The YSL brand is renowned for its innovative and timeless products. Having YSL heels in your closet completes and enhances your wardrobe as a lady. The company makes heels in a variety of designs, colors, and heights.

Even though women adore YSL heels, they are constantly concerned about how true to size they are. While some women believe the brand-made heels are for those with small feet, others believe the heel sizes are perfect.

In this regard, they always ask, “Do YSL heels run small?” This article is for you if you fit into this category. Please read this carefully. We can’t conclude that all YSL heels do run a little small; it only depends on the type of heel you’re wearing.

This is because the majority of their heels are true to size while others either run big or small. This also means that the sizes of each YSL heel vary. Hence, it is important to measure your legs before purchasing YSL heels.

However, most buyers still feel YSL shoes are ideal for those who have a narrower foot. But this isn’t totally correct because people with wider feet can wear YSL heels, it all depends on the type of heels the individual is wearing. For instance, pointed-toe pumps are perfect for people with wider legs because the box can be a bit narrow.

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Reasons Why People Think YSL Heel Run Small

Having established that YSL heels don’t run small, it only depends on the type of heel you’re wearing; here are a few reasons why most people still think YSL heels run small.

They’re made from patent leather

Most ladies believe YSL heels run small because they are constructed from patent leather. This isn’t totally correct because not all YSL heels are made from patent leather. Although, the toe box of the heels made from patent leather can be a bit tight, which will make mobility difficult and cause leg pain.  

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However, If you find a patent leather YSL heel and you wish to buy them, all you need to do is size up your legs before buying or you might also choose to insert anything between the patent leather to make it a little wider if it appears to be small.

The outer part is longer while the inner part is narrow

Another reason why ladies think YSL heels run small is that the heels are very narrow on the inside. They only appear longer on the outside, making the heel appear small on the inside. But this can’t be justified because not all YSL heels appear longer on the outside and narrow on the inside. This is why it is important to know the length of your heel before buying a YSL heel so that you won’t buy one that is small for your legs.

The heel sizes are made according to the inches.

Most YSL heels are constructed according to the inch.  This means that if you wear size 38 and want to wear YSL heels with 3 inches, you have to go for something bigger than your regular size, which could be size 39 0r 40. Hence, the higher the inch, the higher the size and if you’re not a lover of very high heels then buy the heel that is more than your shoe size.

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History of YSL Heels

The YSL heels came into existence in September 2017, with its first creation which is the Opyum style. The Opyum heels were launched during the Paris fashion week in 2017 and this design turned out to be the most exquisite design ever created and made waves in the fashion world.

The YSL heels were known for their simplicity, natural silhouette, and signature. The clarity in YSL heels is the fact that its first creation, had a pointed toe pump, and subsequently, the design graduated to an ankle strap, slingback, and ankle boot.

One of the creative things about YSL heels is the fact that the brand uses its logo as the heels of its heels, this creativity is second to none in the fashion industry. Furthermore, most YSL heels are made with black patent leather which distinguishes them from other designer heels.

Are YSL Heels Comfortable?

The comfortability of YSL heels can’t be generalized because some heels appear to be comfortable while others are not. If you’re going for the Opyum pumps and stiletto, then be sure not to be comfortable while walking. The Opyum pumps aren’t comfortable because it has a long inch and the logo of the brand was used to construct the heels.

However, most YSL heels like the slingback heel, kitten heels, and wedge are very comfortable to walk with. They’re not as tight as the Opyum pump and can be worn for a longer period than the Opyum pumps and stiletto. Hence the comfortability of YSL heels depends on the kind of heel and inch you’re wearing or buying.

How to Stretch YSL Heels

Do you have wide legs and your YSL heels don’t fit you? or have you bought a YSLl heel that is too tight and you don’t want to trash them yet?  Then this section is basically for you. Listed below are various ways and tools to stretch YSL heels, read carefully.

1. Use a mini shoe stretcher

This heel stretcher is perfect for heel sandals. It makes the tight areas wider and suitable for your toes especially if your sandal heel has a strap at the toe region. One of the ways of using this is by placing the stretcher in the widest part of the feet and placing it until it feels tight in the shoes. 

In other not to over-stretch, use a tape rule and measure the width of your feet.  This mini shoe stretcher only stretches the width of your shoes.

2. Forme shoe shaper

This shoe shaper is very easy to use because it has a control button. All you have to do is slide the button to the front and place it in your shoes. Forme shoe shaper is majorly used for heels with closed toes. It also comes in both bigger and smaller sizes, hence if you want your shoes a size wider then go for the bigger forme shoe shaper.

3. Eachway shoe stretcher

This shoe stretcher is constructed like a shoe and also has a wheel that makes your heel longer and wider. The shoe stretcher has some holes where you can place the black hook that comes with the stretcher. The hook is an indicator of where you want wider, hence wherever you place the button in the shoe stretcher before placing it in your shoe, becomes wider. It is mostly perfect for shoes with closed toes.

To get a perfect stretched heel, place it in your heels and twist the hook clockwise to make it wider then twist the wheel clockwise to make the shoe length bigger as well. However, don’t over-twist to prevent over-stretching. For the best result, leave the stretcher in the heel for at least 4-14 days.

4. Footfitter Shoe Stretcher

A Footfitter shoe stretcher is also constructed like a shoe and has a lever attached to it. It is perfect for boots and it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is place it in your boot and twist the lever clockwise to make it wider

What Size are YSL Heels in Inches?

The sizes of YSL heels depend on the inches of the heel. Also, these sizes vary in countries. Written below are the various heel sizes and inches in different countries.


In the United State, women who want to buy or wear 9-inch heels will be wearing sizes 5 and 22.8 cm, 9.125 inches for 5.5 size and 23.1 cm, 9.25 inches for ssizes6 and 23.5 cm, etc


YSL heels in Europe with 9 inches 22.8 cm are in size 35, 9.125 inch 23.1 cm size 35.5, 9. 25 inch 23.5 cm size 36,  9. 375 inch 23.81 cm size 37, 9.5 inch 24.13cm size 37.5,etc.


The sizes and inch of YSL heels in united kingdom include the following; 9 inch 22.8 cm size 2.5, 9.125 inch 23.1cm size 3, 9.25 inch 23.5 cm size 3.5, 9.375 inch 23.81cm size 4, 9.5 inch 24.13cm size 4.5, etc.


For women in Australia, these are the sizes and inches of YSL heels. 9 inch 22.8cm size 3.5, 9.125 inch 23.1 cm size 4, 9.25 inch 23.5cm size 4.5,  9.375 inch 23.81 cm size 5, etc.

However, this is just a guide to YSL size and inch but to get the perfect YSL heel suitable for your legs, endeavor to measure your foot from toe to heel. This will give you a better idea of what you want. 


The YSL heels are generally best suited for persons with narrow legs because they run small. However, persons with larger legs are unaffected by this. Additionally, girls with wider legs should be aware that not all YSL heels will fit them. Try to choose heels that are comfortable for your feet and ease your movement.

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