfriend jeans is bad. Try drying once under a low temperature, as drying several can cause them to shrink continuously. You should always air-dry boyfriend jeans once to avoid shrinking.

7. Wash at interval

Regular washing has a great effect and can cause continuous shrinking of boyfriend jeans. It would be best if you washed boyfriend jeans seldom to prevent shrinking the material used in the boyfriend jeans.

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How to Unshrink Boyfriend Jeans That Are Shrunk After Washing

Shrinked boyfriend jeans will cause one defect or the other, which might cause the jeans not to be good for wearing. There are more than two methods to use to Unshrink Boyfriend jeans. The following are ways to Unshrink Boyfriend Jeans to make them good for wearing.

1st Method

1. Lukewarm water

Spray the shrunk jeans with lukewarm water contained in a spraying bottle. Ensure that the bottle is cleaned and free from dangerous chemicals. Pour the lukewarm water into the container as you use it to spray your jeans and stretch them out.

2. Flat surface

After spraying, Place boyfriend jeans on a flat surface to be able to stretch them smoothly. Make sure you unruffle Every shrunk place with your hand. Separate the legs for better results.

3. Pulling

Keep pulling the jeans as you spray and spread them. Once you’ve sprayed them and become wet, use your hand to pull and stretch the boyfriend jeans out. Continue pulling them out until they are stretched.

4. Air Dry

After spraying and pulling, make sure you air dry your boyfriend. Don’t sun dry it to prevent heat and thereby cause shrinking; use air to dry it. Hang it on a rope or lay it on a flat surface to aid it. After air drying, boyfriend jeans are done and free from shrinkage.

2nd Method

1. Use liquid soap

Use Liquid soaps or baby shampoos to boyfriend jeans. Apply liquid soap depending on the amount of water to lukewarm water. Mix the soap thoroughly with your hand to spread out. You can use soap to wash boyfriend jeans.

2. Soaking

After preparing the soap, soak boyfriend jeans in the water for a few minutes. In the process, keep using your hand to work through the jeans. Mix the jeans thoroughly with the liquid soap before washing them. This will help in killing and relaxing the material of the jeans.

3. Squeeze them

After working your hand through the jeans, use your hand to squeeze out all excess or leftover water. Squeeze out properly and gently but never rinse.

4. Towel them

Squeezing them can’t be enough to dry and get rid of water. Use a clean, absorbable, and dry towel to wrap boyfriend jeans. Insert the wet jeans inside the towel and then roll them together. Roll them gently to ensure that the towel drain up the moisture.

5. Pulling

After squeezing, keep pulling the jeans. Ensure you pull all parts to stretch them out. The best moment of pulling is when they are still damp. Pull to the length you want for a better result.

6. Fan them

Spread the jeans on a flat surface and then keep fanning until they are completely dry. You can spread it under a fan or air dry them. After drying, inspect them to see if they are properly stretched to your desire.


So, do boyfriend jeans shrink when you wash them? Yes, boyfriend jeans do shrink when you wash them. You must take caution to avoid shrinking boyfriend jeans as it affects the jeans. If you want to avoid shrinking, follow the guide above. It will guide you.

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