Envy Facials: Custom Facials Specifically Designed for Your Skin Type

Everything You Need to Know About Envy Facials

While most facials are available at beauty parlors and at dermatologists, this specific facial treatment is not. Envy facials are not your everyday treatments accessible at parlors. It is only done by professionals at the clinic alone. The reason behind this special availability is that it is an advanced approach to delicately handle a variety of skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, dreary and toneless skin, fine lines, inflamed pimples and spots, wrinkles, and congestion.

This facial is seen to be of higher level and a modern way to resurface the skin incorporating steps like exfoliating, extracting, and then filling the pores with particular serums with the aim of enhancing the tone, texture as well as condition of your skin. The intention of the Envy Facial is to cure existing and potential problems in all types and combinations of skin.

Now, this custom facial treatment can be completely modified to suit your particular needs. So if you are not only struggling with your face but other parts of your body, the problem will be treatable. This includes your neck, arms, legs, chest, and back. The Envy facial, otherwise recognized as a dermal infusion, removes duration inconsistencies between exfoliation and serum application. This proprietary technology uses a hybrid device to complete every phase of the procedure.

Utilizing a diamond end when exfoliating your skin, allows an easy and uniform way to shed off the dead skin from the surface and eliminate the parched layer of your damaged skin. During the extracting phase, contaminants, toxins, waste, and other dirt is taken away from the top layer of your skin using a pneumatic sealed tool with vacuum pressure. After the grime, as well as the dead skin, is removed, the next step taken is to fill your skin with much-needed various serums as per the issue being treated.

When imbuing your skin, 4 distinct serums mixtures can be utilized:

    1. Salicylic Acid
    2. Vitamin C
    3. Lumixyl
    4. Hydration

Salicylic acid is incorporated to help with congested and clogged skin. Vitamin C is intended to incorporate your skin with antioxidants, and hydrating is utilized against dull, drying skin. Finally, for pigmentation, skin lightening up Lumixyl is employed. The envy facial’s skin brightening formulation is unique in that it targets patches and unevenness.

Unlike other treatments, once the procedure is over, the envy facial procedure continues to function. The plumpness, glow, and regularity of your skin will remain in the upcoming weeks. The progress and correction persist as numerous healthier cells emerge to the top layer of your skin as this procedure encourages cell regeneration, thereby supplying the skin with what it requires to rebuild. Skin problems are addressed or diminished as part of the procedure, bringing you better outcomes over a time period. 

This groundbreaking and licensed 3-in-1 concurrent tool, utilized in the process, enables for the best and even distribution and transmission of the serums on the desired area. Plus, it provides unmatched outcomes for your unique skin type and problems you despise. By executing three steps at the same time, it can focus on any part of your body and promote the development of collagen in order to minimize aging and natural clearance of the lymphatics.

Being the most recent stage in the development of facials, envy treatment incorporates the newest technology, ideas, and features, which makes it all about you. This means that it is customizable, which is why many are drawn towards it and can get specified results. The resurfacing process contains the much-needed steps that everyone’s skin mandates at some point in life. Involving exfoliation, extraction, and infusion, this treatment contains serums made to suit your problems. It can aim at relieving you of multiple issues such as cellulite, stretch marks, and damage from the sun.

The primary advantage of this facial is that it removes any cracks between the time of exfoliating and infusing of the serums into your skin. Both of these vital steps happen at the same time. The removal of the time gaps allows your skin to accept serums and smoothly enter the depths of problematic areas. More so, this step lets the skin soak up the infused serums in an effective manner. This alone can give you the desired results with longevity.

What is the Process of an Envy Facial?

The majority of us want to know what will happen in the process of a facial and the first thing we are most concerned with is – Will it be painful? So, to answer that, no it will not. The facial incorporates gentle exfoliation and extractions. Plus, it is a completely non-invasive procedure.

To begin with, your treatment package is developed after a detailed evaluation of the skin surface and also a review of your health records, if any. To work in an exact manner, your dermatologist will ask you a series of questions. You will aid in the process of attaining the results you are looking for by allowing a clearer picture of your needs and desires.

Now moving towards the procedure, the step carried out will be to thoroughly clear up any makeup, oil, or dirt from your skin. Then comes the envy facial tool that is used upon your skin. The device used incorporates a vacuum that sucks up and exfoliates your skin. This step aids in removing all the dead cells and dirt, and at the same time, it transmits your unique combination of serums into your skin. The simultaneous nature of the device helps serums to thoroughly and precisely get into your epidermal layers, resulting in improved retention and overall better outcomes.

The envy treatment is ideal for every type of skin. So, the ones with sensitive skin do not need to worry about any reactions. Opting for this facial will only require 30 minutes of your schedule and instant results can be seen by the time you are done. Whether your skin is dehydrated, discolored, pigmented, or you are struggling with pimples or signs of aging, the envy facial offers instantly smoother, healthier, and appealing skin. While all this can surely give you the confidence you are looking for, the results come with improved cell regeneration and lymph drainage.

Why Should You Go for the Envy Facial?

Who would not want an entirely customized and unique to your concerns facial? With this non-invasive resurfacing skin treatment, you can get your hands on three vital treatments for your skin i.e. exfoliation, extraction, and infusion.

While it can aim to cure multiple skin conditions and concerns, the envy facial provides immediate and long-lasting results. The best aspect of this treatment is that most of you with sensitive skin are frightened by the idea of someone even touching your face! So, with this, the facial can be controlled to the point it is perfect for your skin. Utilizing a broad range of serums and vitamins, every type of skin can get the result that they want.

Without causing any damage or treating your skin with any harshness, the envy facial can help get rid of rosacea, aging, loose or wrinkly skin, parched skin, congestion, and so much more. Another thing that sets this facial apart is that your second round of this facial will be tailored to how your skin is doing at that time as well.

Simply put, if you have ever wished for a reset at some point in life, then this is a reset option for your skin. It is a redo for your skin to bring it back to looking younger, brighter, healthier, and unclogged. More so, if you are having trouble with dehydrated lips, no worries, because the envy facial can fix that as well.

There are no noticeable marks after the envy procedure, and you will be walking away from a brand new with plump, radiant-looking skin as well as being aware of how every serum utilized will perform better. There is more to it… your skincare products will also be able to function effectively as your skin has been thoroughly cleaned. The envy facial’s long-term impact on your skin cells, allows more collagen to be created.

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