Multani Mitti (Fuller's Clay)

Fuller’s Earth Benefits for a Clear Skin: Multani Mitti Another name of Fuller’s Earth Clay Powder

Do you want to pamper your skin but don’t want to spend on a salon facial? Then, give fuller’s earth a try. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) is well-known especially in South Asia due to its benefits for the skin and hair. It is one of the oldest ingredients for skincare and knowledge about its usage has been handed over generations.

What is Fuller’s Earth?

It is a clay-like substance made of aluminum-magnesium silicate. It was originally used for removing oil and dirt from wool. However, when its benefits for skin and hair were discovered, people started using it in herbal skin and hair care products.

What are the uses and benefits of Fuller’s earth?

Fuller’s Earth has a lot of benefits for the skin. Thus, it is no wonder that many people swear by it.

It works quite effectively as an absorbent. It soaks up oil and other impurities easily. Due to this, it is a very good cleanser, especially for oily skin. It also reduces dullness and gives a smooth complexion. Plus, by clearing out pores, it also prevents acne as clogged pores are the primary reason for acne.

Fuller’s Earth is also known for its skin lightening effect. That is why it is often found in whitening skincare products that are meant to reduce dark spots.

As it is so good for the skin, it is often found in skincare products like masks and facial clays that help fight acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.

It is also found in cosmetics like concealers, foundations, and powders to bind other ingredients together and to gently exfoliate the skin.

Is Fuller’s Earth harmful?

Fuller’s Earth is considered to be safe for use in personal care and cosmetics products. However, it can cause irritation in the eyes. So, one should be careful when applying it around the eyes.

It can also cause skin irritation and if inhaled can lead to throat irritation. So, it is always best to do a patch test to find out if you are allergic to it before applying it.

While it may be quite beneficial, it is not suitable for all skin types. For example, it should not be used frequently for dry skin as it strips the skin of its natural oils.

How to use Fuller’s Earth?

You can mix fuller’s earth with water and apply it on your face and body. Also, it can be mixed with different ingredients like honey, tomato, rose water, almond milk, and coconut water for making facial masks and creams. It is best to mix Fuller’s Earth with another ingredient before using it rather than applying it directly to the skin.

You should use it not more than twice weekly for best results. Otherwise, it can dehydrate your skin. 

Where can you buy Fuller’s Earth?

It is now easily available in different health and cosmetic stores. You can also buy it online. It is available in many different commercial skin and hair care products. You can also buy it in powder form in stores or online.

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