Do Guys Like Loud Girl in Bed? [Fantastic Answers]

Sleeping with loved one is the next big step in a relationship. It further defines the relationship. It lets the other person know that they trust themselves around you and are fully vulnerable to you.

Though for some it is a casual hook-up kind of a situation or a one-night stand of a thing. Whatever your reasons are for going into another person’s bed, it is no secret that everyone has different sexual preferences.

The different exposures and experiences lead to everyone having a different taste in bed. Some people like to take it slow with romantic music in the background. While others like to be active, quick, and aggressive.

However, in either situation, one thing will follow the noise.

During physical activity, most men are not as loud or noisy as women are. Women tend to be louder than men in bed.

So, if you are loud in bed and are curious if your partner secretly hates it or not then you have come to the right place!

Keep on reading to find out.

However, before we move on to the actual question, here is a list of a few things women do in bed that men dislike:

  • When women do not move a muscle in bed and lay there like a dead fish.
  • When women are extra conscious about their bodies.
  • When women only stick to the same old position.
  • When women do not even bother slightly dressing up.
  • When women stink down there or have poor hygiene.
  • When women always shut the light before initiating.

So, moving back to the original question “do guys like loud girls in bed?”

Well, to be honest, that depends on the guy and what turns him on.

However, it is safe to say that most men do find it arousal when the girl is loud in bed. It is an indication that the girl is having a great time and she is enjoying herself. Even when you feel like the noises you are making are weird and off-putting. if you can not help it, he loves it.

Though, being very loud in bed can also be a problem at times. Especially if you are still living under your parent’s roof or have roommates. It is embarrassing as you will have to face them when you get out of the room.

Plus screaming or thrashing sounds may appear as if someone is trying to murder you in the room. Yikes!

If your loud noises sound fake and over the top, then it is a mood killer for your partner.

Instead, guide your lover on how to please you. Keep it natural and educational for both of you.

Yes, you heard that right. Educational. You need to tell your partner what works for you in bed and what does not. If he is not inclined towards how loud you are in bed, then try to combine the loudness with other intimate gestures.

For example; stare into his eyes, make whimpering noises like a puppy, try heavy breathing instead of being loud most of the time, or maybe just bite onto your partner’s skin to avoid being so loud. The best thing you can do is to moan or say your partner’s name out loud in bed instead of just making weird noises or being extra loud.

The amount of noise and the types of sound you make in bed completely depend on the type of experience you are having. For some men, soft moans and slow sighs are turned on enough to get them excited. For other men, a little louder moans will do. Remember, everyone has different personal preferences for what they enjoy.

So, if you are being self-conscious or are not fully aware of what your lover likes in bed, then just talk to them. Instead of wasting time being curious, a simple talk can resolve all your issues and you can completely enjoy yourself.

Final Words

Here is the thing, sex is not all about passion. It is also about communication. You need to know how to please your partner and how they need to please you in return. It is teamwork. So, if anything about them is turning you off, then inform them. Do not let it go as it can build up and ruin your future hookups.

So, if you are a loud girl in bed and your lover likes it then excellent. Though, unluckily if your lover does not like the loud noises you make then figure out a way to make it work.

There is no right way to perform things in bed. Whatever floats you and your partner’s boat and pleases you both is the right way. Be safe and make sure everything is consensual.

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