Lularoe is a popular clothing brand that sells many different items, including leggings. Lularoe leggings come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, but most people prefer plain black leggings, hence they always ask the question, does Lularoe sell plain black leggings?

Yes, Lularoe sells plain black leggings.

They also sell a variety of colors and patterns aside from plain black. Their plain black leggings are made from the finest leggings materials, just like other products from the brand. It is super stretchy, comfortable, and, above all, durable. I guess this explains why people love Lularoe’s plain black leggings.

In this post, I’ll go over what kinds of leggings they offer and if they make plain black ones. We will also talk about how you can find them online if you don’t have them in your local store and some tips on how to style them. So, continue reading this article.

What Are the Types of Leggings Lularoe Makes?

1. Basic leggings

basic leggings

Basic leggings are the most basic type of Lularoe leggings. They’re black, but they come in a variety of different shades.

2. Camo leggings


They are camo-colored or patterned and come in solid colors or patterns. The camo pattern is usually green, brown, and tan, with an occasional splash of yellow.

3. Solid-colored leggings

solid colour

Solid-colored leggings have solid colors, just as the name implies. While they may be any color imaginable, pink and purple being popular, they’re simple enough to match any outfit you could think of. Solid-colored leggings are versatile and easy to style, and there is a long list of places to wear them.

4. Patterned leggings

patterned lularoe

This type of design comes in many different shapes and sizes: flowers, stripes, polka dots, and the list goes on. If you love patterns and bright colors then these will be perfect for you. You can style it with plain color tops or a sports bra for the gym.

5. Fancy leggings

fancy lularoe

Fancy is just what it sounds like: fancy. Fancy Lularoe leggings tend to include lace embellishments as well as intricate designs like paisleys or roses. These can also come in solid color varieties too, so if fancy isn’t your thing, then no worries you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when wearing these items either.

Differences Between Lularoe Plain Black Leggings and the Patterned One

The difference between the plain leggings and patterned ones is that the plain ones are made of cotton, while the patterned ones have spandex in them. Because of this, they have different levels of stretchiness and comfort.

Plain leggings are not as stretchy as patterned ones because they are made from a thicker material that isn’t as flexible or elastic. That being said, plain leggings feel more comfortable than their patterned counterparts because they’re lighter and less constricting on your skin.

Can I Order the Plain Black Lularoe Leggings Online?

Yes, You can get your hands on Lularoe leggings online, but it isn’t the easiest process. In order to buy Lularoe clothes, you have to actually go into a retail store and purchase them there.

If you have trouble finding a local retailer or would like to avoid the hassle of trying on dozens of pairs of leggings in a store before you find one that fits well and is comfortable, reading this article will help guide your search on how to pick out the best Lularoe leggings.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to find the best deals available when shopping online:

  • Know what size works best for your body type
  • Compare the price per item rather than the individual unit price

How to Style Plain Black Lularoe Leggings?

Plain black leggings are a wardrobe staple, but they don’t have to be basic. Here are some ideas for how to style your plain black Lularoe leggings:

1. Accessorize

Try to be creative while wearing plain black leggings, you don’t have to be boring with it. Go ahead and dress up plain black Lularoe leggings with a statement necklace or earrings.

2. Style with pattern tops

Wear plain black leggings with a blouse or top that has a pattern. It’s the classic dressy look you see on fashion runways. This combination can be worn on different occasions as much as you are comfortable in it.

3. Pair with pattern cardigan

Pair a printed or patterned cardigan with your plain Lularoe leggings for an effortless and chic look that still feels put together. This combination is casual but chic, I must say. It screams I’m not doing too much but not slacking.

Is There an Easier Way to Find the Leggings I Want?

Is There an Easier Way to Find the Leggings I Want?

Yes, there is an easier way to find the leggings you want. Lularoe has a huge selection of leggings available online, and they’re all listed in their online store. If you scroll down on the main page, you’ll see an option to filter by color or size. You can also search by brand name, such as luLaRoe.

There are also plenty of fabrics to choose from, such as cotton blend or lightweight flannel cotton. Some fabrics have special features like moisture-wicking fabric designed for athletic activities or anti-microbial properties that fight against odor-causing bacteria growth.


Lularoe Plain black Leggings are the most basic type of leggings you can get. They don’t have any pattern or design, making them perfect if you want something simple or basic.

They are made with spandex and other comforting-giving materials. Also, there is no need to worry about getting drenched in your own sweat during a workout since you can find a moisture-wicking plain black leggings option.

Another option of black leggings you can get is the anti-bacterial type; though it is typically for athletes you can still get this pair of beauty for yourself if you are conscious of germs like me. The fabric for this type of leggings gives no room for bacterial growth and any odor whatsoever.

You will also find that they come in different colors, which means there’s a good chance that you will be able to find one that goes well with whatever outfit you’re wearing. The choice is yours. And you are free to go with whichever catches your fancy.

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