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Dyeing Wet Hair Science: Is Dyeing Wet Hair Possible? 

You’ve made it across the bridge of dilemma where you couldn’t decide if you should dye your hair or not. We don’t blame you. Coloring your hair is a BIG decision, where you have to consider a ton of factors. You need to be informed on the ingredients of the dye you’ll be using, which color to go for, the current condition of your hair & the best method to apply the dye. On top of all this, you have to decide if you should get it done from a salon or just do it yourself. Crazy choices!   

So we’re assuming all of the major decisions have been made & you find out that you can dye your hair while it’s wet. You’re confused & surprised because the boxes tell you to apply the dye on dry hair. Now you’ve come looking for answers. Even though the standard method works fine, we’re here to look at all the possibilities of applying hair dye to wet hair.

First things first, can you dye your wet hair? Yes, you can!

What’s the difference between dyeing your hair dry & dyeing it wet? 

You’ll want to color your hair dry if you’re looking for going 0 to 100. For instance, if you’re a brunette wanting to go blond or jet black, then you should dye your hair dry. If you’re looking to get a faint shade in your hair, then wet dye is for you. 

However, your hair becomes extremely delicate when it’s wet, which makes it more prone to breaking easily. Plus, it becomes more sensitive to the chemicals in the dye you’re using. 

Should you wet dye clean hair or dirty hair? 

Color clasps better to dirty hair. Clean hair can be too slick for your dye to provide you its ultimate stain. Plus, dyeing your dirty hair is healthier because your natural oils protect you against the damage caused by the strong chemicals inside dyes. So what you can do is, even if your hair is greasy, just spray it with water to the point it’s damp. Your next step is to apply the dye as per the instructions.  

What kinds of dyes work on wet hair? 

So, there are two types of dyes that are used on hair, semi-permanent & permanent dye. Knowing what kind of dye you’ll be using is extremely important for applying it on wet hair or dry hair. 

Most semi-permanent dyes don’t contain peroxide or ammonia. This is the sole reason these dye’s work better on wet hair. The best way to apply semi-permanent hair dye is to wash your hair & tie it in a towel for around 20 minutes, so it’s not soaking wet. Don’t apply the conditioner as this might reduce the effect of the hair dye. Once your hair is damp, be very gentle while applying the dye to your hair according to the directions because like we said damp hair is fragile. The reason it’s recommended to apply semi-permanent dye to damp hair is that the semi-permanent dye doesn’t change the structure of the hair fiber, this, in addition, means that if your hair is dry & your hair cuticle isn’t raised, the color won’t penetrate the hair completely, hence the suggestion of using semi-permanent hair dye on damp hair. 

Permanent hair dyes are a whole other story. Because of the powerful ingredients, it contains, permanent hair dye suits dry hair better since the oil in our hair can protect against the harmful chemicals. 

There are other advantages of using hair dye on damp hair. For one, less dye is used & the results are more long-lasting. So next time, try this method & see how it works for you! 

Are you supposed to be wet dyeing at home? 

If you’ve never tried dyeing at home, then it’s best to let a professional do their job. Even if it looks super easy because you’ve watched a YouTube tutorial, just don’t do it home.

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