Do Guys like Shy Girls? – Answered

Do Boys Like Shy Girls or Not?

Are you the kind of person who would much rather sit back and let people approach you instead of going to them? Being shy and just living life in your bubble can be quite comforting. You get to choose who spend your energy on and when. However, after seeing extroverted people socialize and date with ease, it’s very common to wonder whether that’s possible for you or not. 

Even though shy people find comfort in their introverted nature, it can get quite lonely when they can’t bring themselves to interact with others. Even when they want to be in a relationship, they fear their shyness getting in the way of that and wonder whether guys even be interested in them or not.

So, do guys like shy girls?

In short, yes. This is because preference varies from person to person, regardless of whether it’s a guy or a girl. While on one hand, some might prefer partners with a loud and vibrant presence, others prefer to date people whose energy is more reserved and lowkey. The second category of people is attracted to shy, introverted people who will take their time to open up to you and aren’t always easy to read.

However, at the end of the day, what really draws people in is whatever lies under the surface.

Why guys find shy girls attractive?

If you’re a shy girl, you shouldn’t be too worried about finding your prince charming because chances are, there’s someone out there for you! And we’re here with all of the reasons as to why a guy might be interested in a shy girl like you.

You tend to be mysterious

A lot of guys who are interested in shy girls are drawn in by the mysteriousness. A shy person who barely talks in a group and stands aloof at a party gives off a mysterious vibe that indicates they’re hiding something. However, if you play your cards right, they just might engage you in conversation just enough to make curious about them. And there’s just something about the thrill of the chase and wanting to know more that attracts guys.

You speak purposefully and listen carefully

It’s no surprise that shy girls tend to stay quiet for the most part. However, when do they speak, their words hold a lot of value because they’re always very carefully thought out. They speak precisely, but clearly and are way more likely to get people’s attention with their words rather than someone who just speaks continuously without any purpose.

Because of this, they are also great listeners. You’ll notice that when you’re having a conversation with a shy person if they like you, they’ll listen very carefully to what you’re saying. This makes people feel heard and important in their presence and guys will obviously be attracted to someone who makes them feel like that.

You form deep and intimate connections

Introverted people are far from being open books and will take their time to open up to you. They are also very selective about the people they choose to open up to. So if and when they let you into their lives, not only do they intend to stay with full loyalty but it also indicates that you’re special to them. Even though it will take time to get to know them (and they might keep constantly surprising you), there’s no doubt that the connection formed between the two of you will be very intimate, comfortable, and reliable.

Tips for shy girls

Regardless of how introverted or extroverted the guys who are trying to approach you are, at some point you do need to give them some sort of feedback and engage in some sort of conversation, even if it’s minimalistic to keep them interested. Rather than just choosing to stay silent.

At the end of the day, first impressions only go so far, and all the genuine people always like you for your personality So as shy people, remember to be true to yourselves. A guy likes you because of the way that you are, and you don’t have to be extra energetic or do things you don’t want to, just because their exes might have done so.

It can be very easy to let the shyness consume to a point where you don’t always feel comfortable speaking up for yourself. However, especially in relationships, it’s very important to speak up when needed and not be a pushover.

To end it off

There’s a very stereotypical idea that shy girls have low- esteems, fragile egos and are quite submissive. On the contrary, most of them are a force to be reckoned with. Behind those quiet faces are very strong personalities that simply don’t find it necessary to expose themselves to everyone. However, those who take the time and genuine interest to get to know them will know that they’re nothing short of extraordinary.

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